Lover millie lace dress (worn as a skirt), Country Rd peplum top (similar), Celine buckle sandals, Proenza Schouler PS11 bag

Some things tend to go on forgotten, usually as we move on to new things in our life, or turn our focus elsewhere. Sometimes, the cause is just that there is too much to think about that a few slip between the cracks, with ideas or thoughts only reinforced when we take a moment to take it down, on a small scrap of paper or on a notebook.

While more of a frivolous fancy than an idea which has failed to see the light of day, two things almost forgotten in my wardrobe are this Lover lace dress and these Celine sandals I dragged Luke around half of Paris to buy. The former, I’ve had little inspiration to wear, until it occurred to me that this silky blouse had sleeves cropped at just the perfect length to wear loosely over top. The latter, while I am quite loathe to admit this, have unfortunately not been quite so comfortable as I had anticipated upon buying them; often overlooking them in favour of a shoe I am not dying to take off within the first four hours of wear (one can only imagine the state of my feet following a full day in these). A disappointment which I have not seen echoed around the inter-webs, which has me thinking that perhaps these shoes are just too narrow for me.

It has me wondering about the things that are oft forgotten or sidelined, no matter how much value – sentimental or otherwise – that we place on them, is there any true value in holding on to them? Hidden in a closet amongst a number of other garments, or packed away neatly in a box at the back of a cupboard, there are some things that I just don’t derive pleasure from owning, and sometimes it just becomes something you own; stuff not otherwise acknowledged. I’ve moved away from the concept of saving things for a special occasion, instead choosing to wear or use the things that I treasure on a regular, if not daily basis, a constant reminder of why I purchased it in the first place. I suppose, the question that I’m posing to myself then, based on this knowledge, and the knowledge I apply to all my other possessions, is, should the shoes stay or go? Thoughts?


F21 sweater, ASOS trumpet hem skirt, Mimco starlight necklace, Alexander Wang kori oxfords and emile tote bag

This is another one of those outfits that I never got around to posting a few months prior, a simple silhouette I’ve found myself gravitating towards on more than one occasion. While the sweater and skirt are no longer available (sorry I totally missed the boat on those), I keep seeing differing variations floating about, the navy sweater proving to be more prevalent than the skirt, yet that needs no explanation.

I received some exciting news late last week, confirming that I would be going to Wellington Fashion Week in April. I had been feeling slightly regretful for not attempting to attend anything beyond the two shows I saw last year with Nina, so I decided that I wouldn’t make the same mistake this year if I could avoid it.

Outfit: The beauty of a tailor

ASOS lace dress, Karen Walker cardigan & belt (similar), Charlotte Olympia kitty flats, Kate of Arcadia leather clutch (similar), KW & SGC rings, H&M necklace

Throughout the last few weeks of positively sterling weather, I have, for the large part, seemed to have almost entirely overlooked a section of my wardrobe. Comprised almost exclusively of lace dresses at this point, or ‘mini’ dresses, either of which are certainly inappropriate in most instances, my subconscious choice has been to just, not go there. But, when the sun is shining like it has been, eventually there seems no other logical option than quickly throwing on a pale-toned dress, and slipping on some shoes before heading out the door.

I probably haven’t worn this since I was in Paris last year, which in one way shows the turnaround of some of wear for some of my clothing, albeit skewed as it has since been taken in after I finally admitted to myself that it would appeal to me much more if it weren’t a size too big. Perhaps just the push I needed to make more of an effort to get things tailored, instead of settling for a close-to-perfect fit or not at all, when all other factors and details reach the mark. One of a kind, yet the same?

Chambray on chambray

Lover lace insert blouse, Karen Walker skirt, Acne ‘blake’ blazer, Alexander Wang oxfords, Proenza Schouler PS11 bag

Lately I find myself wearing the same small collection of skirts and tops, over and over, like I can’t help myself. And, it got me to thinking about when I was younger, and had a much more minimal wardrobe. I had my favourite outfits, which I couldn’t wait to wear, and would wear the same combination quite happily, perhaps even over successive days, a concept that has up until recently seemed lost to me. But there’s this satisfaction, maybe even a slight sense of smugness, in finding something you actually truly love, and want to wear successive times – and with my past obsessive culling, it almost feels like a triumph in a way. Has me contemplating doing a second 30×30 challenge…

Poppy pleats please

Alexander Wang singlet, Lover poppy pleated skirt, Topshop blazer (similar), Diane von Furstenburg heels, Marc by Marc Jacobs bolt bracelet, Karen Walker necklaces, Proenza Schouler PS11 bag

You know those nights where you are having so much fun that the thought to take more then just a few photo’s completely escapes your mind? Well that’s exactly what happened when I met up with Vulette from Young Red Violets and Nina from New Shoes in Town last night at Pickle. As you can imagine, the three of us gossiped about all things fashion, including this article from IFB, new Wellington eateries that we need to check out, and life in general, all while enjoying some delicious eats at Pickle. Considering how small Wellington is, it isn’t often that you come across bloggers who are like-minded, as as lovely as these two girls. With Vulette here only for a few weeks, I’m hoping that this isn’t our only chance to catch up.