mademoiselle stripes francophile

n pl mesdemoiselles Abbr. Mlle.
1. a young unmarried French girl or woman: usually used as a title equivalent to Miss
2. Used as a form of polite address for a girl or young woman in a French-speaking area

Mademoiselle in in simplest form is the regular musings on fashion, style, beauty, and travel of a young woman with an unhealthy obsession with the breton stripe top, and anything french; a francophile if you will. Mademoiselle appreciates and enjoys the simple luxuries in life, such as fresh flowers from the weekend market, the smell of a loaf of bread baking in the oven, and the soft purr of a kitten when it’s contented.

It is a girl who strives for quality, simplicity, and perfection.

It is a girl who looks for simple tailored pieces with a point of difference, in luxurious fabrics and simple cuts.

At Mademoiselle, you’ll find yourself caught up in a world of striped tops and battered penny loafers, as its author, Jamie-Lee, provides an insight into her take on personal style, beauty, and the occasional travel tip.

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