Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: What’s the Big Deal, and Where Should You Start?

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It’s that time of year again… the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (or #NSale) has begun, and with it, the opportunity to save big on some of their newest arrivals. Personally, this is one of my favourite sales to browse each year, as there are so many gems to be uncovered, and unlike your typical end-of-season sale, this is new stock rather than end of line.


Early access to the #NSale opened up on Thursday 13 July, but for those of you like me who aren’t Nordstrom cardholders, public access kicks off tomorrow – Friday 21 July. The Anniversary Sale runs right through to Sunday 6 August, with sale prices going back up to full retail on Monday 7 August. You can find it a little more on the website here, including a peek at the entire catalogue.


What makes this sale a little unlike any other is the fact that while it might be summer in the Northern Hemisphere (for all you lucky ladies living in the US and Europe!), it gives you the opportunity to snap up a bargain – or few – for your upcoming autumn/winter wardrobe.

It’s an incredible opportunity to invest in your wardrobe if you’re missing a pair of boots (these Stuart Weitzman’s are a classic!), or a heavy wool coat to beat the winter chill; personally, this double faced wool beauty is my pick.

It’s not often that you stumble across new season arrivals on sale with markdowns up to 40% off. Alternatively, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere (hands up!), it’s a chance to maybe add something that your winter wardrobe has been lacking, if you spy something that catches your eye, that is.


Like with any new wardrobe addition, it’s a good idea to take stock of what you have before diving head first into the sale; with thousands of new autumn arrivals marked down, it’s safe to say that it can get a little overwhelming very quickly. For me, there’s usually a few key items that I’m after each season – for autumn and winter, I like to get a new chunky knit sweater or two, an everyday skirt, and assess whether I need a new coat or a new pair of winter boots. I’ll also usually throw in a trend piece or two which will work with the rest of my closet. Right now, I’m loving ruffles, and this floaty ethereal blouse is at the top of my list, and I also think this floral number is a gorgeous option for a dark romantic winter dress.

Some of the best bargains to be had from the #NSale are definitely sweaters (a must for Autumn!), coats (this is a lovely and classic looking trench), booties (I still can’t get over what a bargain these are), and jeans (my fave are these from Frame Denim). I’ve had a bit of a browse (the joys of being sick!), so I thought I’d share some of my favourites from the sale with you which you can shop down below. I’m on a little bit of a self-imposed shopping ban right now so I have a feeling I’ll mostly be doing a bit of ‘window shopping’, but if you end up coming away with anything from the sale, please let me know what you bought in the comments! x







Currently on my wishlist: The Mansur Gavriel slide

mansur gavriel slides

As entirely impractical as it is – especially as Sydney’s current climate calls for much sturdier footwear – but lately I’ve found myself in the depths of an obsessive online stalk session of Mansur Gavriel slides a little too often.

After purchasing a more affordable pair from ASOS late last year, I’m practically on the edge of biting the bullet on what I’m hoping will become a well-loved style staple and wardrobe investment for the spring and summer seasons to come.

I’m not sure if I’m just getting a little bit of FOMO seeing all the Cali and London based girls in my Insta-feed rocking a pair of low heeled mules on their feet, or if it’s purely a case of me wanting to tick off all the boxes from my recent style overhaul and analysis (you can have a full read of my current wardrobe here), but a pair of these easy breezy sliders have been at the top of my wishlist, so to speak (Ive been particularly taken with the low heeled version in the punchy tangerine and muted peach hues, in case you’re wondering…).

Though as keen as I am to bite the bullet, one thing I think we can all agree on is that I’ve made enough new wardrobe additions of late to satisfy that sartorial ‘itch’ (not to mention we’re in the dead of winter right now), that I have a pretty strong feeling these are one of those purchases that can wait, but not until I sourced all my different options…. Which colour would you go for? x

image source; pinterest

New in: Celine Trotteur Bag in small

celine trotteur bag black leather minimal
celine trotteur bag black leather minimal
celine trotteur bag black leather minimal

The latest – and spend-iest – addition to my wardrobe is the Celine Trotteur Bag (also here), in a black grained calf leather in the small size; an impulse sale purchase I found myself unable to say ‘no’ to, and one I’m glad I promptly pulled the trigger on.

I’ve been after a smaller black handbag which I could use on weekends, when I’m lugging around a little less than on a normal workday, but that was also classic and unassuming enough that it would also work for an evening out. I’d been toying with the idea of going with a more classic rendition of this season’s ‘it’ bag, but something kept stopping me – I’m not sure whether it was a case of those bags reaching mass saturation point, or if I was after something that was a little more classic.

So I decided to set my sights on a bag which gets considerably less social media air time: the Givenchy pandora box bag with a chain shoulder strap – a pricey purchase by all counts, but I loved the similarities and contrasts it held with my first and most used designer handbag, the PS11 satchel from Proenza Schouler.

But, a spontaneous decision to drop into David Jones in the midst of their clearance sale, had me eying up the Celine concession, which for the very first time, had 30% off e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Which is basically where the Celine Trotteur bag (which I’d been casually stalking) came into play.

I’m going on my third week of having this cutie in my wardrobe, and it’s been a real game-changer for me. The grained black leather combined with the burnished gold hardware is such a classic combo, and it’s a nice change of pace compared to my usual preference of silver hardware.

This bag made its way to New Zealand with me, and was the perfect travelling companion – it fits a surprisingly large amount (I’ve done a reveal on the Celine Trotteur which you can watch here, if you want to see!), yet it’s compact enough to sit discreetly underneath a coat and scarf. While the exterior is a grained leather, the interior is a buttery smooth lambskin, with a small inner pocket, ideal to pop a small cardholder in for easy access. There’s also a handy pocket at the back of the bag, which I’ve been using for receipts, my passport when I was in transit, or alternatively you could pop your cellphone in there if you aren’t worried about it poking out a little bit…

For me, the highlight of the Celine Trotteur is the chevron metal plate, which fits into a chevron shaped holster; it’s almost like a piece of jewellery that serves as a key focal design element, and it looks equally chic tucked into the holster, as it does loosely lying in front (though I’ll warn you now, this will scratch the leather – I’ve already learnt my lesson!).

Something tells me this is a bag you’re going to be seeing a lot around here…

Two of my favourite pairs of shoes

charlotte olympia kitty flats acne studios jensen boots

Charlotte Olympia kitty flats (also here) & Acne Studios jensen boots (affordable option here)

Today I wanted to touch on two of my favourite pairs of shoes; the Charlotte Olympia kitty flat and the jensen boot from Acne Studios. I’m a firm believer in investing in your wardrobe (for the most part, more on this in another post!) – especially when it comes to shoes. There aren’t many shoes out there which I’ve quite literally worn into the ground, but these two take the cake.

I bought my first pair of kitty flats from Charlotte Olympia five years ago now; I’d been waiting for them to come back in stock (Alexa Chung has a way of making things sell out…) and pounced the minute I got the email. Given we were travelling to London later that year, I opted to have them delivered to the store, just to avoid paying the taxes and duties – these were a lot pricier back then, sitting around the $800 mark. I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so excited to pick up a pair of shoes, and judging by the amount that I wore them, that excitement was warranted. After four and a bit years, I came to the conclusion that they’d done their dash, and started plotting to buy a replacement. Luke beat me to the punch, gifting me the pair you see above for Christmas. While these haven’t gotten as much wear time as the original pair, I’m still not even close to being ‘over’ this shoe.

The jensen boots on the other hand, weren’t exactly love at first sight. In all honesty, I couldn’t really quite figure out what all the hype was about. But, after spotting the grain leather pair on Instagram, I figured that these would make a great addition to my wardrobe, which at the time, was wholly focused on the capsule wardrobe. I managed to snag mine for almost half the price on eBay, and these have turned out to be one of the best purchases that I’ve made in the last couple of years. They’ve been long wearing, the grain leather doesn’t really show a scuff (which I’m prone to getting), and every time I take them to the cobbler for a spruce up or a new heel/sole, they come out looking basically brand new. When it comes to these boots though, if spending upwards of $500 on a pair of shoes doesn’t quite sit right for you (it is a bit of a blow to the bank account!), then I would highly highly recommend checking out these Marc Fisher dupes; at a fraction of the price, you can get the look, and based on my experience, I’ve found the quality to be exceptional.

What are your favourite pairs of shoes? x

Five accessories you need in your wardrobe

accessory you need in your wardrobe watch
accessory you need in your wardrobe earrings
accessory you need in your wardrobe
accessory you need in your wardrobe leather pouch
accessory you need in your wardrobe statement heels

Today I wanted to talk about five accessories that you need in your wardrobe; these aren’t your stock standard pair of leather ankle boots, or a classic tote bag for the office, but the pieces which I think can help to make – or break – an outfit. I’ve been putting a lot of focus on my accessories as of late, as I felt a bit like I was in a style rut (please tell me I’m not the only one!), so let’s jump into the five accessories which I’ve been relying on recently to elevate my outfits…

I wasn’t much of a watch wearer until recently – I used to be one of those girls who relied on her iPhone for telling the time. That all changed about six months ago, and the watch has since become an accessory that I can’t imagine leaving the house without. I love how timeless (excuse the pun…) it is, and my favourite has undoubtedly been this addition from Linjer. I wrote a whole review which you can have a read of here, but essentially I’m most fond of the minimal design, lack of visible branding, and the dainty, feminine strap.

Perhaps one of my favourite ways to accessorise is with a pair of earrings. It’s not particularly ground breaking, but given that most of the focus when talking to another person is on your face, it’s much more eye-catching than any of the other accessories I wanted to mention. I haven’t been wearing anything else but the earrings I co-designed with Mejuri lately (do you blame me?!), but I love a good double pearl earring, or pretty much anything asymmetrical. These are pretty spectacular too.

A little bit of a gem, I love the versatility of a bandana. My preferred way of wearing one is tied around the neck with the tails sitting loosely over the collarbone, though I also love this attached to my bag for a bit of extra interest. My favourites come from J Crew (they have an incredible selection), Madewell, or for something a little bit fancy, this one is gorgeous.

I have a leather pouch from Kate of Arcadia which I’ve had for a good eight years now, and I still love it as much now, as I did when I first received it. It’s my go-to for going out, and I like the fact that it can do triple duty – as a catch all in my purse, as a makeup bag when travelling, or as a clutch for an evening out. If you want something more personalised, The Daily Edited is a great place to start, otherwise I look to Comme des Garcons for their classic zipped pouches.

By far one of the biggest ways I like to make an impact with my outfits is with a statement pair of heels. My favourites are a pair of gold sequin heels from Givenchy (similar here), and my Valentino Rockstuds in the kitten heel. As I typically tend to reach for more minimal silhouettes, I like to pull these out when I know we have a special occasion coming up as they really help to ‘jazz’ up an outfit and elevate it a notch.