Four ways to wear a bandana

four ways to wear a bandana
four ways to wear a bandana
four ways to wear a bandana
four ways to wear a bandana

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Aiming to keep my outfits looking mostly minimal, I’ve been stepping up my accessories game as a quick and simple way to keep things interesting. Perhaps the biggest revelation for me this past year accessories-wise has been the printed bandana, mostly for its versatility and big impact for minimal investment. My favourites have been from Madewell and J. Crew (I’m currently eying up this spotted version), however if you want to opt for something a little more luxe, then this option from Saint Laurent is a little silky square of heaven. As an ode to the bandana, I wanted to quickly touch on four of my favourite ways to wear it…

Undoubtedly the most obvious choice, and my favourite way to wear it. I fold up my bandana into a thin long strip, and knot this loosely at the nape of my neck, leaving the tails to rest on my clavicle. If you want something looking a little less ‘done’, try twisting the fabric before you tie it. Occasionally I’ll also tie the bandana around twice for a choker effect, or simple fold the fabric in half to get that triangular ‘kerchief, which rests on your chest (great if you’re trying to cover up a low neckline!).

Similar to a twilly, I’ll use the same method to fold my bandana as above and tie this around the handle of a tote, or dangling on the side of a smaller satchel style bag. I find this adds a nice twist and is a great way to breathe new life into a much loved bag in dire need of an update.

Admittedly, this can get a little bulky, but I think that a bandana looks great wrapped around your wrist, peeking out from behind the cuff of a crisp white shirt.

The final way that I’ve been wearing my bandanas is as a headband. It’s the perfect way to make a messy updo look like you’ve actually made a little bit of effort, and makes me feel a little like an elegant 1950s housewife with a headscarf wrapped in her hair.

The Loop Earring | Mademoiselle X Mejuri

loop earrings mademoiselle mejuri
loop earrings mademoiselle mejuri
loop earrings mademoiselle mejuri
loop earrings mademoiselle mejuri

Mademoiselle X Mejuri Loop Earrings, Souley blouse, ASOS culottes

I’m the kind of girl who approaches new additions to her jewellery box with casual restraint; whether it’s a new ring, a dainty necklace, or a pretty ear cuff, I put a huge focus on finding the pieces which I know I’ll find myself wearing for years to come.

Over the past few months, I’ve been applying that very restraint to a project which has been very close to my heart: the loop earrings, which I co-designed with Mejuri. A dainty pair of double hoops, they’re what I would call a modern take on a classic silhouette. With subtle bevels and fluid lines, the design is both minimal, yet makes an impact – something I look for in my earrings.

I’ve been absolutely dying to share these earrings with you (which you may have already spotted them if you have a good eye…), since I received the samples earlier this month, as they’ve quickly become a part of my everyday uniform. Hand crafted in a gold vermeil, which is a thick 18k gold layer on sterling silver, these are the kind of earrings which truly will stand the test of time.

Working on this project with the Mejuri team has been an absolute dream come true for me, throughout the entire creative process (from inception to final design approval), and none of this would be possible without all of your support so I wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you.

You can shop the earrings here, and if you decide to pick up a pair (and you won’t regret it, I promise!), I would love it if you could tag me in your social media photos using the hashtag #MADEMOISELLEXMEJURI xx

loop earrings mademoiselle mejuri
loop earrings mademoiselle mejuri
loop earrings mademoiselle mejuri

Byredo Mojave Ghost

byredo mojave ghost perfume

It’s not since I first discovered Viktor & Rolf’s ‘Flowerbomb’ as a girl barely out of university, that I’ve felt quite so smitten with a fragrance, but Mojave Ghost from Byredo has captivated my senses in a way that few other perfumes have. With a lingering floral sweetness and musky undertones, the scent is so full-bodied and rich, and the only perfume that’s currently made it into daily rotation – I am an all or nothing kind of girl, after all.

It’s only taken the one scent (plus a mini vial of ‘Gypsy Water’) to get me hooked on Byredo’s beautiful – and luxurious – perfumes, and I get the feeling it’s going to be one heck of a pricey obsession. Next on my list? The sumptuous smelling Bal D’Afrique; the perfect winter accessory (along with a good pair of boots, and a thick lambswool scarf!).

Autumn ’17 Wardrobe

autumn minimal wardrobe
autumn minimal wardrobe

The weather has finally started to cool down a little, and I’ve been making full use of every excuse I can find to pull out some of my denim, and cosy winter knits. My current everyday staples have fallen into that easy – minimalist – colour palette of white, grey, and black; something which has made dressing so easy (if not somewhat formulaic).

Cashmere, silk, cotton and wool are my textiles of choice, and I’m currently loving the option to throw a blazer or a trench coat on over my outfit – nothing like back-to-back heatwaves to have you craving what you can’t actually wear.

Below is a little peek into some of the pieces I’ve been reaching for recently; my core autumn wardrobe, if you will!

The casual uniform

minimal flatly leather skirt white tee

Brandy Melville t-shirt (old but similar style here), Willow leather skirt (similar here), J.Crew bandana, Charlotte Olympia kitty flats, Giorgio Armani ‘Si’ perfume

My current go-to casual uniform of late has been this easy tee from Brandy Melville, a black leather skirt, and some black flats, with a bandana tied around my neck for good measure.

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