Two of my favourite pairs of shoes

charlotte olympia kitty flats acne studios jensen boots

Charlotte Olympia kitty flats (also here) & Acne Studios jensen boots (affordable option here)

Today I wanted to touch on two of my favourite pairs of shoes; the Charlotte Olympia kitty flat and the jensen boot from Acne Studios. I’m a firm believer in investing in your wardrobe (for the most part, more on this in another post!) – especially when it comes to shoes. There aren’t many shoes out there which I’ve quite literally worn into the ground, but these two take the cake.

I bought my first pair of kitty flats from Charlotte Olympia five years ago now; I’d been waiting for them to come back in stock (Alexa Chung has a way of making things sell out…) and pounced the minute I got the email. Given we were travelling to London later that year, I opted to have them delivered to the store, just to avoid paying the taxes and duties – these were a lot pricier back then, sitting around the $800 mark. I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so excited to pick up a pair of shoes, and judging by the amount that I wore them, that excitement was warranted. After four and a bit years, I came to the conclusion that they’d done their dash, and started plotting to buy a replacement. Luke beat me to the punch, gifting me the pair you see above for Christmas. While these haven’t gotten as much wear time as the original pair, I’m still not even close to being ‘over’ this shoe.

The jensen boots on the other hand, weren’t exactly love at first sight. In all honesty, I couldn’t really quite figure out what all the hype was about. But, after spotting the grain leather pair on Instagram, I figured that these would make a great addition to my wardrobe, which at the time, was wholly focused on the capsule wardrobe. I managed to snag mine for almost half the price on eBay, and these have turned out to be one of the best purchases that I’ve made in the last couple of years. They’ve been long wearing, the grain leather doesn’t really show a scuff (which I’m prone to getting), and every time I take them to the cobbler for a spruce up or a new heel/sole, they come out looking basically brand new. When it comes to these boots though, if spending upwards of $500 on a pair of shoes doesn’t quite sit right for you (it is a bit of a blow to the bank account!), then I would highly highly recommend checking out these Marc Fisher dupes; at a fraction of the price, you can get the look, and based on my experience, I’ve found the quality to be exceptional.

What are your favourite pairs of shoes? x

Five accessories you need in your wardrobe

accessory you need in your wardrobe watch
accessory you need in your wardrobe earrings
accessory you need in your wardrobe
accessory you need in your wardrobe leather pouch
accessory you need in your wardrobe statement heels

Today I wanted to talk about five accessories that you need in your wardrobe; these aren’t your stock standard pair of leather ankle boots, or a classic tote bag for the office, but the pieces which I think can help to make – or break – an outfit. I’ve been putting a lot of focus on my accessories as of late, as I felt a bit like I was in a style rut (please tell me I’m not the only one!), so let’s jump into the five accessories which I’ve been relying on recently to elevate my outfits…

I wasn’t much of a watch wearer until recently – I used to be one of those girls who relied on her iPhone for telling the time. That all changed about six months ago, and the watch has since become an accessory that I can’t imagine leaving the house without. I love how timeless (excuse the pun…) it is, and my favourite has undoubtedly been this addition from Linjer. I wrote a whole review which you can have a read of here, but essentially I’m most fond of the minimal design, lack of visible branding, and the dainty, feminine strap.

Perhaps one of my favourite ways to accessorise is with a pair of earrings. It’s not particularly ground breaking, but given that most of the focus when talking to another person is on your face, it’s much more eye-catching than any of the other accessories I wanted to mention. I haven’t been wearing anything else but the earrings I co-designed with Mejuri lately (do you blame me?!), but I love a good double pearl earring, or pretty much anything asymmetrical. These are pretty spectacular too.

A little bit of a gem, I love the versatility of a bandana. My preferred way of wearing one is tied around the neck with the tails sitting loosely over the collarbone, though I also love this attached to my bag for a bit of extra interest. My favourites come from J Crew (they have an incredible selection), Madewell, or for something a little bit fancy, this one is gorgeous.

I have a leather pouch from Kate of Arcadia which I’ve had for a good eight years now, and I still love it as much now, as I did when I first received it. It’s my go-to for going out, and I like the fact that it can do triple duty – as a catch all in my purse, as a makeup bag when travelling, or as a clutch for an evening out. If you want something more personalised, The Daily Edited is a great place to start, otherwise I look to Comme des Garcons for their classic zipped pouches.

By far one of the biggest ways I like to make an impact with my outfits is with a statement pair of heels. My favourites are a pair of gold sequin heels from Givenchy (similar here), and my Valentino Rockstuds in the kitten heel. As I typically tend to reach for more minimal silhouettes, I like to pull these out when I know we have a special occasion coming up as they really help to ‘jazz’ up an outfit and elevate it a notch.

My Go-To Labels for Wardrobe Essentials & Everyday Wear

my go to labels grana
my go to labels mott and bow
my go to labels everlane
my go to labels grana j brand
my go to labels helmut lang
my go to labels chloe

As much as I love trying something new – whether that be a new designer, a new silhouette, or a fresh injection of colour – I always find myself going back to stable of labels which I feel just really epitomise my everyday aesthetic. They’re those designers that for me, are tried and tested, and are ones that I know that I can rely on to delivery every. single. time. So, I thought I’d share some of the labels that I reach for when I’m in need of some new wardrobe essentials, or just something for everyday, which I know I can always count on to do the trick.

Without even skipping a beat, Everlane is well at the top of this list for just about everything, followed pretty closely by Grana (I’m a big fan of their v-neck silk cami), and for something a little closer to home, Aussie label Bassike – their organic cotton is a dream. If you’re US-based, I really don’t think that you can beat J. Crew purely for the wide variety of colours available for just about every style imaginable (their Factory outlet is also pretty great if you’re on a budget), and I also really like Madewell for their oversized cotton shirts and slouchy sweaters.

Personally, I like to invest a little more in my knitwear – rather than opt for something on the high street for a quick fix. Some of my all time favourite knitwear has come from Hope Stockholm (which you can also get here) and Acne Studios. I’ve been pulling out my Hope Grand sweater for the last three years now and I find it’s still a crowdpleaser, and Acne just tends to do some of the cuddliest, snuggliest sweaters around, which I think are completely worth the splurge. Where I can, I do like to spend a little more for a bit of cashmere, as I find this feels the nicest against my skin. I have a oversized cashmere cardigan from a now defunct label, To Sir With Love, which I a-d-o-r-e, and I swear by Everlane’s cashmere crew necks for a simple throw on sweater.

I’m still in the midst of building up my denim collection, and figuring out which brands do, and don’t work for me, but over the years I’ve sussed out a few that I always tend to go back to. J Brand is one that I discovered in my early twenties, and even now, their mid-rise skinny Maria jean in white is one of the most worn pairs currently sitting in my drawer. All the jeans I’ve tried from the label have a fair bit of stretch which makes them super comfortable! Another brand that I discovered recently is Mott & Bow; I have a pair of the mid rise skinny jeans in charcoal and they’re probably my favourite pair to tuck into black leather boots for autumn and winter. I’m also just a little partial to Frame Denim. I have the le skinny de jeans in an indigo wash and haven’t been able to find another dark blue pair that I like even half as much.

One thing I don’t skimp on when it comes to my wardrobe is workwear; it’s something that I know I’m going to be reaching for five days out of seven, and I want to make sure that I look pulled together and professional (even if I do work in a more casual office environment). For blazers, I look to contemporary designers like Helmut Lang (my HL blazer is on its sixth year and still going strong), Theory, and Isabel Marant, all of which you can usually find discounted on The Outnet if you happen to pop on the site at the right time (otherwise there are heaps of second hand options via The Real Real). For silk shells or blouses I usually tend to look to J. Crew is an absolute godsend.

I might be on the “wrong” side of my twenties – for partying, that is – but I still find myself needing the odd cocktail or party dress for those special occasions that make me feel confident, elegant, and like a dressed up version of myself. Taking a peek through my closet, it’s pretty clear that I don’t stray far from home when it comes to cocktail dresses. It’s a pretty big call but Dion Lee (also here) is hands down my favourite for his beautifully designed and fashion forward dresses, and I have also had a long love affair with Lover and their stunning little lace-y numbers. A couple of the other designers that I tend to go for are Bec and Bridge (I recently got this dress and I love it), Camilla and Marc, and Zimmermann (for the odd splurge).

Most days, you’re likely to find me in a pair of flats (anything by Charlotte Olympia is sure to be a favourite), but there’s no denying the impact that a pair of statement heels has on an outfit. Perhaps a little overdone, but I do still love my Valentino Rockstuds (I opted for the kitten heel) for a truly show-stopping shoe, though these days I look a lot to Aquazzurra for their fun and flamboyant designs, and Dolce and Gabbana for their heavily embellished – yet elegant – designs.

As much as I love a mini bag, it isn’t always the most practical for me when it comes to my everyday. For the office, I’ll typically have a few notebooks, a jumper or a scarf, and when possible I try to also bring in my lunch (one of the best budget savers ever!), so I need to ‘tote’ around something that can carry everything plus the kitchen sink. My current favourite has been a mahogany leather tote bag from Linjer, though I’ve been feeling really inspired lately by local label The Daily Edited, as I love the touch of personalisation that you can add to your bag (be it a work tote, a small shoulder bag, or a phone case!).

Which designers do you tend to rely on for your core wardrobe essentials? x

Autumn Workwear Essentials

autumn workwear essentials
autumn workwear essentials
autumn workwear essentials

As much as I love wearing a pair of jeans every day with an oversized sweater, unfortunately that’s not going to cut it at my 9 to 5. Working in the media industry, our dress code is fairly relaxed compared to more corporate environments, though that doesn’t stop me from reaching for pieces in my closet which look smart (but that do double duty for the weekend as well!). So I thought I would share some of my current autumn workwear essentials that I’ve been reaching for on a daily basis.

It’s really only just starting to cool down in Sydney (I know!!), so I’ve been continuing to reach for one of my favourite summer staples, the silk cami. I particularly like the v-neck versions from Grana as they are made from a heavyweight double layered silk (I have this in black and white), though on warmer days I’ll reach for my target=”_blank”>Everlane cami’s as the silk is more lightweight. I’ll usually wear these underneath a cardigan or a blazer, as the air con in our office can get a little cold.

A little more dressed up that the silk cami, I really like how just simply wearing a silk shell can instantly make your outfit look ten times smarter. I have a few different versions – including one with ruffle detail – though my favourite for the office is this simple black and white striped shell top from Everlane. This silk is really hard wearing (and machine washable!), and the pinstripe adds an unsuspecting detail that helps to liven up an otherwise plain top. Plus, it goes with basically everything.

I love a good t-shirt and when it comes to the office, I keep an eye out for versions that are a little more dressed up. My favourite comes from Karen Walker (though it’s a few seasons old!), however there are some alternatives available on ASOS here. I’ll usually pair mine worn loose with some slim fitting trousers, or tucked into a pencil skirt.

Cashmere sweaters are one of those wardrobe staples that I tend to reach for almost year round – any time it’s cold really, as I find that it works for most situations. I love the ones you can get from Everlane; they’re one of the first that I really invested in and I’ve found that the one I have has truly stood the test of time (plus they are super warm!). It’s one of those no brainer pieces which just goes with everything, particularly if you opt for a neutral colour, like I did (I went with charcoal for reference!).

The blazer is a quintessential work wardrobe staple, and a piece I think I’d find myself feeling completely lost without. It’s formed the cornerstone of my wardrobe since I first entered the workplace, and is well worth investing in. One of my favourites is from Helmut Lang, a classic single breasted black blazer which I bought from Barney’s six years ago and still looks practically brand new even though I feel like I’ve worn it to death. I’ve recently added a couple more from Isabel Marant (The Real Real is a great place to look if you’re hoping to score a bargain) that have been leading the charge in terms of being serious workhorses, and I love Stella McCartney for more tailored styles.

A-line skirts have got to be one of the most universally flattering styles of skirts that you can get your hands on. My waist is my smallest point so what I love about this style is that it accentuates my figure. I’ve had so many iterations of the a-line skirt over the years, though the ones I’ve been reaching for most the last couple of months have been from Lover and RUBY, though I also love this skirt from J Crew.

Probably the biggest change to my wardrobe – and my work wardrobe – this year has been the addition of the culotte. I love the slightly awkward length and relaxed silhouette through the leg, and the cinched in waist; it makes for something a little more interesting. I picked up two from ASOS just to introduce myself to the style, and haven’t looked back since (I have this black pair and this pink linen pair). Truth be told it is starting to get a little too chilly to wear these now but I’ve been loving this new take on tailoring and the effortlessly cool vibe that it has added to my everyday work wardrobe.

Gone are the days where I used to wear platforms or 10cm plus high heels; aside from the fact that it’s just not that practical for me, it’s not really necessary in my current office environment. Now, I tend to prefer a low or mid-heel; comfortable enough to walk around in all day, with just that little bit of added height. I’ve been going crazy for Everlane’s day heel, which I nabbed in both black and nude, though for something a little lower I have a very Chanel-esque pair from Vaneli that add a little bit of Parisian chic to every outfit I pair them with.

As much as I love a mini bag or a cross body satchel, a tote bag is generally what I will reach for, on most working days. Generally, I’ll take my lunch to work so I love the option of being able to tuck this away in my bag, along with a sweater or a scarf for if it gets cold. I’ve been using Linjer’s soft leather tote almost daily since I got it a few months back (this has been an absolute dream!), though when I want something a little more throw about I’ll switch it out for the twill zipper tote from Everlane. If I had my time over I’d probably pick this up in the black, as it’s less likely to show up marks, but it’s still a favourite of mine all the same, and I like that it adds another tone to my often all-black outfits.

What are your current workwear essentials?

What to wear on date night

what to wear on date night

Tobi slip dress (also love this option), Everlane black leather pointed slide*, The Daily Edited leather pouch, Byredo Eau de Parfum in Mojave Ghost, Glossier Haloscope in Quartz, Chanel Rouge Allure in Coromandel (98), Essie Nail Polish in Good as Gold

When it comes to date night dressing, I like to take the same approach as I do for picking my outfits for the rest of the week; a signature look, which I’ll reach for, nine times out of ten. Because I try to put a huge emphasis on effortless (read: easy) dressing, I like to keep things easy with just a few key pieces that I know will work together and that I don’t have to think too much about. Given we’re planning to head out for drinks and dinner this Saturday night, I thought I would share my go-to essentials for an easy date night look.

There’s nothing more timeless than a little black dress, and given my predisposition towards all things classic, it should come as no surprise that it’s typically my first pick for any special occasion – date night included. I have a few that I’ll reach for, like this relaxed backless version from Karen Walker which is still a favourite after more than three years, this sexy buckled beauty from Bec & Bridge which I wore while I was in Dallas, and I’m also drawn to anything slinky which skims over my figure in a really flattering way, like the above dress from Tobi. It’s one of those blank canvas pieces which you can build on, and I’ve found them to be one of the few dresses in my wardrobe which doesn’t have an expiry date. I especially love the sheer panel of chiffon which adds an unexpected twist, making what is an otherwise minimal slip dress, more of a statement piece.

While I’ll usually reach for a simple black suede court shoe if I’m doing any kind of dressing up, I find that nothing quite complements an LBD like a black strappy sandal – I have a pair from Isabel Marant which I love because the ankle strap has a metal bar that wraps around the front of the foot. If I’m not up for wearing heels, I’ll opt for a dressy pair of flats, and my current pair of choice are these black leather pointed toe slides from Everlane. Like most of their leather shoes, these take a little bit of breaking in, but I think that they’re a really elegant take on the slide, and transition pretty well from day to night (I also love the ‘bone’ version!). If you’re planning on picking up a pair, go up half a size as I found that these fit on the smaller side (for reference I’m typically an EU40 and went for a US9.5).

By day, I’m a crossbody girl through-and-through, but by night, I don’t think there’s anything more chic than a sleek leather clutch. I’ve been reaching a lot for this burgundy leather zip-up pouch from The Daily Edited – an incredibly thoughtful gift, monogrammed with my initials – which holds just the right amount; not too much and not too little. I love that in addition to an inner zip up compartment it has some card slots to pop your credit cards, which helps me to streamline the contents to my absolute essentials for a night out.

The perfect accompaniment to any date night is undoubtedly a red lip – it’s bold, sexy, and just a little bit daring. I have a couple favourites that I tend to rely on; for an orange based red I’ll reach for either Tom Ford’s ‘wild ginger’ or ‘lady danger’ from MAC, and for a blue-based or more neutral red, I adore ‘love bite’ from Charlotte Tilbury or Chanel’s Rouge Allure Lipstick in ‘coromandel’. I’ve put quite a few red lipsticks to the test – from budget beauty to high end – and these four for me, are comfortable on the lips, have a creamy texture, and I know I can rely on them to last me through the night.

There’s no such thing as too much highlighter, especially when it comes to date night. I’ve been absolutely loving Glossier’s Haloscope (I picked mine up in ‘quartz’); it’s a little more subtle that my HG Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate, but it gives you a really fresh and dewy looking glow. I’m quite liberal with this as the result is always really natural – you don’t have to worry about going overboard with this one!