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Top five purchases of 2013

by jamie-lee on January 8, 2014, 17 comments

A new year undoubtedly means new things, and while I had resolved to more than halve my total purchases for 2013, consumption once again managed to get the best of me. Proving to myself once again that the classics are almost always best, my five favourites for 2013 are below. //Porselli leather ballet flats – […]

The three pairs of shoes you need this summer

by jamie-lee on December 22, 2013, 8 comments

With sun dappled skies announcing that summer is well and truly here, it feels like it’s finally time to kick off those chelsea boots and slip my toes into strappy pair of sandals, which are only bound to come off as soon as my feet hit the sand. While I plan to run around barefoot […]

On finding the perfect t-shirt

by jamie-lee on November 29, 2013, 4 comments

img src: various tumblr & The most elusive of all wardrobe essentials, is the perfect t-shirt. A quick trawl through the copious amounts of streetstyle images, in which women are so nonchalantly flicking their hair with the perfectly slouchy yet structured just ‘so’ t-shirt would have you thinking differently. For years, I chose to […]

On finding the perfect pair of leather brogues

by jamie-lee on November 19, 2013, 3 comments

Finding the perfect anything is a little like finding your one true love. It is only uncovered in those moments where the thought of such a thing is long forgotten, and nigh on impossible to come across until that point. To measure perfection would be akin to attempting to measure success; based solely on personal […]


by jamie-lee on October 3, 2013, 8 comments

Porselli black leather ballet flats I know I’ve always said that I’m a loafer girl through and through, but you know what? I think ballet slippers are starting to grow on me. It all started with this post, by the effervescent Hannah-Rose Yee. Her words, describing this shoe, made it seem almost magical; a story […]


by jamie-lee on September 25, 2013, 7 comments

Lover daisy chain shell dress (similar), Acne shore sweater, Opening Ceremony floral loafers, Proenza Schouler PS11 satchel, J Crew earrings Whenever I come across one of those pieces, which in almost every sense, is perfect, I find myself rather quickly stockpiling multiples. It’s like winter came early, and I’m a squirrel scrambling to collect and […]


by jamie-lee on August 14, 2013, 11 comments

Bassike v-neck t-shirt (similar), Isabel Marant tundra skirt, Kate Sylvester coat (similar), Vintage boots (similar), Proenza Schouler PS11 satchel I know what you’re probably thinking – didn’t I say that I only had one winter coat? Well, it would seem that the sales have gotten the better of me, as I’ve found myself stocking up […]

/in my wardrobe: the black leather jacket

by jamie-lee on July 12, 2013, 11 comments

Lover ritual pintuck dress, Whistles leather jacket All of the shopping and culling that I’ve undertaken over the years has taught me a couple of things, like, no matter what you buy there will always be something shiny and new waiting around every corner, and the classics really are just that, classic pieces which you […]

/outfit: the classic trench coat

by jamie-lee on July 4, 2013, 11 comments

Proenza Schouler stripe top, Steve Alan suzanne skirt, Karen Walker trench coat, Alexander Wang kori oxfords, Mimco starlight necklace (similar) Taking a moment to talk about classics, like the beige trench coat, which is one of those pieces that almost every woman should have in their wardrobe. I say almost, as the ‘classics’ really do […]

/outfit: with winter comes leather

by jamie-lee on June 5, 2013, 11 comments

Witchery cable knit jumper (similar), Witchery leather leggings (similar), Charlotte Olympia kitty flats, Proenza Schouler PS11 bag, H&M necklace (similar) I have a tendency to raise eyebrows when casually mentioning what I’ve recently bought with my boyfriend. More specifically, justifying the purchase of something he considers to be overly extravagant, but that I lovingly refer […]

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