MSGM Pre-Fall ’12

img src – MGSM

The beautiful collection that is MGSM pre-Fall 12 is something I stumbled across a wee while back, and am only just getting around to posting. It serves as quite possibly the best inspiration that I have seen lately, with perhaps a mild touch of deja vu, combining the best elements of some lookbooks that have been floating around. The print on prints, bold colours and interesting layering pull the collection together nicely, and are just a couple of the reasons that I would be happy to have each and every piece magically appear hanging in my wardrobe. Thank goodness dreams are free!

Cold start

Karen Walker blouse & coat; American Apparel fingerless gloves

What was seeming like a promising start to Autumn quickly transformed into something resembling winter. Wind, rain, and low temps have been plaguing us and I have, as per usual, been struggling to keep warm. I guess it’s times like these that I can be grateful for owning an abundance of silk blouses and good quality woolen coats. I’m beginning to think that there may also be some merit in getting high denier tights, as I continue to consider putting on two pairs every morning.

And what I had just the other day considered to be an abundance of coats in my wardrobe (I believe I have 8 or 9 – divided between light/heavy jackets), seems to be somewhat of an asset. I’ve never been one to want to get rid of coats and tend to wear them for years on end, until they are practically on their last legs. This would probably explain why I seldom seem to purchase them, a sub0conscious effort not to fill my wardrobe up with coats I would later find exceedingly difficult to part with. A girl needs a jacket for every occasion.. am I right?~


Forever21 jumper; 3.1 by Phillip Lim skirt; Isabel Marant heels; Celine bag

Trying to take advantage of the relatively mild weather that we have been having this past week by avoiding wearing jeans or tights at every opportunity. Not only that, I’m trying to wear my shoes which aren’t suitable for rainy weather as much as possible before they end up gathering dust over the winter as I wait patiently for summer to roll around again. I suppose that this is part of my effort to utilise my wardrobe to its maximum capacity, as I tend to reach for the same shoes based on comfort and versatility.

I’ve also been using my Celine tote on a daily basis to lug everything that doesn’t fit in my PS11 to work, or alternating between using it exclusively. It’s surprisingly sturdy, and is able to carry far more than I had anticipated with absolutely no worries that the handles may stretch – although this wouldn’t be such a bad thing, at least then I could sling it over my shoulder.

Celine Cabas

img src #1 & #2
Celine black leather cabas tote (similar here and here)

A simple leather tote bag has been on my wish list for some time now, but it’s been one of those things that has been pushed back on the sidelines time and time again as I continuously come across other pieces that I have been keeping my eye out for. While I favour one bag at a time, I generally end up filling a fabric bag with a number of items to take to work that don’t fit in my PS11 – which I must say is surprisingly roomy, but nonetheless, does not fit such pleasantries as my lunch, notebooks and miscellaneous items that I have sold on eBay or Trade Me to a new home. Considering that, I question why it’s taken me so long to take the plunge and buy one. I had the fortune of coming across a second hand Celine Cabas bag in black, which I shall admit I most certainly jumped at the opportunity to buy it. It epitomizes the ideal of what I was searching for, in terms of design, simplicity and functionality. I foresee this bag becoming a rather regular fixture on my arm.

I must also note that I was honoured to be interviewed over on A Jaded Life. Click the link to check it out 🙂


Helmut Lang blazer; Equipment blouse; Lover skirt; Givenchy heels

Considering the number of times that I have worn this Helmut Lang blazer in the last two weeks, you would possibly think that I don’t own any other blazers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s ironic, that a piece I had felt mildly guilty about purchasing while in LA – my first American purchase that wasn’t food might I add – has as I anticipated, become a real workhorse in my wardrobe. While I can’t say for certain that all pieces that fall on the slightly more expensive end of the purchasing scale are going to fall in the category, I find that timeless pieces like a black blazer or a white silk shirt will generally be regularly worn, unless these particular items don’t fall within the confines of your lifestyle or personal taste.
And the shoes. I can’t forget the shoes! I purchased these from Net-a-Porter over the Christmas break and for some reason hadn’t yet pulled them out until today – although I think that they will be making a regular appearance on my feet from now on. I was drawn to the classic shape of Linkthe shoe, but the fun and interesting detail that the gold sequins add, and I was lucky to nab them in the sale. When it’s the last pair, and they’re in your size.. in the true words of a shopaholic, it’s almost as though it’s fate right?