Work attire

1. Karen Walker dress & blazer, Triwa watch, Pointer loafers
2. Luella cardigan, J. Crew blouse, Karen Walker skirt & belt
3. Striped singlet, Topshop jeans & boots
4. Karen Walker blazer, Zara skirt
5. Topshop heels
6. Karen Walker bracelet

Work attire. After getting asked a question about the types of things that I wear to work on Formspring, I thought I would elaborate a little further here. I’ve always felt that the clothing that you adorn yourself with every day in its own way, is a mild reflection of who you are as a person. In this respect, I’ve been lucky that I’ve only worked at one establishment where a strict corporate form of dress was required, and admittedly, I felt stifled by it.

Last year, I had the privilege of attending a Youth Leadership Workshop in Taiwan, which was an eye-opening experience, and one that I will never forget. One of the smaller things that I noticed while on this trip, was that the other girls in similar positions to myself in Australia adhered to a much more refined, and what I consider to be a corporate style of dress in their workplaces, which encouraged me to re-evaluate what I would wear to work.

It probably took me a little longer than I would like to admit to realise that yes, there is a too short for work; Yes, certain garments are only appropriate for weekend wear; and yes, cozy cardigans can sometimes look a little dowdy when paired with the wrong thing.

On the whole, I tend to adopt a more relaxed style of dressing for work, which is “put together”, and not scruffy. I occasionally pair blazers with loose silk blouses and skinny jeans, delicate dresses with a cardigan or a jumper thrown on top, or a blouse tucked into a skirt. I’ve realised that pencil skirts with a stiff cotton shirt tucked in doesn’t work for me, and I’m still trying to find the right pair of work pants that I feel completely comfortable in. While it might seem painfully simple to some, it creates a canvas where a chunky necklace or interesting bracelet can take centre stage.

Footwear is a little more varied, and with a considerable number of suede shoes, often leaves me with little choice on rainy days. It tends to range from black ballet flats or loafers, to Isabel Marant dicker boots or black Chelsea boots, or a more sensible pair of heels at a medium height, depending on the type of day that I am expecting it to be.

I wonder if I had been asked this question a year ago, how drastically different my response may have been. Since then, my wardrobe has undergone quite a transformation, and my heel heights have dropped considerably. I think that while it’s important to retain who you are in what you wear, it’s also important to project who you want to be, and where you want to be in the future. Every workplace is different, and what works for me, doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. Enough from me, happy Friday!

Short suiting

Karen Walker blazer, shorts, jewellery and sunglasses; Acne blouse (similar); Topshop boots (similar); Meadowlark ring; Proenza Schouler bag

The obsession with short suits continues. Grabbing what is probably my last chance to wear one before the chill really sets in Wellington on Sunday. It’s strange to think that something is pretty much over when it never really began. Paired with my other obsession, the Acne sleeveless blouse, and sturdy boots perfect for stomping around the city in.

Sunday reflection

Karen Walker Sunglasses

Sunday reflections.
1. Taking up an old hobby, that is somewhat outdated in modern society can be extremely gratifying, and the time indulged in pursuing it makes you appreciate it all the more. When I was younger I would most likely somewhat poorly, assist my grandmother with a large cross-stitch that she was working on. My mother purchased me my own a few years back, although I never felt the inclination to work on it until now. As ridiculous as I feel it sounds to admit, it’s satisfying completing a section of colour.

2. I was very grateful to my friend Nina, who invited me to join her at not one, but two fashion shows during Wellington Fashion Week (WFW). The first was Julian Danger, which we attended on Thursday night, and the second was Nicola Screen for Goodness, which we attended this afternoon. Both were a deep contrast to the Karen Walker show that I experienced while in New York last year, which was only open to industry insiders. WFW essentially opened what is usually an exclusive event for buyers, editors and the like, to the masses, either through the purchase of a ticket or by emailing for the chance to receive tickets. While fashion shows are reasonably short affairs, usually no longer than about 15 minutes, it’s still a great way to get a sense of how the garment sits on the models, and how it moves.

3. I recently managed to score the Acne floral blouse with detachable scarf in a sleeveless version, for a rather good price. Admittedly, I already owned the ‘Amon’ blouse in the full sleeve version with the cut-outs at the shoulder, but I seldom wore it as it felt too large on my frame, and the cut-outs just never sat right on me. Since receiving the sleeveless version, I’ve been wanting to wear it every day. Sometimes a piece that you love in theory doesn’t work in practice, but with a few tweaks, it can become exactly what you were hoping it would be.

4. A beer in the sun is the best way to start a Sunday afternoon. Especially if there’s sun. Oh, and chips. I didn’t start drinking beer until a few years back when I was travelling in Europe, and it was du jour to drink steins while we were in Germany (or so I was told). Since then, I’m always up for trying a new beer, and when I spotted a voucher for a beer I hadn’t tried before, I bought it and kept it on the off chance that Wellington would see another sunny day before the real gloom of winter. That day was today, so when lunchtime rolled around, the boyfriend and I made our way to Meow to take advantage.

5. I often forget how important it is to laugh at life, rather than take everything so seriously. There’s always time to be a little silly.
Super Sunday!



Karen Walker blazer, Zara jumper, Topshop jeans & boots, Proenza Schouler bag, YSL ring

In stark contrast to the relaxing four-day “Easter” weekend, this weekend just past was full of activities. My kitten and I had a sleepover at my parents place, which was a little stressful as their cat didn’t take so kindly to his intrusion, but aside from that it was just nice to spend an otherwise relaxing evening with them, eating Thai food and watching movies. On the Saturday morning they helped me run errands, and later that day I had friends over for a crafts evening – which I must say, wine and attempting friendship bracelets don’t quite mix.

As a Greek Orthodox, I didn’t celebrate Easter until Sunday just been – spending close to the entire day at my grandparents house as plate after plate of food found its way on the table. Kalo Pasxa!

Deadly Ponies

This short film shot by photographer and film maker Garth Badger is just a glimpse of the craftsmanship that goes in to producing a bag from cult Kiwi label Deadly Ponies. The bags are designed and then crafted by hand in their Auckland showroom, with the process making use of every scrap. The latest collection, Hurri chain, has recently hit the stores, drawing inspiration from the ferocity and fury of nature. I’m yet to own a bag from Deadly Ponies, although long after their beautifully crafted satchels season after season, perhaps one day I will finally make the splurge!