Autumn Wardrobe Lookbook 2018

autumn minimal wardrobe
autumn minimal wardrobe
autumn minimal wardrobe
autumn minimal wardrobe
autumn minimal wardrobe

Today I wanted to share a little peek inside my autumn wardrobe; these are the key pieces that I know I’m going to be reaching for time and time again as the weather continues to cool down, and we approach winter. Perhaps the most obvious shift from previous years, is that I’m starting to think about how I want to incorporate more natural hues – such as beige and tan – into my outfits all year round, to reduce that reliance on wearing all black, a habit I often fall into during the colder months. I talked a little bit about where I’m planning to put my focus for my autumn wardrobe in this post here, which I have a feeling will further shape and evolve some of these key looks and silhouettes that I’ve been really gravitating towards. You know me – creature of habit and all that.

Some of the things I’m most excited about? This linen blazer from Chloe which I picked up for an absolute steal, this cream knit sweater from Joseph that I snapped up during the Christmas and Boxing day sales, this absolutely splurge-worthy coat from Stella McCartney that I managed to track down for 75% off, and these black leather boots with buckle detail from Jo Mercer.

You can check out the full video I filmed featuring these items and more by clicking here or via the embedded video player below. What are your favourites for the season ahead?



  1. Beth Justice
    March 13, 2018 / 9:18 am

    Love it! It was probably this time last year that I decided enough was enough, and I needed to stop relying on black. I have a friend who never (and I seriously mean never) wears black – it’s always white/cream/denim etc neutrals – and honestly it comes across like she is one of the brightest happiest people! This inspired me so much – especially to realise that a wardrobe colour palette says a whole lot more than we think!

    I don’t think I’ll give up black forever, but so far what I’ve enjoyed about not buying black is 1) my wardrobe looks so refreshed and bright (in a white, grey and khaki neutrals kind of way) and 2) I honestly FEEL so much brighter.

    Anyway, I’d be interested to know why you have been inspired to add in more neutrals 🙂

    • March 18, 2018 / 3:15 pm

      Wow I love that! I know a couple of girls who are like that too, and I think perhaps it’s been looking on pinterest a lot recently which has really inspired me to think a little outside of the box of ‘all black’.

      You know, it’s sort of like a switch flipped. I love wearing black, but I’m so much more inspired by colour at the moment – not necessarily bright colour, but gorgeous neutrals, and I think it’ll be a nice complement to the items I already have in my wardrobe. I guess I want to add a bit more warmth to my wardrobe! x

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