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A few weeks back, Luke and I spent five long hours traipsing around Alexandria looking for pieces to furnish our apartment. While you’d think that side tables for the living room and some much needed kitchen appliances would top the priority list, I somehow managed to come home with a couple of pastel coloured ceramic pots. Since then, they’ve taken a prime position next to one of our windows, even though I’m still pondering what to plant on them. A complete surprise, given my general disdain for getting my hands dirty, and an inherent ability to kill all and every plant I’ve ever been tasked with looking after. Not exactly the best track record…

Inspiration has been coming in the form of Pinterest, from baby succulents and cacti to a fiddle leaf tree, with my persuasion heavily leaning to the latter, especially after spotting this snap of Talisa’s in a crisp white pot. I’ve managed to source a local nursery which sells them – the Bondi markets only seem to go so far as to sell succulents, and always only on a Saturday – so now it’s just a matter of making the time to pick one up, and hoping that my green thumb flourishes in the meantime.

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