Things I’ve seen, Fashion Week Australia day four

Day four of Fashion Week brought another early start, something that over the past two weeks I have been completely unable to avoid. My penchant for arriving everywhere early also meant that I somehow managed to get to the venue a good 45 minutes before most, a good excuse as any to take a few more streetstyle snaps. First show up was Bless’d are the Meek, whose Wanderlust collection was based on the scenery of the Northern Territory. Transporting us there was a 3 or 4 minute clip which begun with a sunrise moving through to stunning galaxy shots, so transfixed on the screen was I that I completely forgot my camera for a brief moment.

Having initially assumed that the Suboo show would be a collection of swimwear and beach style cover ups, you can imagine by surprise when what actually ensued was a collection of sleek and structural dresses in block colours with cut-out and origami like detailing. The result was an incredibly wearable and cohesive collection, taking you from the sand to the bar.

I’d heard a lot about ‘The Innovators’, a group show of the best six student designers, the line up this year comprising of Elissa McGowan, Inder Dhillon, Leroy Nguyen, Paul Scott, Vinh Nguyen and Ying Yuan. A show known for discovering top talent, and the next big thing showcased an array of designs that were out-of-the-box, unique, and gave an indicator of things to come.

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