Zambesi Spring/Summer 2014

As the girl who is almost always early for everything, you can imagine the distress I was in as the clock ticked past 2:15pm as I was heading to the Zambesi show – not only the final show of MBFWA I was attending, but also one of the few New Zealand designers who were showing. Suitcase, carry on and handbag in tow, I practically catapulted down the steps to the venue to be able to make it on time. Just.

What was to follow was a clean and minimal collection, described as being designed with restraint, in a simple colour palette of black, white and grey offset by the occasional appearance of a dark hued tartan print. The use of silk taffeta and leather paneling added a touch of luxury and the wispy tassels adorning dresses and skirts had a ghostly vibe. The menswear stood out just as much for me, the jackets beautifully tailored and themes running parallel for both the men’s and women’s collections.

I have to say it ended Fashion Week Australia on a high note for me, and now all there is left to do is wait until August/September when all the collections finally start coming in stock online and in stores. The whole experience has been incredible, an opportunity I had never really thought possible, and still cannot seem to get my head around!

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  1. Jo in NZ April 14, 2013 / 9:38 am

    I have really enjoyed your take on the shows – thank you so much! One thing – your posts haven’t been coming through to feedly for some time now. Not sure if this is something you have control over, though? Again, thank you!

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