Summer Wardrobe Essential: The Silk Cami

minimal outfit summer wardrobe essential silk cami
minimal outfit summer wardrobe essential silk cami
minimal outfit summer wardrobe essential silk cami
minimal outfit summer wardrobe essential silk cami
minimal outfit summer wardrobe essential silk cami
minimal outfit summer wardrobe essential silk cami
minimal outfit summer wardrobe essential silk cami
minimal outfit summer wardrobe essential silk cami
minimal outfit summer wardrobe essential silk cami

Grana silk cami (10% off with GRANAxJAMIE), J Crew denim skirt (similar), To Sir with Love cardigan (similar), Paul Andrew heels (flats version here), Chanel boy bag, Mejuri diamond necklace, Amber Sceats earrings

If there’s one wardrobe workhorse that I know I can rely on to consistently punch above its weight, it’s a little silk cami. Aside from being one of the key pieces in my closet on high rotation in the summer months, it’s also one I know I can reach for as soon as the temperatures drop a little too. Perhaps the biggest shift in my personal style over the last six or so months has been my heavy reliance on the denim skirt – which doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon – which pairs so effortlessly with a silk cami, whether it’s worn loose, as per the images above, or tucked in with a leather belt to cinch in the waist.

A black or a grey silk cami tends to be my usual pick for something quite classic, but I really adore this ballerina pink option from Grana (I’m wearing the shade ‘pink frosting’) for a more feminine pick, particularly when paired with a muted colour palette of soft greys and whites. For me, this piece is all about versatility, as it can transition from day to night rather effortlessly, by switching out the denim skirt for a skinny fitting pair of black trousers, or opting for a fitted knee length pencil skirt. Fortunately working in a more creative industry, it’s the kind of piece that also forms the backbone of my working wardrobe, though if you’re after something that covers up the shoulders a little more, this option is one of my favourites.

Before the summer’s out, I’m hoping to share four more summer wardrobe essentials that I’ve come to rely on over the last few months… Any guesses which piece will be next?

30×30 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge – Spring & Summer Outfits

30x30 capsule wardrobe spring summer outfits
30x30 capsule wardrobe spring summer outfits
30x30 capsule wardrobe spring summer outfits
30x30 capsule wardrobe spring summer outfits
30x30 capsule wardrobe spring summer outfits
30x30 capsule wardrobe spring summer outfits

It’s been a good couple of years now since I decided to give up the capsule wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve completely shifted away from ‘capsule’ style dressing. I still reach for the same favourites, and tend to have a heavily curated selection of pieces on constant rotation. So as today marks my 30th birthday, I wanted to do a little bit of a throw back to capsule wardrobes; a 30×30 Capsule Wardrobe challenge. It’s essentially where my YouTube Channel began, so I’ve pulled together an entire video featuring 30 items, and 30 looks, which you can watch below.


Madewell white short sleeved shirt
Everlane black silk cami
J Crew black/white polka dot wrap front top
Shein Black gingham top
Karen Walker grey linen top (similar)
Grana white silk cami
Grana white pocket tee
Brandy Melville Black/white stripe tee (similar)
T by Alexander Wang navy/white stripe long sleeve top
J Crew red heart print silk top
Everlane terracotta silk tank
Everlane stripe silk tank

As usual, I mostly went for the basics, with some necessary bursts of colour to try and mix things up a bit. The majority of these tops have been pieces that I have been reaching for non-stop this summer, and it’s not hard to see why. Working in a creative environment, I am fortunate enough to get to wear things that are a little (or a lot) more relaxed, and I’m not opposed to the old t-shirt and denim skirt combo – it’s become a favourite of mine, that’s for sure. The most hard working top of the lot would have to be either this black silk cami from Everlane, or this polka dot wrap front top from J Crew. Both seem to go with absolutely everything, and have been perfect to wear even during the extreme humidity we’ve had in Sydney recently.


ASOS black denim skirt
Karen Walker grey flannel skirt (similar)
Nobody Denim shorts
Grana black silk culottes
Farrow beige skirt (similar)
Lover white midi skirt (similar)
J Crew white denim skirt

I wouldn’t be able to pull together a 30×30 capsule wardrobe without including at least one denim skirt, and this one from J Crew is by far my favourite. I love the fact that it’s white (helps to make that summer tan pop!), and it’s such a great shape and length for day-to-day. I also added in a similar style in black, and then opted for some more unusual options, from a pair of black silk culottes which I’ve been trying to wear more, to a wrap skirt I picked up during the Black Friday sales. Given most of my wardrobe is so heavily based around a neutral colour palette, I wanted to opt for a couple of more interesting silhouettes, to offset the simplicity of the tops that I picked out.


Chloe tan blazer
Topshop denim jacket

It’s pretty fair to say that you definitely don’t need a jacket in Sydney during January, but I wanted to include a couple of options which I thought would be great even just for a little bit of spring outfit inspiration. I opted for a tan linen blazer from Chloe, an incredible pre-loved find, and my trusty blue wash oversized denim jacket from Topshop.


Isabel Marant beige dress (similar)
Stylekeepers black spot dress
Grana black silk slip dress

When building a capsule wardrobe, and a 30×30 capsule wardrobe in particular, I like to focus more on pieces that I know I’ll be able to wear in a variety of ways, which means items like dresses don’t tend to feature as heavily. 30 items is quite a generous number to be wearing over a month, so I opted to include 3 different dress options. Perhaps the most versatile of the three is the little silk slip dress from Grana; this can be worn on its own, with a top underneath, or with a sweater thrown over the top.


Sam Edelman loafers
Charlotte Olympia black heels (similar)
Sportscraft sandals
Nicholas Kirkwood Leda sandals
Everlane beige editor heels
Vaneli two-tone pumps

Finally, there’s shoes… I’ve been pretty honest about my inability to narrow down my footwear options, and this really was no different. I like having the option to change up what I’m wearing on my feet daily, and I think that a lot can be said for the impact that a good shoe can make on your outfit, and how it can change up a look entirely.

Have you done a 30×30 Capsule Wardrobe? I’d love to know which pieces (or outfits if you watched the video) were your favourites! x

A/W Outfit Inspiration #1

autumn 2018 inspiration

There’s only one more month until autumn ‘officially’ begins in Sydney, and as much as I relish the sunshine months, autumn has to be one of my favourite seasons. The change in the leaves, and the crisp autumn air is refreshing, and usually a welcome reprieve after a long and balmy summer. The thing I’m most excited for? To bundle up in a gorgeous coat (I recently splurged on this onealso available here – as a birthday treat to myself), and start getting some wear out of my Everlane boss boots which I invested in late last year. Safe to say, I’ve already started to do a little bit of autumn wardrobe planning, and there’s a few gaps in my closet I’m hoping to fill, which include a pair of leather trousers and over-the-knee boots. I’ll be doing a full post featuring everything that I’m planning for my autumn wardrobe in a couple weeks time so stay tuned…

images via pinterest

Miss Boy

minimal outfit stripes silk culottes
minimal outfit stripes silk culottes
minimal outfit stripes silk culottes
minimal outfit stripes silk culottes
minimal outfit stripes silk culottes
minimal outfit stripes silk culottes
minimal outfit stripes silk culottes

Seed Heritage stripe tee, Grana silk culottes (10% off with JAMIEXGRANA), Charlotte Olympia heels (similar), Angti&Yang ‘miss boy’ bag*, Amber Sceats earrings

I’ve kind of been joking for years that you can’t keep me out of my comfort zone for long; any resolve I have to wear colour always seems short-lived (though I promise, it isn’t this time around). But sometimes those old faithfuls are the outfits that serve you best. For me, it’s a good stripe, paired with classic black pumps, and something simple on the bottom, like the swishy silk culottes I’m wearing above.

Perhaps my favourite part of this whole outfit is the two-tone miss boy bag from Angti&Yang, which adds a much needed pop of red to my look. Personally, I love the fact that it’s one of those easy throw on bags that you can wear as a relaxed cross body, or alternatively you can double up the strap and wear it on your shoulder, and I think the structured shape gives it a really luxurious quality.

While I melt a little at the thought of wearing outerwear at the moment (today was a balmy 31 degrees celsius), I feel like this outfit would look perfect finished off with my Balmain-esque blazer from Missguided. It’s the kind of outfit that I would throw on for a day in the office, combining a more fluid silhouette with a subtle hint of tailoring.

Five skincare products I’ve had on rotation this summer

luxury skincare products summer
luxury skincare products summer

As a teenager, and even right through to my early twenties, my skincare routine was never something I though much of investing in. I didn’t suffer from chronic acne, and aside from the minor skin irritation, I had a pretty even skin tone. Aside from a basic cleanser (I went for the St Ives Apricot Scrub on a daily basis!), I couldn’t quite see the need for products like toner, moisturiser or serums.

Now just a week shy of my 30th birthday, I’ve found my attitude towards skincare has completely turned on its head. My routine may still be simple, but it’s no longer the effortless ‘one-product-wonder’ I relied on a decade ago. My face might still be the same, but the quality of my complexion has changed; on-going stress has brought out patches of dermatitis on my face, and I’m starting to notice fine lines and the beginnings of wrinkles that I swore weren’t there yesterday. Basically, I’ve come to realise that I need to be putting in a lot more effort when it comes to my skincare regimen, relying on a few hero products to give me a bit that ‘lit from within’ glow, and help to keep my dermatitis mainly calm.

I appreciate the simplicity of sticking to a regular routine, not to mention it’s the best thing for your skin too, which is why I’ve been sticking mostly to five key skincare products (plus an old faithful toner) since mid-November, that I’ve been dying to share my thoughts about.

elemis papaya enzyme peel and pro-collagen marine cream review

First, I want to start with a couple of products from Elemis. After indulging in an Elemis facial treatment during our belated Honeymoon in the Maldives, I found myself lingering over a couple of products that I decided that I didn’t want to leave the spa without; the Papaya Enzyme Peel and the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream.

I feel like I probably need to preface this by saying that this is a combination of products that I’ve been seriously blown away by, and I don’t say that lightly.

My favourite of the two products has been the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel. This is a unique smooth cream peel, which contains nourishing milk protein, marine algae and vitamin E which give your skin a powerful anti-oxidant boost and provide radical protection, and the natural fruit enzymes of papaya and pineapple to revitalise tired-looking skin.

I’ve been using this gentle exfoliator either once or twice a week, and I’ll leave it on the skin for 15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water, followed up with the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. As a natural peel, I’ve found this works perfectly for my sensitive skin, which in part I think is down to the high quality plant-based ingredients, which are incredibly gentle, and in my experience haven’t caused any irritation. Unlike some masks, the peel stays relatively ‘wet’ on the skin, but it’s the results that I absolutely love; it leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and bright.

I’ll follow this up with the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, a potent moisturising cream containing a powerful combination of anti-ageing properties, that have been clinically proven to improve skin firmness and reduce the depth of wrinkles. One of the key selling points for me is the texture; it’s a light gel cream, that is intensely moisturising – perfect if you have oily yet dehydrated skin like mine. It feels luxurious to use, and gives your skin that immediate hit of hydration, leaving your complexion looking fresh and glowing – particularly when used in combination with the Papaya Enzyme Peel.

The star ingredient of this moisturiser is the unique Mediterranean brown algae called patina pavonica, which is rich in water-attracting polysaccharides and fatty acids, helping to moisturise and and form the building blocks to healthy and a younger-looking complexion. This Mediterranean seaweed is blended with rose and mimosa absolutes, and gingko biloba for protection against free radicals.

Given how intensely hydrating it is, I’d originally intended on using the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream solely as a night moisturiser, but instead, I like to see its effects at work during the day. I’ll apply this mostly after my morning skin routine, which alternates daily but typically includes a serum and an under-eye cream, and I love the glow that this gives my complexion – this was definitely worth the splurge, and I’ve already got my eye on a couple of other products from Elemis that I think would be great additions to my beauty repertoire.

bioeffect egf serum review

Perhaps the biggest change to my routine has been forgoing many of my usual suspects in the evening, in favour of the Bioeffect EGF Serum. This is hailed as a concentrated treatment, which contains only seven ingredients, in potent amounts – you only need to use a mere 2-4 drops of this at night for it to have an effect on your complexion. I’ll be upfront about this; I was a little bit skeptical about what this was going to do for my skin. I couldn’t imagine cutting my nighty post-face wash routine down to one product after relying on so many different skincare products for so long, but I figured, it couldn’t be a bad thing, could it?

Created in volcanic pumice stone using geothermal water, the production of the serum doesn’t harm the environment, but perhaps what’s most interesting about it, is the way that it works on your skin. Rather than being absorbed into the skin like most (read: all) other serums I’ve tried, this sits on top of the skin, to communicate with your epidermal cells – the key is that it’s supposed to interact with your skin cells without any interference, which means, no night moisturiser on top.

The product comes in a 15ml dropper, which at an eye-watering $195 AUD seems a little steep, but I’ve been using this almost nightly for approximately 8 weeks now, and I’m nowhere near close to finishing the product. And when it comes to its performance? The Bioeffect Serum has definitely had an impact on my skin; my skin tone appears to be slightly more even, and it’s incredibly smooth to the touch. However, while it might be summer in Sydney, my skin still craves a bit of a hydration boost, and I’m finding that just using the serum on its own isn’t quite enough for me. I get the odd small breakout, and I’d like to be able to use this successfully in combination with a toner and a moisturiser to balance things out a littler more. As an anti-aging product, I can definitely see the science at work, and while this does cost a pretty penny, this is one of those luxury skincare products which I think is worth taking a look at, particularly if one of your concerns is to minimise the signs of ageing.

skin therapy eternal jellyfish miracle gel exfoliator and complex dan miracle creme review

Finally, as much as I’ve been loving the addition of a bit of Elemis to my regular skincare routine, I’ve been alternating in a couple of products from Skin Therapy, which I’ve found have been really great all-rounders.

At least three mornings a week, I’ve been reaching for the Skin Therapy Eternal Jellyfish Miracle Gel Exfoliator – talk about a mouthful. This is a really fine gel cleanser which gently buffs and polishes the skin using exfoliating granules and AHAs derived from fruit and plants. Part of Skin Therapy’s ‘Eternal’ range, this cleansing exfoliator contains a combination of anti-aging ingredients including a unique jellyfish complex called ‘Juveleven’. This particular ingredient contains a peptide called Acetyl-Hexapeptide-51 which works to repair the signs of ageing.

As someone who spent years using the St Ives Facial Scrub on a daily basis, I’m quick to surmise that this is an exfoliator which depending on your skin type, is gentle enough to be used every other day, if not daily. Unlike other exfoliators, it doesn’t feels astringent or dry out my complexion, by contrast, it feels nourishing on the skin, which I put down in part to the rich gel formula.

I’ve been following this up with the Skin Therapy Eternal Jellyfish Complex DNA Miracle Creme, a lightweight moisturiser for day and night. I’ve been sticking to mornings only with this product. It has a lightweight, bouncy texture which sinks into the skin almost immediately, drying down to a matte finish. While nourishing, the finish helps to keep it from feeling heavy on the skin, and I’ve been loving this as a moisturiser during the warmer months.

As with the Gel Exfoliator, the Complex DNA Miracle Creme also contains the unique complex, Juveleven, enhancing cellular repair and hydrating the skin. Plus, both products are free from parabens, GMOs and phthalates. Essentially, the two combined are a skincare powerhouse, and I noticed that the simple pairing has left my skin looking plumper, and fresher than it has in a long time, which I can only put down to the collagen boosting ingredients, plus both products can be easily picked up during your weekly supermarket shop, they’re available at Coles and Woolworths nationwide.