A Perfume Story

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I still remember the first perfume I ever purchased; Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. I probably went through about four bottles before I decided it was time for something new. Not to say that I was a little tired of the scent – far from it – eight years on, and it still ranks as one of my favourite perfumes. Mostly, it was because it was almost impossible to go out with friends without finding that at least one other person was wearing the same fragrance. It started what has seemingly become the years long search for a new ‘signature scent’.

Since then, I’ve found it difficult to find a fragrance which is more than a passing fancy – you need to be more than sure when you’re committing to a whole bottle. The first is YSL’s Parisienne, which I picked up while browsing duty free on the way to Taiwan in 2011. It’s a little bit sexy and a little musky; and while I may have worn it religiously for day, it’s definitely more of an ‘evening out’ perfume. I tend to break this one out when I’m heading out for drinks or dinner with friends.

My third perfume, I picked up from Mecca, after careful deliberation over the Diptyque range. I think I went in on about four or five occasions, spritzing myself with a different perfume each time until I narrowed it down to DoSon. This to me smells of Spring time, with a sharp floral scent in tune with the budding blossoms of the season. And truthfully, I just couldn’t resist the crisp white packaging and bold black typography – it’s all very clean, and quintessentially French.

More recently, I decided to add a new fragrance to the mix, one that I hadn’t expected to like quite as much as I actually do; ‘Si’ by Georgio Armani. What drew me to this perfume was that Cate Blanchett was the face of it, more than anything else, and I’m so glad I tried it. Sitting somewhere on the spectrum between my YSL and Diptyque fragrances, Si is light, with notes of blackcurrant and musk. Out of all my perfumes, this has become my favourite for every day wear as it isn’t overpowering, and works just as well for day as it does for night.

It’s certainly a little more grown up than Flowerbomb, but I think I’ve finally found it; my new signature scent.


  1. Britney January 2, 2015 / 6:50 pm

    My first scent was Daisy by Marc Jacobs. I wore that to death back in highschool before growing out of it and moving on to the more musky and ‘adult’ YSL Parisienne. It quickly became my go to scent for a few years. I grew out of it last year and just stopped wearing it. And now (shhh, its a secret) I’ve moved on to wearing mens cologne. Its really nice because its sort of unexpected and I hate the floral girly scents that were everywhere. Loved hearing your scent story.

    • jamie-lee January 4, 2015 / 9:49 am

      I actually bought a men’s cologne but my bf was SO against it! I’ve been sitting on a post about it for the last few months…. Which one did you buy?

  2. Maria January 3, 2015 / 7:35 am

    Perfume is such a difficult thing to get right, I love Chloe and JPG’s Classique!

    Maria xxx

  3. Blog beauté November 21, 2017 / 2:23 am

    I love JPG and Chloé as well. Even if Dyptique’s ones are always a real nice combination of chic and scent

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