WFW AW’13 Group Show

They say time passes by quickly when you’re having fun, a fact I became all too aware of as I literally dashed from the RUBY store to the Wellington Fashion Week marquee for the AW’13 group show. Trelise Cooper opened the show with her A/W ’13 collection, a vibrant mix of bold florals and tartan prints, making the upcoming winter seem just that little bit less gloomy. Highlights for me had to be the slightly deconstructed jackets, intricate beadwork, and the knit cardigan with contrasting silk back panels.

The Moochi aesthetic was evident the moment the first model stepped out onto the runway. Loose silky looking tunics, flirty mini dresses interspersed among some well conceived draped pieces were mixed in amongst sheer black blouses and metallic tones.

Taylor’s collection derived a lot of inspiration from architectural shapes, a theme that shines throughout the collection. Layering was key here in achieving a look that seemed effortless, with the design allowing a look that could quickly be altered by undoing a zipper or a row of buttons.

twoWORLDS made clever use of the screen backdrop, quickly alerting your attention to the start of the runway before the models made their entrance. The concept of the label worked seamlessly as ikat prints of Bali were ‘blended’ into the fabrics, creating a point of difference or unique aspect to each garment. The collection was a mixture of well tailored peplum jackets, slinky shorts, deep v-neck playsuits and gem hued tea dresses.

STORM seemed to embrace the darkness of winter, with a collection heavily focused on a generous helping of faux leather, faux fur, black sheer silks and merino knits.

We were treated to a bit of theatre once Mondegreen’s AW collection took to the stage, as a very limber acrobat twirled, flipped and somersaulted down the runway. What followed was a very cohesive collection with signatures pieces highlighting the gentle mix of burgundy and mustard tones on a solid coloured canvas of mostly black or grey.

Sabatini closed the group show, in a collection that was both elegant yet edgy. Leather seemed to be a prominent theme, as both a trim or detail, and paired with merino for an end result that seemed both effortless yet sophisticated.

PS. Sorry for some of the rather blurry shots! x

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