Tassled Loafers

by jamie-lee on November 12, 2014, 3 comments

stuart weitzman black suede razmataz tasseled loafers

Stuart Weitzman ‘razmataz’ tasseled loafers in black suede

Not too long after my love letter to Porselli, did they finally reach their limit – a small nail became exposed on the inner sole at the heel, which started to cut into my foot with every step. I could only tough it out for a few days before I resigned to the fact that I’d have to toss them. Rather than wait for a replacement (My Chameleon had sold out in my size!), I decided to seek out an alternative. Something low heeled. Something suede. And something which was smart enough for the office, yet could do double duty on weekends too.

Truthfully, I didn’t really give it too much thought. I had other things to worry about; like my recent trip to New Zealand, the looming university assignment and final exam, and a new job to look forward to. So I suppose it was sort of inevitable that I would end up with these tassled loafers from Stuart Weitzman. Especially given the fact that I’d kept returning to their spot on the shelf at David Jones for a little longer than I’d like to admit.

They carefully tip-toe the line of graceful femininity and sartorial masculinity, that has kept me reaching for them most mornings. But my favourite way to wear them? A la garconne; a skinny cigarette pant, a billowing blouse, and a crisp black blazer. Watch this space.

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Smoked Salmon Chowder

by jamie-lee on November 10, 2014, 4 comments

smoked salmon seafood chowder food blog photography
smoked salmon seafood chowder food blog photography

I’m a little bit of a lazy cook. Anything that takes longer than 30-45 minutes to cook, or requires my sole attention, often gets put into the ‘too hard basket’. Which is why I think I caught Luke a little off-guard when I suggested that I might make a salmon chowder the other weekend. Notwithstanding the fact that I had never attempted a seafood chowder before, the entire process is quite labourious. Preparation involves a lot of fine chopping, not to mention that this isn’t exactly the type of soup that you want to leave bubbling away on top of the stove. Seafood chowder may not be synonymous with summer, but it served as the perfect warming meal on a stormy Sydney evening.

Given that Luke declared the chowder the ‘best thing I had made ever’, I couldn’t help but share the recipe with you all. I used a recipe from Pinch of Yum, which is a great starting point if like me, you’ve never cooked a seafood chowder before. It calls for smoked salmon, which you can pick up from your local deli or supermarket, making it a super easy twist on the classic chowder. I didn’t have any dried thyme lying around so I chose to use a generous bunch of fresh thyme instead. If you choose to go for fresh thyme over dried, I’d recommend tying this so that the sprigs are easy to remove once you’re ready to serve. While not every recipe you find online turns out quite the way you would expect, this one is definitely getting tucked away for winter next year.

My shoe collection

by jamie-lee on November 8, 2014, 7 comments

I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to being just a little bit curious about the contents in other people’s wardrobe. So, I thought I’d let you all into a small part of my own; my burgeoning shoe collection.

It is quite a long video (clocking in at just under 15 minutes), so if you’re short on time, you’ll find an itemised list in the description over on Youtube. My hope is that I’ll have time to start uploading a new video each week, just to supplement the content here on Mademoiselle; so to make sure you don’t miss an update, do be sure to click on the ‘subscribe’ button.


Wardrobe replacements

by jamie-lee on November 6, 2014, no comments

equipment bright white sleeveless silk blouse

Equipment sleeveless silk pocket blouse

So. This was a long time coming. I’ve been adding and subtracting to my wardrobe for so many years that nothing I’ve owned has ever truly looked a little worse for wear.

The whole notion of conscious or conspicuous consumption is that you re-wear your core wardrobe pieces to the point that eventually you will need to replace them. They’ll start looking a little sad; the colour will fade, stains will become permanent, fabric will stretch, and holes will appear where they shouldn’t.

I’ve had it happen before. The skirt I wore almost every other day even though the fabric was worn beyond salvaging, or the shoes which I scuffed to oblivion as I couldn’t bear parting with them; it’s the favourites of the bunch, the ones you don’t ever really want to replace.

The latest victim to constant wear? My white Equipment sleeveless blouse – a piece that has proven to be tremendously office (and weekend) friendly, and has formed a part of my summer and winter uniforms. If there’s anything that I’ve learnt from this, it’s that white silk and bleach do not mix – not only does the fabric loose its inherent silkiness, but the colour permanently changes into something that can only be described as a muddy clay tone.

While I’d initially planned on buying a replacement from Everlane (a brand for which I only have good things to say), one of the things that appeals to me most about the Equipment design is the dual pocket detail. I also find that the silk is just slightly heavier and it appears to be a little longer through the body – something of a neccessity at my height (about 5’8″).

But… the price tag can be a tough pill to swallow, especially for a piece that you’re planning on thrashing day in and day out. I got a little lucky (for the second time) and managed to pick mine up on sale for about 40% off, so I’d recommend waiting for a discount code if you’re on the fence about it. The other option is to have a look on eBay where you can often snag a (brand new) Equipment blouse for less than $100, with change to spare. Now there’s a happy thought.

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Melbourne Cup

by jamie-lee on November 4, 2014, 13 comments

witchery petal tank lover cherry rosebud lace cocoon skirt isabel marant heels
witchery petal tank lover cherry rosebud lace cocoon skirt isabel marant heels
witchery petal tank lover cherry rosebud lace cocoon skirt isabel marant heels
witchery petal tank lover cherry rosebud lace cocoon skirt isabel marant heels

Witchery petal front tank, Lover cherry rosebud lace skirt, Isabel Marant poppy heels, Karen Walker rings

I never truly understood the buzz around Melbourne Cup day; and what’s there to understand when you’re an ocean away, and the agenda of the day calls for more pressing concerns than which horse managed to run the fastest. But, as the old saying goes, ‘When in Rome…’. And what better way to celebrate than in a little bit of Lover lace?

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