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ellery venus flare dress acne mape leather jacket monsieur gavriel bucket bag
ellery venus flare dress acne mape leather jacket monsieur gavriel bucket bag

Ellery Venus flare dress, Acne Studios mape leather jacket, Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, Charlotte Olympia aquarius flats (not pictured)

2015 marks the 20th year of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Australia – which, you’ve gotta admit, is a pretty big deal. I’m normally not one to skip out on Fashion Week, but given so much has happened (and is still yet to happen) this year, I thought it was probably best to take a back seat; for a change. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, Fashion Week looks glamorous, but in reality, it’s anything but. The days are always long, fueled by coffee more than anything else, standing around in heels when you’d rather be wearing a pair of Birkenstocks – let’s be honest here. Then there’s the late nights spent tackling show write ups and photo editing, which truth be told, I wasn’t up for this year, but there’s always next time.

I did however have a little bit of free time this morning, so rather than have a good old fashioned lie in, I dropped down to the Carriageworks to snap a little bit of streetstyle. Aside from fawning over Gemma Ward (who is possibly more radiant and long legged in person – if that’s even possible), I caught a few shots of some other fashion favourites, which I’ll be sharing with you all over the coming weeks.

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Black skinny jeans; three ways

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acne studios canada scarf j brand superskinny jeans minimal style

J Brand photoready skinny jeans

Lately, I’ve really been focusing on those ‘wear with everything’ pieces. You know, the ones which work for most situations, can be simply mixed and matched with (hopefully) at least half your wardrobe, and still allow you to cultivate your own sense of personal style. A pair of classic black skinnies – J Brand’s photo ready jeans in this instance – are one of those pieces which just fit the bill.

For the Project 333 Wardrobe Challenge, I placed a huge emphasis on selecting pieces which were undeniably simple, worked with the majority of what I would be wearing over the next three months, but that weren’t sloppy looking or too relaxed. I think I got the balance almost spot on, although there’s certainly been a few tweaks which I’m hoping to share with you over the next week.

So with a focus to remix pieces in my capsule, I’ve put together a short video with my J Brand skinnies, showing you how they can work; three different ways. For the office, for a night out, and for the weekend – it’s pretty much all situations covered.

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Aromatique fantastique

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aesop resurrection hand balm

It’s taken me almost a year, but I’ve finally managed to work my way through a tube of Aesop’s Resurrection hand balm. Like any beauty product which finds itself tucked away in the folds of my handbag, it has been very well loved, if not occasionally forgotten – it can be a black hole in there occasionally.

I gave up on goals of having skin as soft as the Aesop Sales Assistants a long time ago, although I think if I were more vigilant with the hand balm application, I’d be at least half way there. Not all of us have a job which involves being doused in Aesop creams 8 hours a day (which in itself is more than just a small luxury) – just sayin’.

Thankfully, I’ve got a back up tucked away in my drawer – an old gift from a good friend; and it didn’t take me long to start rummaging through my beauty stash to find it (half used up already, I might add!).


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ellery venus flare shift dress charlotte olympia panda flats celine trio
ellery venus flare shift dress charlotte olympia panda flats celine trio
ellery venus flare shift dress charlotte olympia panda flats celine trio
ellery venus flare shift dress charlotte olympia panda flats celine trio
ellery venus flare shift dress charlotte olympia panda flats celine trio
ellery venus flare shift dress charlotte olympia panda flats celine trio

Ellery venus flare shift dress, Celine trio in lavender, Charlotte Olympia panda flats, Kate Spade knot bracelet

I’ve been sitting on these photos for a while now; and it’s really hard to say why I’ve waited so long to post them. But it’d be safe to say that they just got a little lost once the great engine of life kicked into gear this past month or so.

This year – 2015 – has been a year of simplification in every sense. Thick, buttery chunks of pumpkin roasted and served with feta and little else, rainy afternoons spent indoors watching Netflix series back-to-back, and a minimal approach in the sartorial sense of nothing but white, black and grey.

This floaty marshmallow puff of a dress was a purchase made during one of those ‘should I, shouldn’t I?’ moments, where letting it slip through my fingers at a ridiculous 80% off seemed completely out of the question. It’s one of the only purchases I’ve made this year (beauty doesn’t count…), and is in pretty good stead along with some other wardrobe staples; a leather bag, a long-sleeved stripe tee, and a pair of quirky panda flats. Well, if you can call a fluffy cloud a staple, that is…

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March Beauty Favourites 2015

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march beauty favourites
march beauty favourites

This past month has been a month of pampering. Regular body scrubs, weekly baths, and nourishing mud masks for the face. Given I’ve been getting a little bit of eczema on my face (which I mentioned in my previous post), and had extremely dry lips, I’ve been trying to give both a little extra T-L-C. My favourite lip combo for the month has been a nightly lip scrub using the Mint Julep lip scrub from Lush, and a heavy slathering of Bite Beauty’s Agave Lip Mask to deeply moisturise my lips. It’s been the only combination of lip products that I’ve come across which have really helped the situation, and I’ve tried everything from Blistex to Nuxe Reve de Miel, so I would know. And for those days when I’ve been craving a pop of colour, I’ve been reaching for the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Ibiza. These truly are amazing (and a steal at around $5 a pop), especially given the low price tag, and feel so soft and comfortable on the lips. Staying power is definitely there, and I’ve found that these are much less drying than other matte liquid lipsticks on the market (Stila, I’m looking at you!).

My favourite concealer of the month has been from YSL, the touche éclat, which has cult status for a reason. This just melts into the skin. It incredibly lightweight, luminous, and the pale salmon pink hue is perfect for concealing the slight sallowness I have under the eyes. As for my face, I’ve been getting back into using Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze & Glow on a daily basis. The contour shade is so pigmented that you have to be careful you don’t go overboard with your brush, but it is such a beautiful warm matte shade. It’s perfect for adding a bit of colour to the frame of my face. The highlight shade, I don’t use quite so much as it does have a lot of glitter in it and is prone to fallout (everywhere, and I mean e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e) although I think it would be perfect for a night out on the town.

I have a second budget favourite for this month, and it’s the Comfort Zone Eyeshadow Palette from Wet’n’Wild. I bought this on a whim during a crazy mad BeautyJoint order (seriously, I had about 20 items in there…) and I’ve really been loving the taupe, rose and chocolate shades. They’re all shimmer, so I prefer to use these all over the lid, although there are two gorgeous highlight shades in there for the inner corner of the eye.

I have been absolutely loving the Maybelline Colour Tattoo’s this last month. I finally picked up a couple, and my firm favourite would probably have to be ‘Bad to the Bronze’, a coppery bronze shade perfect as an everyday base. These have been likened to the MAC Painterly Paint Pots, and while I can’t compare, I will admit they’re pretty good. If you’ve got oily eyelids like me, then you’ll need to use an eyeshadow primer underneath (my favourite is from NARS), but after that, they will not budge. I find that these are great just for a little bit of all over colour on those mornings when getting out of the door on time is looking like it’s going to be a struggle. They’re so creamy, very easy to apply, and blendable. A small amount will give you a subtle wash of colour although you can build and deepen the intensity with layers.

My final favourite for the month was a treat from my stepsister, and it’s the Elemental Herbology Macadamia & Papaya Body Scrub. This smells like sugary lemon curd (or maybe just like papaya…), and has such a beautiful consistency. The product itself contains bio-oils so after using this your skin feels slick, smooth, and moisturised. I’ve been using this at least once a week and have really noticed a difference! Let me know in the comments below what your beauty (and non-beauty) favourites have been this month, and if you’d like to see my favourites in video form, then head on over here to watch! x

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