An Everlane update and ‘try-on’

by jamie-lee on July 18, 2015, 4 comments

The wardrobe basic – be it the humble t-shirt, a supple silk blouse, or a luxurious cashmere jumper – has truly become one of the unsung heroes of my wardrobe. Five days out of seven, I’ll find myself reaching for these foundation pieces which truly seem to have become the backbone, and workhorses, of my everyday outfits.

So, there was little stopping me from picking up a couple of additional pieces from Everlane, especially when each new style seems to only add to my never-ending wishlist. Next up on my hit list were a couple of additional silk cami’s, a piece from the linen range, and a simple u-neck t-shirt. It’s hard to pick a favourite from the bunch, but the linen is on par with Acne Studios, which means you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

A simple review turned into an opportunity to report back on all of the pieces that I’ve bought from Everlane over the last year, and share with you how they have been travelling after continued wear. One thing I have noticed is some slight inconsistencies between shades – ie. my grey cotton bf sweatshirt has pilled, yet my black one still shows no sign of wear (even with Charlotte’s incessant clawing at my shoulders) – and styles in similar fabrics, but overall, the quality is very high, especially given the very fair and affordable prices of the majority of the styles on the site.

If you’re looking to take the plunge, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the pieces from their silk range (just play it safe as the lighter shades tend to be poorer quality), one of their linen tees, and one of the super soft cashmere sweaters (word on the street is that the cardigans are on the scratchy side – just sayin’!). If you’re curious to know how each piece fits, then I hope the video above is helpful, and if you’ve purchased any pieces I’m yet to try, I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below x

Be Jewelled

by jamie-lee on July 15, 2015, 8 comments

country road stripe monsieur gavriel happiness boutique
country road stripe monsieur gavriel happiness boutique
country road stripe monsieur gavriel happiness boutique

Country Road stripe top, T by Alexander Wang skirt, Cos coat, Stuart Weitzman loafers, Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, Happiness Boutique necklace (c/o)

These past few weeks, I’ve been trying to escape the monotony of wearing head to toe black, day in and day out. Granted, it’s easy, and it’s all I want to reach for as soon as the cold comes knocking on my door, but three years of promising to introduce a little colour is starting to catch up with me. there were the bold red trousers I loved for a minute, the burnt orange loafers I felt were guaranteed to be a winter winner, and the many printed confections I brought home from Karen Walker which all seemed to have disappeared from within the four walls of my closet.

if there’s one thing that has managed to stick around, it’s been a bold bejewelled necklace – the bigger the better, as far as I’m concerned. It’s been the finishing touch before I’ve dashed out the door, and is something I’ve found I’ve been wearing more often than I remember to slip my engagement ring on before I head out the door. Old habits die hard, right?

It’s the one area of my wardrobe where mixed metals and jewel-hued brights are in abundance; meaning that this latest addition from Happiness Boutique is going to fit. right. in.

VB x Nails Inc

by jamie-lee on July 13, 2015, 4 comments

victoria beckham nails inc nail polish judo red bamboo white

Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc nail polish

Back in March, if you’d asked me what my perfect shade of red was, I would’ve had one answer for you. Bobbi Brown’s ‘Tomato’. Vibrant, punchy, and borderline tangerine, it was the one polish I could slick on my nails on a Sunday, and expect to see it there six, seven, eight days later.

Now, I’m feeling a little torn. Mostly because I picked up Victoria Beckham’s collaboration with Nails Inc the other week, and I’ve been vibing on the shade ‘Judo Red’ ever since. The formula is thick and gel-like; one stroke is enough to leave an opaque stripe of colour across your nail, and it’s one of the more chip-resistant nail polishes I’ve tried. This shade leans a little more orange, and while I enjoy having something punchy and bright on my nails to beat the winter blues, I get the feeling this is going to get a lot of wear-time come summer.

The other shade in the duo, is ‘Bamboo White’, a pale milky pink, and Nail Inc’s answer to ‘Ballerina’ by Chanel. Which, goes to say, that it won’t take one, or two, but three coats to get a suitable opacity slicked across your nails; good thing the formula seems to dry down quick.

If you’re only looking to splash out on one (because let’s be real, these are a) pretty pricey, and b) mostly sitting on my vanity due to the packaging first and foremost), then make it ‘Judo Red’. It’s the kind of shade that I won’t regret having – even in multiples – especially once those summer months roll on around.

Shop the look below:

The winter work wardrobe

by jamie-lee on July 11, 2015, 2 comments

Last week, I mentioned that I had a few different workwear inspired videos coming up… We’re in the midst of winter and while I’ve been trying to add a little colour into my weekends (today was a total fail in that regard, if you were wondering), on weekdays when I’m trying to just make it out of the door on time, a simple colour palette continues to reign supreme.

One thing that I am on top of though, is mixing up my silhouettes. Pencil skirts and bare legs when it’s not too cold, or my trusted slim fit trousers and a shirt (or oversized sweatshirt), on those mornings where I’m feeling a little more gamine.

I’ve opted a little more for flexibility in my capsules this season; it’s been so darn cold in Sydney – the chilblains on my fingers tell the truth of that! – and I haven’t quite found myself with the time to sit down and detail what, and why, I want to wear a small select group of items over a three month period. For me, it’s more about getting the most out of what I own, which given my purchases have been far, few and between as of late, would seem to indicate I’m on the right track…

Shop work wear below:

Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Tracking

by jamie-lee on July 9, 2015, 7 comments

chloe drew bag street style

Chloe Drew bag | image source

I’ve got less than a month left in the 5PFW Challenge (for Autumn/Winter, that is), so I’ve been thinking a bit lately about the last item to add to my seasonal wardrobe.

To sum up, I’ve tracked down four of five items, although I’m a little lost on the last one. I strayed a little from my original list, so it’s now looking a little like this:

Mansur Gavriel bucket bag
- Acne black velocite shearling leather jacket
- Acne Studios black jensen leather boots
- Nicholas Kirkwood low-heeled pumps
- Celine black a-line dress
- A little bit of Lover
- Karen Walker smock top
– Still deciding on this last one…

To say I failed with my winter wardrobe planning is an understatement; the one piece which I well and truly had committed to was the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was due to the pre-order waiting period of six months, either.

Not shopping hasn’t been the tough part. Rather, it’s been deciding what exactly it is that I want to buy, and add to my slowly declining wardrobe. Do I see out the rest of the month without buying something new? Or do I splurge on a big ticket item I’ve been after (and unabashedly saving a few too many street style shots of…)?

I suppose the real question is, how many bags is too many?