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karla spetic fuzzy chevron knit sweater lover leather skirt
karla spetic fuzzy chevron knit sweater lover leather skirt
karla spetic fuzzy chevron knit sweater lover leather skirt
karla spetic fuzzy chevron knit sweater lover leather skirt

Karla Spetic fuzzy knit sweater, Lover leather skirt (similar style here)

Fulfilling my fuzzy sweater dreams with Karla Spetic; and it’s every bit as cosy as you would imagine. We’re well into Spring now, which has meant that even though it’s warm enough for bare legs and sandals (!!), I’m no less likely to leave the house without a sweater on than I was a month ago. And with my trip to Wellington scheduled next week, this more than fills the sweater quota in fuzziness alone.

Shop Karla Spetic fuzzy sweaters below:

Tousled hair

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perfectly tousled wavy hair

image source: pinterest

Perfectly tousled hair. It’s so elusive (for me at least), but I can’t help feeling that it would be within reach with just a little haircut. And by little, I mean at least a two-inch chop. I’m headed home to Wellington next week for a short trip, and there’s nothing like the thought of a looming holiday to make a haircut seem all the more enticing. Now if only I hadn’t left it with just a week to try and make this happen…

The ones that almost got away

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ann demeulemeester lace up heeled sandals spring 2009

Ann Demeulemeester Spring 2009 lace up heeled sandals // img source: Stop it right now

Let’s rewind to Spring 2009; I’d just finished my university degree, and was set to spend two months travelling about Europe and the west coast of North America with nothing but my own companionship (for the most part) and a large backpack, carrying far more than I could possibly need. I had a wardrobe full of Karen Walker and nowhere to wear it and a stack of barely worn designer heels to match. My wish list for Europe was vague; a new pair of shoes from Miu Miu, something special from Selfridges, and a pair of Ann Demeulemeester’s lace up heeled sandals.

Striking out on all three fronts, I turned to the internet when I finally got back home. Those Ann D boots had to be stocked online somewhere, right? Though $1200 (USD!) is a lot of money to fork out for a pair of shoes, particularly a pair that you can’t try on – not to mention the nasty taxes and duties that I would inevitably be charged. All for just one pair of shoes. For the sake of my bank account, and to avoid feeling guilt ridden for weeks, I knew there was a limit to my insanity – even if it meant that I was kicking myself five years later for passing on the small window of opportunity.

But, five years and countless eBay searches later, I fiiiiinally managed to track down a pair, in my size, and at a decent price; the combination of which, has been incredibly hard to come by. I opted for the crisp white leather – which will be perfect come summertime. With the hard part over, now I just have to be patient until they arrive!

Note: For those of you keen for a pair of your own, Ann D has recut the boots for the last few seasons, which you can buy from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Saying goodbye to sweater weather

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stella mccartney lips sweatshirt j crew skirt marni heels

Stella McCartney sweatshirt, J Crew skirt, Marni heels (similar), Proenza Schouler PS11 satchel

Making the most of sweater weather while it lasts; which if today was anything to go by, won’t be for too much longer. Saying goodbye to the endless mugs of hot chai and the hearty comfort food to welcome the longer days, dripping lemonade ice blocks, and sweet summer fruits. And while we’re at it – wardrobe repeating at that. No point in having a wardrobe full of clothing if you aren’t going to wear it, right?

Get the look:

Porselli Ballet Flats Review: One Year On

by jamie-lee on September 12, 2014, 7 comments

porselli black leather ballet flats shoes

About this time last year, persuaded by the sweet writings of Hannah-Rose, I pulled the trigger on a pair of Porselli ballet flats in a classic black leather. 12 months on, and surprisingly they’re still going strong, if not a little beaten and battered, proof that they really are as good as I’d been told.

Unlike my previous pair, which seemed immune to every minor knock or scrape, I found that the Porselli’s endured most scrapes – bar a couple minor nicks at the toe – in addition to surviving a bout of Sydney’s torrential rain. The heels have suffered the most damage, worn down just a touch, although after a year of almost constant wear, I wouldn’t expect any less.

The leather might have seemed a little stiff when I first slipped the ballet flats on my feet, but I quickly found that no breaking in was required. No blisters, no sore feet after a full day of walking, and no carrying a back up pair of shoes in your handbag. And my pair(s) have only softened with time (and wear!), making them the obvious choice when I’m dashing down to the local cafe to pick up a loaf of bread, or walking on my way to work.

For those wondering, I took mine to the cobbler after a few wears, as the TOPY soles hugely extend the life of my shoes, and I’d recommend doing the same if you’re thinking of buying a pair. Pierotucci and My Chameleon both have a pretty good selection of colours including an assortment of soft neutrals if like me, you want to play it safe.

I’d liken Porselli’s to a worn in pair of jeans – the more you wear them, the better they get; and who wouldn’t want that in a pair of shoes?

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