Everlane Day Glove Review #AllDamnDay

everlane day glove review
everlane day glove review

I walk a lot. And I mean, quite a lot. It’s not uncommon for me to rack up over 14,000 steps in a day, so when Everlane reached out and asked if I’d like to try out the new Everlane Day Glove, I couldn’t resist putting them to the test.

The concept behind the Everlane Day Glove is that these are the kind of shoe that combines style and comfort; they’re designed to be worn from sunrise to sunset, are comfortable enough to run in, while still looking modern, chic and sleek. Because of how much walking I do, comfort is a huge factor when it comes to deciding which shoes I’m going to wear for the day, and I tend to find myself reaching for the same favourites over and over. So, how do they stack up?


Price: $110USD
Available in six colours: Black, White, Rose, Cream, Blue and Mocha
Made in: Santa Maria a Monte in Italy
Fabric: 100% Italian leather
Care: Treat with protectant, and spot clean with a cloth.


SIZE: I went for my usual size in Everlane shoes, which is a US9.5 – the equivalent of an EU40. These have a snug ‘glove-like’ fit, which mould to the shape of your foot.

FIT: These fit true to size, however as with most shoes from brand, I found that the Everlane Day Glove was a little narrow for my wide feet. The fit was very snug when first putting them on, and while the leather has softened up considerably after some vigorous wear, I did feel a bit of pressure across the top of my foot after running around in these all day. The vamp on the shoe is cut quite high, cocooning your feet within the shoe, which is great as this means the shoe isn’t prone to slipping off, though it is a design detail that could be divisive. Personally, I love a little bit of a toe cleavage, but the high vamp was an interesting design element which set these apart from any other ballet flat I’ve tried.


FABRIC COMPOSITION: The shoes are crafted from 100% Italian leather, and have a grippy non-slip sole. The leather has a smooth pebbled effect, but is incredibly lightweight and flexible – there’s no stiffness to the leather at all. These are the kind of shoes that would pack up nicely for a trip overseas.

DETAILS: Unlike the Day Flats which are elasticated at the heel, the Everlane Day Glove has an easy pull back tab, which doesn’t dig in and makes putting the shoes on a breeze. There are two small holes on the inner side of each shoe for extra ventilation (which is welcome, because your feet can get pretty warm after running around all day), and the shoes feature a super cushioned insole. The have a rounded almond toe, and the vamp cuts high on the foot giving that glove-like fit.

everlane day glove review
everlane day glove review


Everlane weren’t lying when they said these were their most comfortable shoe yet. I put these to the test, running in them, spending all day walking in them, and long story short, while I can conclude that they’re pretty darn comfortable, if you have wide feet like mine you may find that the leather across the vamp of the shoe might dig in a little after 6+ hours of wear (at least, they did for me!).

Often, I think we’re resigned to the fact that most pairs of shoes we buy will require some breaking in, and I loved the fact that the Everlane Day Glove didn’t give me a single blister, no matter how hard I pushed them.

The shoe itself is lightweight, which is in part due to the thin mouldable leather and in part due to the grippy and flexible rubber sole. This makes them a great option for stashing them in your carry on when travelling, or in your work tote if you need a back up shoe for when your feet start to ache from running around in heels. The leather is easy to maintain; I got a rather large smudge of dirt across the toe of mine while out walking the dog, which I was able to mostly brush away, and then spot clean the rest using a damp cloth when I got home.

Perhaps the only thing that I don’t love about the shoes, is the fact that they mould to your feet; I have a bunion on my left foot, and it’s not exactly cute, and if I can, I like to avoid highlighting the fact that it’s there. These don’t do a good job of disguising it at all, and as with the day heel, all of the contours of your feet are visible through the leather.

I have a pretty long commute to and from work each day – 45 minutes each way on foot – and it’s hard to find a shoe that looks chic with my outfit, can be packed away easily, but is also comfortable enough to walk long distances. While I don’t think that these are 100% perfect for me (#widefeetproblems), I already know that these are the shoes I’m going to be reaching for in the morning to head into the office. There’s a pretty wide colour selection straight off the bat, which I think is great because there’s something for everyone. I opted for the beige in the Everlane Day Glove, and in hindsight, I do wish I’d gone for the more classic option of black, just as it’s a colour that I tend to find is a bit more versatile (especially as we head towards winter in Sydney). When it comes down to it, these are an excellent and chic alternative to sneakers which don’t scrimp on style, and I like the fact that these can take you from day to night.

Are the Everlane Day Glove flats on your radar?

PS. Everlane is currently offering international shipping, so if you’ve been thinking of snapping something up, now’s your chance. You’ll also get free shipping on your first order, and on orders over $150 USD. I’ve done an extensive review of a number of items from the brand which you can check out HERE.

The Style Risk I’ve taken with my Wardrobe this year

wardrobe style risk colour minimal outfit
wardrobe style risk colour minimal outfit
wardrobe style risk colour minimal outfit
wardrobe style risk colour minimal outfit

Prior to our move to Sydney, I overhauled my wardrobe, nailed down my personal style, and set what I felt was a pretty clear direction for my closet to take. Capsule wardrobes helped with that, as they curbed my impulse to spend on garments which fit outside my style profile, and focus only on the items which count. But, new year, new me, and at the start of 2018, I felt a little like turning some of those pillars of my personal style upside down, and taking a style risk or two. The style risk that’s been having the most impact on my wardrobe, has been the introduction of a bit of colour (finally!).

Wearing Enza Costa white long sleeve top (similar option), Topshop tan belted skirt (also here and I like this one), Workshop utility jacket (old but similar here and this one is also cute), Vaneli two-tone pumps (flats version), Building Block olive bag, Reliquia spiral earrings (I love these! and this is a more affordable option), Linjer watch (this is also a classic), Mejuri cross ring

You’ve probably started to notice that colour has been creeping into my regular looks that I’ve been sharing on the blog (see examples here, here and here) – and this shift to embrace a broader colour palette seems to show no signs of slowing down. As much as I love my classic wardrobe staples – many of which are major workhorses in my day-to-day style – there’s been something refreshing about adding a pop of colour to my outfits. I’m pretty excited to see where this style risk takes my wardrobe; instead of being jam-packed with iterations of style staples I already own, my wardrobe wish lists are bursting with colour.

wardrobe style risk colour minimal outfit
wardrobe style risk colour minimal outfit
wardrobe style risk colour minimal outfit


As we grow, our tastes and preferences evolve over time, and this isn’t limited to the kind of music we tend to lean towards, the movies we find ourselves flicking to first, or the way we choose to spend our free time. I’ve found from experience that this is manifested most in our personal style – the way that we outwardly choose to express ourselves. Aside from the smatterings of pink and red hanging in my wardrobe, I’ve found myself gravitating towards earthy tones, like the outfit above. What I love is how effortless it is to combine a few ‘colourful’ pieces, yet still feel like the outfit is grounded in your personal style.


My wardrobe has been jam-packed with the essentials for years, and while I firmly believe that it’s those classic essential pieces that will truly stand the test of time style-wise, having one or two fun colourful pieces can be a simple way to inject a bit of life or a major dose of personality to your outfits. I’ve found that I’ve been most inclined to take the style risk of adding in a bit of colour to my wardrobe after feeling inspired by an outfit I’ve seen – whether it’s someone on the street, or someone whose style I admire on Instagram. An oversized ivory sweater paired with a green midi skirt, or a simple black slip dress worn with a camel blazer: you don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe to have a little bit of fun with colour.

wardrobe style risk colour minimal outfit
wardrobe style risk colour minimal outfit
wardrobe style risk colour minimal outfit


I’ve been enjoying seeing the way that an accessory can really make a simple or minimal outfit pop. Instead of being sidelined as just a complementary piece for your look, a colourful bag or a punchy pair of shoes can become the focal point of your outfit, without pushing you too far out of your comfort zone. Take this minimal outfit for example; the petrol blue bag added a bit of life into an otherwise basic look. For the outfit above, I’ve gone for a more tonal outfit, complementing the khaki hue of my jacket with a rich olive green bag from Building Block.


I’m pretty adamant that fashion is all about having fun. As much as I love my closet (mostly) full of neutrals, from time to time things can start to feel a little stale, and the injection of a fun new piece – whether it’s colourful or not – is usually enough to breathe new life into the items that I already own. The start of a new year always has that ‘clean slate’ feeling, so it’s a good opportunity to take a style risk, even if it doesn’t stick.

Have you taken a style risk this year? x

PS. In case you’ve missed the news, Everlane is offering international shipping from now until April 30. If you’re planning on making an order, I’d highly recommend getting a jump start as items tend to sell out pretty quickly. If you need some help decided what to buy, check out this blog post which shares my thoughts on every single item I’ve owned from the brand.

White tee + Polka Dot Skirt

minimal outfit tee polka dot skirt
minimal outfit tee polka dot skirt

I feel like it wasn’t too long ago that I was sharing a very similar outfit; a polka dotted skirt paired very simply with a white silk cami. Clearly, I have a type.

Whistles ‘de rien’ t-shirt, Topshop asymmetrical hem skirt (alternative spot skirt here and in yellow/white stripe here), Everlane editor slingback flats, Chanel boy bag (affordable option here), Linjer watch, Mejuri editor hoops, Pandora bracelet

I’m still dreaming of cooler weather, and with rain forecast this week coming, I’m hoping it’s going to be any opportunity to pull out some autumn layers. As much as I love a stripped back outfit like this during the warmer months, I’m ready to start playing around with some cold weather textures, and try out a couple of different silhouettes.

minimal outfit tee polka dot skirt
minimal outfit tee polka dot skirt
minimal outfit tee polka dot skirt


01 | the slogan tee
It was really during my last trip to NYC that I fully jumped on board the slogan tee train (if there is such a thing), and I’ve sorta been accumulating them ever since. This one from Whistles is the newest addition to my wardrobe; a purchase encouraged by the fact that I’d heard only good things about Whistles tees, and I figured, why not?. I will concede that from first impressions, they’re very soft to the touch and comfortable to wear – the jury is still out on how it’ll fare over time, which is always the ultimate test for my wardrobe staples. For a weekend look, I’m quite partial to how a simple tee can pare back a more dressy skirt. I decided to tuck it in for a day running some errands, and I think it would also look cute with this same outfit, worn knitted at the waist.

02 | asymmetrical hemline
My mum was never a fan on asymmetrical hanky hemlines, but I’ve always been drawn to them – they’re so much more dramatic than a more tailored silhouette, and the style moves beautifully as you walk. The one I’m wearing above is from Topshop (in yellow stripe here), and combined with the polka dot print, it’s a pretty playful take on a midi skirt. This has been one of my go-to wardrobe staples; it pairs well with practically everything, and the interesting hemline looks effortless dressed up or worn casually like I’ve done here.

03 | slingback flats
I’ve talked a lot about my style resolutions for 2018, one of which was to focus on wearing more flats. The pair I’ve probably reached for the most the last couple of weeks have been the editor slingbacks from Everlane; the style is classic and elegant, and they just seem to elevate even the most simplest of outfits.

Insta Stories Templates – Fashion & Beauty

insta stories template parisian wardrobe 
insta stories template minimal wardrobe 
insta stories template spring wardrobe

Today’s post is a little bit different to the usual; I’ve been feeling pretty inspired, and decided to create some really fun fashion and beauty insta stories templates, which you can save and share with your friends on Instagram. The above three insta stories templates are fashioned after my experience with capsule wardrobes, stripped back and refined to different elements of personal style. These were so much fun to create (I felt a little like Cher from Clueless), and I’ve really only scratched the surface with these outfit combination snapshots. These insta stories templates take a little bit of time to build out, but over the next week or so I’m hoping to also share the autumn wardrobe, the ‘fancy’ wardrobe, the vacation wardrobe, the workwear wardrobe, the ‘basics’ wardrobe and the preppy wardrobe. I’ve dropped links to all the items that I’ve featured in these templates below, alternatively you can shop them via my Like To Know It profile here.

Shop my Parisian Wardrobe:

Shop my Minimal Wardrobe:

Shop my Spring Wardrobe:

These next six insta stories templates are ones that I designed to get to know you guys a little bit better – and also to get a little bit of insight into some of your favourite products (so that I might be able to check them out myself…). If you do decide to share any of these templates on Instagram, I’d love it if you tagged me @mademoisellejaime so that I can check out your profile!

I’ve been on a little bit of a roll with creating these templates, so if you have a request for something specific, please let me know in the comments section below. Which template is your favourite? x

insta stories template fashion favourites 
insta stories template beauty favourites 
insta stories template get to know me
insta stories template would you rather style edition 
insta stories template style essentials 
insta stories template beauty essentials 

Outfit wearing pink trousers and a ruffle sleeve top

outfit wearing pink trousers
outfit wearing pink trousers
outfit wearing pink trousers
outfit wearing pink trousers

I’m usually a bit of a slow burner when it comes to adding any kind of trend piece into my wardrobe – while I love the thought of a wardrobe filled with really interesting garments, I’m also practical. I work a typical 9 to 5, and I’ve only got so much closet space, so I expect the clothes that I do own to do double time and where possible, fit in to both my work and ‘play’ style. So I guess I was a little surprised to find that I’d already gotten a head start on the pink trousers trend, with this punchy pair that I picked up from Topshop last year (they have a similar pair which you can find here). While I may not reach for these on a daily basis, they add a fun and playful element to my outfits, while still being a classic enough style to be appropriate for the office too.

Vero Moda ruffle sleeve top (also love this option, and this is cute), Topshop pink trousers (similar here), Everlane editor heels (similar), Celine trotteur bag (affordable option here), Mejuri editor hoops

I wore a pretty similar iteration of this outfit today, swapping out the pink trousers for a checked pair, and the heels for a fancy flat, as it’s such a simple but interesting combination for a more casual office environment (I’d probably stick to heels and add a blazer for a corporate office). I love to inject that little bit of personality into each of my outfits, and this one is a bit of a double whammy. I’ve got the ruffle sleeves – which is starting to become a real signature style for me – and then the vibrant pop of colour with the pink trousers. Even though there’s a lot going on visually, the pairing really just seems to work.

outfit wearing pink trousers
outfit wearing pink trousers
outfit wearing pink trousers
outfit wearing pink trousers


01 | the ruffle sleeve: Because my outfits are typically pretty simple, I do enjoy throwing in the odd statement piece, as part of my look. As much as the trousers are a staple unto themselves, I feel like the peg leg silhouette is balanced out by the flirty ruffles of my ivory-coloured blouse from Vero Moda. I’ve been reaching for this top quite a bit recently as it’s a lovely lightweight piece which has lended itself well to our unseasonably warm autumn weather, and I think the ruffled sleeves are very eye-catching.

02 | ankle grazing trousers: At 5’8″, I guess I would be considered to be above average in the height stakes, but as I tend to carry a little more of my height in my torso, I’m always on the lookout for trousers that will give me #legsfordays. Ankle grazers are one of my tricks to make my legs visually appear longer. So, whenever I’m thinking of adding a new pair of trousers to my wardrobe, I’ll usually get them tailored so that the hem sits a couple of inches above my ankle. I’ve had this particular pair of trousers from Topshop for over a year now, and aside from how much I love this silhouette on me, I also really love the colour, which is a little more vibrant that I’d typically go for.

03 | camel + blush pink colour palette: I’m not sure if it’s the Jasmine Dowling effect, but I’ve started to develop a little bit of an obsession with the colour combination of blush pink and camel. It’s slightly earthy but still playful and fun, and somehow, it feels like a natural deviation for me. I kept it pretty subtle for this outfit, opting to inject that rich caramel hue through my shoes only, as opposed to the teddy-bear brown sweater I was planning to throw on with these trousers.