For everyday

T by Alexander Wang shirt; Helmut Lang blazer; ASOS envelope clutch; Marc by Marc Jacobs turnlock bracelet; T by Alexander Wang skirt; Alexander Wang heeled boots; Marc by Marc Jacobs katie bracelet

The above image sums up the sort of thing that I like to wear on a regular basis. Simple and clean, with minimal or no fuss jewellery. I’ve been trying to use clutches where possible, just to justify owning the few that I have, as I tend to play favourites with my purses (although considering some of my previous purchases, I would say this is a good thing) – that and I am too lazy to switch all the items floating around in my handbag to another one. I also tend to forget how much more pulled together a blazer can make an outfit look, as I love the comfort and slouchiness of a cardigan

The irony of these sorts of outfits is that it is very reminiscent of what I wore every day during my college years for my school uniform, bar the tartan and awful teal colour. Over those five years it probably became ingrained in me that this is the sort of thing that I should wear, even though I loathed having to wear that uniform and relished having a “mufti day” each term. Thankfully the same can’t be said about the polo shirt and culotte style shorts I wore during my intermediate years…

Fine things

Karen Walker dress and rings; Acne cardigan; Chloe heels; Topshop necklace worn as a bracelet

I’m having a bit of a moment with fine jewellery, a complete turn-around from the more clunkier pieces I have worn in the past. My favourites are these “fine things” rings I’ve started to accumulate. I love the concept of stacking a number of them on each finger, and they’re so delicate that I hardly notice I’m wearing them.

Wearing my Chloe heels for what feels like the first time in eons, has resulted in a discovery that perhaps my feet are no longer acclimatised to wearing such high heels in the way they once were. I guess this comes as no surprise; the other day I wandered into a shoe store, as I had spotted a pair of heels that bared a striking resemblance to these Charlotte Olympia pumps I had had my eye on. After trying them on I came to the conclusion that they were a) too high, and b) I could barely walk in them.

PS. had to throw in another one of Max – most of my early evening is filled with him either attacking my hands, or trying to shower my face with jumping cuddles.