Day thirty

Hard to believe that the thirty days are up already, and that today marks the last day of adhering to only wearing a small section of my wardrobe. Initially I had endeavored to take a photo every day, but in reality, that was ambitious of me, although I did manage to photograph the majority of what I wore, assorted into a loose collage above. Should you have any questions about what item is what, you are welcome to ask me on formspring, or you can view the list of items that I chose to wear here. While it’s not Wednesday yet, I’ve already found myself thinking about what to wear tomorrow, a choice I think I am going to find difficult to make.

The usual

Alexander Wang singlet, girl. by Band of Outsiders skirt, Zara crochet knit jacket, Alexander Wang kori oxfords

These photo’s were taken while I was in Canberra. Pretty sure that for the most part, I tried to maximise time standing in front of the fireplace, or wrapped up in my sister’s snuggie on the oft-times I was able to sneak it off her to ward off the cold. Quite possibly the most worn piece over the last (almost) thirty days has been this girl. by Band of Outsiders skirt, one of those impulse-yet-still-on-my-wishlist-and-now-you-are-on-sale purchases. This is kind of just one of those combinations that is so easy to throw on that you don’t even need to think about it, and has me wishing I had bought a second one for the sole purpose of dying it black.

Spring inspiration

Rag & Bone pullover, Chinti and Parker polka dot shirt, T by Alexander Wang leather skirt, Topshop heels, Alexander Wang emile tote, House of Harlow ring, ASOS earrings, Opt for Opulence bracelet

With the 30×30 challenge almost up, I’ve been stocking up on inspiration for what to wear for the rest of Spring. If it isn’t obvious yet, I’m definitely crushing on the colour grey, in particular grey gem earrings and bracelets. To wear, I’m thinking polka dots, mixed in with muted tones of blush, grey and black, and perhaps the odd splash of mint, tailored shorts with blouses tucked in, and lightweight printed dresses.


Equipment sleeveless blouse, Topshop skinny jeans, T by Alexander Wang cardigan, Vintage boots, Alexander Wang emile tote, Marc by Marc Jacobs bow ID bracelet

I hate to admit it, but I’m beginning to count down the days until I have free reign over the rest of my wardrobe. It’s the same thing with when I’m running on a treadmill, I start staring at the clock, counting down until the finish, as if it couldn’t come soon enough. The fact that I have already started mentally drawing up outfit options for next week probably isn’t helping, although my resolve to see this to the finish has meant I won’t allow myself to break until the thirty days are done. I’m not sure if this paints me as being materialistic, but knowing I have a number of other options available to me is probably the most frustrating part.

If my wardrobe was this small, or thereabouts, in actual size rather than just in theory, I imagine I would probably feel different. The likelihood that I would ever diminish my wardrobe to such a minimal number is small, but this month has highlighted the glaringly obvious, that there is little need to have a larger wardrobe, this stems from wants and desires. And I can’t help to always want more, it truly seems to be a vicious cycle.

Shopping ban – a month on..

Karen Walker dress, Glassons cardigan, Topshop heels, Marc by Marc Jacobs bow bracelet, Karen Walker sunglasses

Having been on this self-imposed shopping ban for a little over a month now, I can say that I’ve found it both easier, and more difficult than I expected. I did allow myself a couple of small concessions, such as a Lover dress I had been waiting to come in stores, a blouse off eBay that I had been hunting down for the better part of this year along with a few other things, but I don’t consider this to make the ban a complete failure.

Picking up a couple of layby’s during the month of the shopping ban, as well as the arrival of a couple of pre-shopping ban purchases, made it feel almost as though I had been shopping – the second reward as you would of buying online.

I wasn’t able to abstain completely from all the online stores I usually love to frequent, letting myself add items to my eBay watchlist, and check out what’s new from my favourite designers on Shopbop, which admittedly provided for temptation that I could have done without. The Shopbop 20% off sale could not have come at a worse time, and I came away with a few jewellery pieces that I had patiently had my eye on – probably no surprises there.

So, while not a complete success, the one thing I did notice was that I spent substantially less time looking at clothing online, which in combination with the fact that I have been doing the thirty x thirty challenge that has limited my wardrobe choices, has meant that I became far more selective of what I would be potentially inclined to purchase. I’ve made the decision to keep this up for a while longer, until Christmas if I can, although I think the impending pre-Christmas sales will probably catch me out. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Net-a-Porter come sale time of year.