Two of my favourite pairs of shoes

charlotte olympia kitty flats acne studios jensen boots

Charlotte Olympia kitty flats (also here) & Acne Studios jensen boots (affordable option here)

Today I wanted to touch on two of my favourite pairs of shoes; the Charlotte Olympia kitty flat and the jensen boot from Acne Studios. I’m a firm believer in investing in your wardrobe (for the most part, more on this in another post!) – especially when it comes to shoes. There aren’t many shoes out there which I’ve quite literally worn into the ground, but these two take the cake.

I bought my first pair of kitty flats from Charlotte Olympia five years ago now; I’d been waiting for them to come back in stock (Alexa Chung has a way of making things sell out…) and pounced the minute I got the email. Given we were travelling to London later that year, I opted to have them delivered to the store, just to avoid paying the taxes and duties – these were a lot pricier back then, sitting around the $800 mark. I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so excited to pick up a pair of shoes, and judging by the amount that I wore them, that excitement was warranted. After four and a bit years, I came to the conclusion that they’d done their dash, and started plotting to buy a replacement. Luke beat me to the punch, gifting me the pair you see above for Christmas. While these haven’t gotten as much wear time as the original pair, I’m still not even close to being ‘over’ this shoe.

The jensen boots on the other hand, weren’t exactly love at first sight. In all honesty, I couldn’t really quite figure out what all the hype was about. But, after spotting the grain leather pair on Instagram, I figured that these would make a great addition to my wardrobe, which at the time, was wholly focused on the capsule wardrobe. I managed to snag mine for almost half the price on eBay, and these have turned out to be one of the best purchases that I’ve made in the last couple of years. They’ve been long wearing, the grain leather doesn’t really show a scuff (which I’m prone to getting), and every time I take them to the cobbler for a spruce up or a new heel/sole, they come out looking basically brand new. When it comes to these boots though, if spending upwards of $500 on a pair of shoes doesn’t quite sit right for you (it is a bit of a blow to the bank account!), then I would highly highly recommend checking out these Marc Fisher dupes; at a fraction of the price, you can get the look, and based on my experience, I’ve found the quality to be exceptional.

What are your favourite pairs of shoes? x

Things I’m currently loving

minimal workspace interiors flatlay

This week has definitely been one of those weeks which has just been flying by; Wednesday felt like Tuesday, and well, today feels like Wednesday… I think you get my drift. So today, I wanted to keep things really light and chat through a couple of my current favourites – be it a handbag, a notebook, or a lipstick that I just can’t get enough of.

I really love a bold lip, and Spring is my favourite time of year to start busting out a punchy red. One of my current go-to’s is Wild Ginger by Tom Ford; the formula is beautiful, it’s creamy and rich, drying down to a matte-like finish, has excellent wear time, and I just love the orange undertone. It’s perfect for when you want to make a statement.

I seldom leave the house without a notebook tucked away in my bag, and lately I’ve been reaching for this gorgeous marble notebook from MIKOL. Leatherbound, with real slices of marble on the front and back, it’s been more than a pretty addition to my workspace. I’m a little fussy about my notebooks and I love that this one has lined, grid and unlined pages so you can basically take your pick!

The last couple weeks have been so sunny that I’ve had to start packing a pair of sunnies in my handbag to wearing during my morning commute. I’m all about the cat-eye frame and this leopard printed pair from ASOS have been fitting the bill perfectly.

Weekdays tend to be pretty hectic for me, so to wind down in the evening I love burning a scented candle or two. I’m still slowly making my way through Rosaviola by Diptyque, which I love for its soft powder rose scent.

Sydney’s warmed up a lot over the last couple weeks, but I still can’t imagine stepping foot out the door without my Acne Studios ‘Canada’ scarf. This is one of those wardrobe staples that just never seems to get old, and I’m currently toying with the idea of picking it up in camel, burgundy or navy for next winter.

Admittedly, I’m saving this one for the wedding, but I’ve become completely and utterly obsessed with my feline purse from Charlotte Olympia. Naturally, blush was the obvious choice, and I really can’t wait to wear this to absolute death after my wedding day – it’s the perfect size for those days when you just want to carry the basics.

I’m a little late to the watch game, but since I received this minimal watch from Christian Paul there’s barely been a day that it hasn’t been wrapped around my wrist. For years I was the girl who relied on her phone for the time and it’s such a nice feeling to be able to quickly glance down at a watch instead.

Truth be told, it’s been a good year or so since I last pulled out the Instax, but I recently came across my stash of film and got inspired to have a little play around with it. While I definitely haven’t mastered the art of the instant camera, there’s something so magical about watching the photo you just took develop in your hands.

While I have a few favourite ‘polish’ shades for Spring, Essie’s Tea & Crumpets has been on my fingers – and toes! – basically non-stop. It’s a pretty pearlescent pinky nude which goes with basically everything.

What are your current favourites?

How to wear all black without looking boring

karen walker acne studios leather jacket benah bag isabel marant mademoiselle
karen walker acne studios leather jacket benah bag isabel marant mademoiselle
karen walker acne studios leather jacket benah bag isabel marant mademoiselle
karen walker acne studios leather jacket benah bag isabel marant mademoiselle

Karen Walker slanting frill top (similar and in white), Country Road pencil skirt, Acne Studios leather jacket, Isabel Marant heels, KW x Benah satchel (newer style & I also love this style), ASOS sunglasses, The Peach Box earrings (similar)

It should be pretty obvious by now that anything and everything in the colour black is a mainstay in my wardrobe. But, as with wearing anything over and over again, wearing all black all the time can quite quickly start to look a little stale and one-dimensional.

It’s become a little bit of a uniform of mine; partly due to years of working in hospitality as university student, and partly because, let’s be real, black goes with e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Over the years, I’ve picked up the odd trick to make all black look anything but boring, so today I thought I’d share my top five tips to keeping an all black wardrobe looking fresh.

It’s so easy to look flat while wearing all black, and one of the easiest ways to switch things up is to mix a few different textures into your look. In winter, tweed is a great option, but usually my go to is leather, ribbed knits, cotton and suede.

An otherwise simple piece can really elevate your look but it has to be all about those details. A little ruffle with a bit of white for contrast, a subtle sequin strewn through a knit, a ponte side panel in a pair of leather leggings or a frayed hem on a structured jacket. When you wear the basics, it’s important to focus on those minor details that can really make your look.

I’m typically a loose on top and either loose or fitted on the bottom kind of girl, but I find that mixing up the proportions of your outfit can make it look a lot more interesting. Play around with different silhouettes – it can really make a difference!

Personally, I think the only real accessory you need – aside from a great pair of shoes – is a bold red lip. When you’re wearing all black, it really stands out and adds a bit of elegance to your look, even if you’re just in jeans, a tee and a pair of sneakers.

While black definitely complements more black, I find that a coloured mini bag adds that sartorial pop of colour; your outfit can make for a relatively black canvas, and a cute blush or cobalt blue mini bag will really stand out. And if coloured bags and bold red lips aren’t your thing, a great pair of sunglasses – whether they be patterened, an interesting shape, or have metal details – are also a great option.

I’d say that this last one is pretty self explanatory… But, when in doubt, throw on a pair of heels – it’ll make you feel like a million bucks and as far as I’m concerned, it’s a fail-safe solution to any (and I mean any) fashion conundrum.


acne studios paloma dress j crew valentino benah karen walker
acne studios paloma dress j crew valentino benah karen walker
valentino rockstud kitten heels
acne studios paloma dress j crew valentino benah karen walker
karen walker benah sloane satchel

Acne Studios paloma silk dress (sleeveless version), J Crew fuzzy sweater, Valentino rockstud heels, Karen Walker x Benah sloane satchel

I have a little confession to make… Not every single piece in my autumn capsule wardrobe has turned out to be quite as versatile as I’d anticipated. The bright orange-red floral dress which adds a pop of colour to an otherwise very neutral capsule? I haven’t even pulled it off the rack. And the sheer silk wisp of a dress from Acne that you see above? Aside from being a beacon for stains (anything white or cream really is just asking for it), it’s a bit too revealing for everyday wear.

I’ve definitely got my excuses handy on both counts; the floral dress which hasn’t seen the light of day is just waiting to be tailored (the sleeves have some extra volume I’d like to flatten out), and I’ve had to place a huge emphasis on outfits which can alternate between cool and warm temperatures – our office air con seems to fluctuate by the hour, and outside the temperature can range between 17-25 deg C on any given day.

As for my sheer Acne Studios dress.. well, it’s been more a matter of finding the perfect slip to slip underneath. Something that’s as wispy as the dress itself, and is demure enough that it’s appropriate for the office, but slinky enough that it’d also look right at home during an evening out. For the moment, I’ve been getting away with throwing a fuzzy sweater over the top and calling it a day.

The essential leather jacket

leather jacket essential acne studios

Everlane u-neck t-shirt, Dr Denim skinny jeans, Acne Studios leather jacket

By far my favourite of the lot – when it comes to essentials, that is – is a well worn in leather jacket. It’s one of those quintessential pieces that I feel no woman should be without, whether you opt for a high quality faux leather, or the real deal.

My love affair with the leather jacket started pretty early, at age 14, when I somehow managed to convince my mum to spend an arm and a leg on a beautiful cream leather jacket that was a good two or three sizes too big for me. From there, it snowballed. There were the cheap and cheerful faux leather moto jackets which never really quite hit the spot; the Mike & Chris leather jacket obsession in 2005 (which I never ended up buying, to be fair); the Whistles moto leather jacket, with its slightly exaggerated shoulders; and finally, my Acne Studios mape leather jacket – a solid wardrobe investment and an absolute staple in my closet come winter time.

While I’ll occasionally throw mine on with a skinny jean and an ankle boot, I love a leather jacket most when worn with juxtaposing elements. A little bit of lace here, and floaty feminine dress there, and always, always a strappy pair of heels.

I’ve still been wearing sleeveless tanks and skirts about the knee without even a hint of a pair of tights, but I get the feeling that come June, this leather jacket will be finding its way back into regular rotation. I’ve made a quick video featuring a few of my favourite ways to style my leather jacket (which is by no means an exhaustive list!) which you can check out here! x