Negative space

by jamie-lee on August 31, 2015, one comment

minimal style everlane cashmere topshop ghillie flats
minimal style everlane cashmere topshop ghillie flats
minimal style everlane cashmere topshop ghillie flats
minimal style everlane cashmere topshop ghillie flats

Everlane cashmere jumper, ASOS pleated midi skirt, Topshop lace up ghillie flats, Mansur Gavriel bucket bag

I’m still not quite over the flu yet (this one just doesn’t want to bite the dust), but a new week brings with it new opportunities, and a new season, so there isn’t much that will keep me in bed any longer than I need to be.

I’ve been working on a few fun video projects, two of which in particular should be up in the coming weeks; my wardrobe tour (which I swear is not as exciting as it sounds – although it did make me embarrassingly aware of how many pairs of shoes I own…) and Spring Project 333 capsule wardrobe.

I’m trying to embrace a little bit more colour this Spring (read: expect fewer monochromatic looks like that above), so I’ve injected some lashings of colour as I partake in round two of Project 333, which I’m hoping to complete with a little more aplomb than last time. Until these are all edited and ready to share with you all, I thought I’d share a few snippets of my current go-to weekend look x

August 2015 Beauty & Fashion Favourites

by jamie-lee on August 29, 2015, one comment

charlotte olympia kitty card case karen walker cosmetics

This month, I’ve added in a little splash of colour to my favourites; the anticipation of Spring is enough to lift anyone’s spirits after an icy winter.

Perhaps the most obvious of the lot, is the canary yellow pencil-sized make up bag from Karen Walker. I nabbed this on a bit of a whim at the beginning of the month, and it’s already proven to be one of the more useful beauty-related purchases I’ve ever made. The amount of time I would waste trying to find a lipstick swimming around at the bottom of my bag, or the number of times I’d pull out a product to find it all scratched up doesn’t really bear thinking about.

Speaking of beauty; I’ve really been getting into blush lately. And I mean really. At the beginning of June (or was it July? I forget..) I nabbed a new one – to me – from NARS; the powder blush in the shade Gina. This is just the perfect peach tone for the upcoming Spring, and I just love the fact that the formula is matte and sans shimmer. Probably goes without saying that this is very pigmented, and smooth to the touch, and yep, you guessed it, blends like a dream.

I’ve also found myself going back to the Stila stay all day liquid eyeliner, which I’d tossed to the wayside earlier this year in favour of the tattoo liner from Kat Von D. Turns out, I think I like the Stila version better, and after it dries down in the tube a little, it really isn’t going anywhere.

The last two beauty favourites have been floating around in my bag for the better part of this year; a easy on the go rollerball perfume from Elizabeth & James in the scent ‘white Nirvana’, which is a very pretty musky floral scent which lingers. And one of my favourite lippies for the month, the Too Faced liquified longwear lipstick in the shade Melted Peony. This is that soft petal pink which is perfect for the upcoming Spring, and has really been getting me excited about the warmer months.

My fashion favourites, on the other hand, are more on the obvious side. A black leather kitty card case from Charlotte Olympia which admittedly cost an arm and a leg but is one of those pieces which I know won’t ever get ‘old’ for me. I’ve also been getting a lot of joy out of my black pointed toe flats from ASOS, which have been perfect for walking across the Pyrmont bridge twice a day to get to/from work, on a budget.

My final favourite of the month is an eBay bargain which I’d been hunting down for some time… it’s a patch tweed mini skirt from 3.1 by Phillip Lim.

What have you been loving for the month of August? x

In bed

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daria kate lara w magazine models

Daria Werbowy, Kate Moss and Lara Stone by Bruce Weber for W Magazine

I’ve spent the last two days bundled up in bed with Charlotte curled up next to me, while trying to fight off a nasty case of the flu. I haven’t been this sick in a while – that woozy, getting out of bed uses too much energy, kind of sick – and it’s completely thrown me off guard. So please excuse me while I crawl back under the covers…


by jamie-lee on August 26, 2015, 2 comments

topshop leather grille kingdom flats

Topshop Kingdom ghillie flats

The ghillie flat is really having a moment. Or, just lace up flats in general, if we’re really being honest.

I got completely suckered in after spotting these on the feet of Michelle (enabler, much?); after scoring the last available pair in my size, I was quickly taken but just how worth the hype these are.

I’m usually the last person to jump on a trend (flares just really aren’t my jam), and it’s a little known fact that anything which ties up around the ankle has a tendency to be far from flattering, but the dainty little laces with gold trim seem to make all the difference.

So that’s my Spring shoes sorted – for the most part – now if only choosing the rest of my Spring capsule wardrobe was quite so easy…

Put a stripe on it

by jamie-lee on August 23, 2015, 5 comments

country road stripe midi dress acne studios mape leather kitty flats
country road stripe midi dress acne studios mape leather kitty flats
country road stripe midi dress acne studios mape leather kitty flats
country road stripe midi dress acne studios mape leather kitty flats

Country Road stripe midi dress, Acne Studios mape leather jacket, Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, Charlotte Olympia kitty flats

Sometimes all you need is to break out of your comfort zone a little. For me, it’s all about the silhouette. Lazy, languid, and loose; I’m generally the last person you would expect to see in anything more than a little fitted, but put a stripe on it and this girl is sold. They say that a leopard never changes its spots, but is it possible for a zebra to change its stripes – metaphorically speaking?