How to add colour to a minimalist wardrobe

how to add colour to your wardrobe through accessories
how to add colour to your wardrobe in one look
how to add colour to your wardrobe with a statement piece
how to add colour to your wardrobe with a subtle print

When it comes to my wardrobe colour palette, I’m a minimalist at heart; give me anything white, grey, or black and I’m all in. But sometimes a girl likes to mix things up a little, and as of late I’ve been making a real effort to add a bit of colour to my wardrobe, so I wanted to share the tips and tricks that I’ve been using to help me branch out of my usual comfort zone.

This is basically ‘Adding colour to your wardrobe 101’; it’s the easiest, and least invasive way to perk up your wardrobe and add in a little bit of life. For me, my favourite is to add a pop of colour with a handbag (even if it’s just in a nude hue) – it’s one of the focal points of your entire look and a bright computed bag can really change the entire mood of your outfit in an instant. If that’s a little too full on, then a colourful small leather good like a wallet or coin purse is also a great option.

I also love to mix things up with a fun flat or a statement shoe (I think these are purr-fect), though if you want something that is a little more subtle, a taupe boot is such a simple way to add another hue into your autumn or winter wardrobe and in my case, I find it encourages me to stick to a softer colour palette rather than reach for my usual faves of all black.

A few other accessories options include some funky sunglasses (these are cute!), a bandana that you can tie at the neck or attach to your bag (this one from Madewell is a fave), or alternatively you could top off your outfit with a felted wool fedora (I adore this one) or a straw hat.

Fact: I didn’t really start wearing make up until three years ago. But once I did, one of the ways I found I could brighten up my look but also change up my appearance was with a bold coloured lip. It’s a statement that truly makes an impact, and I love that all it takes is a simple swipe of your favourite lippie to do the trick. My favourites are Wild Ginger from Tom Ford and Coachella Coral from Charlotte Tilbury.

A red nail polish is about as classic as they come, and just like a brightly coloured bag, can really change up the whole mood of your outfit. I like to stick to colours mostly within the red/magenta colour family as overall I find that they’re the most flattering for my skin tone, however if you’re so inclined, a cool minty green is a cute option for those warmer months.

I know what you’re thinking, what print out there is actually subtle… right? For me, my focus is on prints that don’t take me too far out of my comfort zone – be it a white wide stripe shirt with contrasting thin red stripes, or a navy and white polka dot. Start small, and choose prints that have a base colour that fits in naturally with the colour palette of your existing wardrobe, as they will be easier to mix and match and seem a little less intimidating to wear.

If prints aren’t your thing then start off by picking a neutral and running with it, be it a simple camel or beige trench, a khaki knit, or some mid-blue wash denim and a chambray shirt. They’re called neutrals for a reason – they go with pretty much e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, as well as pairing pretty well together (for the most part!). The neutrals in my wardrobe span across all kinds of camel hues, to blush pinks, washed out blues and a little injection of beige-toned khakis.

This goes a little bit hand in hand with my previous tip, but sometimes just having one accent colour in varying shades is also another great way to inject a little bit of colour into your wardrobe. I personally have been really drawn to blush pink hues, which also work well with camels, taupes, rusty browns and burgundy hues. The best part is that you can also do a little mix and match; for example if you have a pink top and a pink pair of trousers, you can pair them together to get a huge hit of colour, or separately if you are after something a little dialled back.

If you don’t do things in halves, then this is definitely for you. I’m always drawn to the trophy jackets that were an iconic Isabel Marant hero piece every single season (like this one here), but a think a really vibrant skirt in an interesting silhouette is also a great option – this is one that’s all down to personal taste!

Finally, I think that Pinterest can be a really helpful tool when trying to pinpoint (get it?!) the types of colours that you’re drawn to. Lately, I’ve been drawn to those earthy emerald greens, blush pinks, and tangerine-hued reds, just judging by what I’ve been pinning lately (you can check out my Pinterest here).

Another point to note is that make sure the colours you’re choosing are in the same family, if you like warm-based tones, stick with that, and vice versa if you prefer something that’s a little cooler; not only will the colours be easier to mix and match, but what you might find is that warm hues, of example, better suit your complexion.

Dallas Travel Guide – things to see, do, eat and where to stay

dallas travel guide what I'm wearing
dallas travel guide what I'm wearing

After a 25-plus hours in transit, I’ve finally returned home from my whirlwind trip to the US, and I couldn’t wait to share some of the things to see and do in Dallas. I was in Dallas for a few days to attend the annual RewardStyle conference, and given that my days were packed with conference sessions, meetings and events, I took every single opportunity I could find to get out and explore the city, even if it meant waking up and 6.00am in search of a good coffee spot.

Wearing Brandy Melville off the shoulder top (sold out but similar here), RUBY skirt (this one is also cute), Vaneli heels, 3.1 by Phillip Lim bag & Mejuri earrings

hotel crescent court dallas
hotel crescent court dallas

I spent my trip to Dallas staying at the Hotel Crescent Court, a beautiful modern hotel based Uptown. Given I didn’t have a car and was travelling either by Uber or walking to destinations, I found that this was actually a pretty good base to start from (plus, it was where the conference I attended was being held). I will say, that the price point is a little higher that some of the other hotels within the area, so I’d also recommend taking a look at The Fairmont (where I had originally booked), The Joule Hotel, or alternatively there are some incredible (and spacious) AirBnB’s – something that I’ll always look at as an option when travelling.

18th and vine dallas restaurant review

18th and Vine – 4100 Maple Ave; if there was one thing that I knew I just had to do while in Dallas, it was to eat some authentic Texan BBQ – I mean, when in Rome, right? I dropped into 18th and Vine on my first night in Dallas with Josie and Charlie, and was absolutely blown away. They serve all their BBQ by the half pound, or pound, so I’d recommend heading there with friends and ordering a heap from the menu. The pulled pork and burnt ends were definitely a stand out for me (the ribs were the only let down), and be sure to try some of their home made BBQ sauce with your meal.

brewed and pressed dallas cafe review

Brewed + Pressed – West Village, 3700 McKinney Ave; I stumbled across Brewed + Pressed my first morning in Dallas – and while I have a sneaking suspicion that it was the industrial yet minimal interiors that sold me on this place, it turned out to be one of my favourite finds from the trip. Everything that they serve is fully vegan, perfect if you’re lactose intolerant like I am. Personally I’m not a fan of almond milk coffees like cappuccinos or lattes, but their almond milk iced coffee on the other hand was literally life-changing (never mind the fact that I was surviving on three hours sleep on my third day of ’travel’). They also have a great selection of pressed juices (I opted for the spicy immunity booster), and their chocolate walnut truffles are to die for (plus, J. Crew is basically next door!).

Pecan Lodge – 2702 Main Street; I asked quite a few people where to go to get good BBQ, and every single one of the recommended Pecan Lodge. The queue is quite literally out the door, and obviously there’s a reason why. I didn’t get a chance to fit this in on this trip but from what I can tell, it’s a must-do.

Twisted Root Burger Co – 2615 Commerce St; touted as the place where all the locals go, when I chatted to a couple of girls sitting outside that had just finished their meal, they raved about how incredible the food there is. Just walking past the burger joint, you’re met with an incredible smokey aroma – the kind that makes you instantly know a place is going to be good.

Dot’s Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard – 2645 Commerce Street; also located in Deep Ellum, Dots is an industrial-looking beer garden, the sort I’d expect to find at home in Sydney. I dropped in around 4.30pm on Saturday and the place was already packed, so you can only imagine how busy it gets at night. Definitely worth dropping in to have a casual drink if you’re planning on visiting Deep Ellum.

The Whippersnapper – 1806 McMillan Ave; to be completely honest, I haven’t been clubbing in years. But, on a whim (or maybe too many cocktails…) I decided to head to Whippersnapper for the after party on my final night in Dallas. If you’re in the mood to head out for a boogie then this is definitely the spot – it even has a spinning disco ball!

things to see and do deep ellum dallas texas
things to see and do deep ellum dallas texas

Deep Ellum; I did a bit of a call out on my Instagram for things to do in Dallas and a couple people recommended that I visit Deep Ellum. This is a really cool part of town, where you’ll find incredible murals lining the walls, not to mention some great bars and restaurants.

If you’re getting an Uber there, opt to get dropped off at either Commerce Street or Main Street, which run parallel to each other, which is where most of the action is. There aren’t too many shops in the area, though I did find myself visiting the retro lolly shop on Main, and I think it’s also worth popping into Jade and Clover just for their succulent bar alone.

Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens; situated not far from Downtown Dallas, the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens span across 66 acres of enchanting beauty – and the best time of year to visit just so happens to be in the Spring. I didn’t have a chance to snap any photos but all you have to do is take one quick look through Google Images to know exactly what I’m walking about.

Dallas Museum of Art; unfortunately this is one of the few sights I didn’t have a chance to see, but from what I heard from other conference attendees, it is well worth the visit. Perhaps most intriguing (to me) is one of their current exhibitions, Mexico 1900-1950, which highlights the narratives in Mexico’s modern art industry, and features work by Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Jose Clemente Orozco, among others. If that’s not enough of a reason to go, it’s worth noting that general admission is free, so there’s really no excuse if you can spare the time!

dallas travel guide shopping highland park village
dallas travel guide shopping highland park village

Highland Park Village; if you’re feeling a little spendy, then it’s absolutely worth a visit to Highland Park Village. It’s a beautiful collection of shops including Anthropologie (I popped in just to get this), Rag & Bone, Celine, Fendi, Stella McCartney – I think you get where I’m going with this. There’s also a couple of cute cafes including Bird Bakery which sells delicious cupcakes, and Royal Blue Bakery, an incredible grocer situated right at the entrance. Even if you’re not in a position to splurge, I think it’s worth visiting Highland Park just to get a peek at some of the stately houses that line the streets.

NorthPark Shopping Centre; now this place has e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Name a shop you want to visit and it’s probably going to be here. Truth be told, I didn’t have a chance to visit this mall at all – shopping wasn’t high on my agenda – but if it was, I think this would have been at the top of my hit list, if only to drop by Nordstrom!

The Shops at Park Lane; if you’re after a bargain, then this is definitely the place to go. With outlet stores for some of the biggest department stores (as well as a Whole Foods Market – yes please!), this is a good spot to nab a few investment pieces for your wardrobe at a fraction of the price.

I feel like I’ve barely scraped the barrel on the things to do in the beautiful city of Dallas, so if you’re a Texan native and know the city well, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below on other places worth visiting! x

Perfecting the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look: a Glossier review

glossier beauty make up review minimal
glossier beauty make up review minimal

When it comes to beauty, I like to stick with my tried and tested – there aren’t many things that manage to blow my usual makeup routine completely out of the water. But, after hearing so many good things about Glossier across the board I had to know for sure, was it really worth the hype?

As Glossier don’t ship to Australia – yet – I used a third party mail assist and parcel forwarding service to place it for me.

I opted for some of their most hyped products – the balm dotcom, stretch concealer and boy brow – as well as a couple of their newer launches I’d found intriguing; the haloscope and the supers, as I figured this would give me a reasonably good sense of the brand across beauty and skincare (though I wouldn’t mind trying the milk jelly cleanser, too).

Since my order arrived about a month ago, it has been completely without hesitation that I’ve incorporated every. single. thing into daily rotation. And while I definitely have my favourites, I’ve been pretty impressed across the board, not to mention absolutely smitten with Glossier’s minimal yet effective packaging. So as I’ve been putting these to the test over the last month, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on whether it was worth going the extra mile just to get my hands on a little bit of Glossier.

the balm dotcom in coconut; one of Glossier’s initial launch products, this has been touted as a jack-of-all-trades salve. You can use it to moisturise your lips, to soften cuticles, on raw or dry elbows, or to combat mosquito bites – this is one of those products that has been designed to be multi-purpose. There’s a few different ‘scents’ available, so I opted for the coconut as I was hoping that this would make me feel a little like I was on a tropical holiday every time I used it, but unfortunately, I’ve found the scent to be rather cloying and quite artificial, which has had me wishing I’d gone with my gut on this and chosen the original classic, rose. This reminds me a lot of the Lucas PawPaw Ointment which is a cult classic in Australia, although generally something I tend to avoid using as it’s largely petroleum based. This probably won’t be of popular opinion, but I’ve found that because of those similarities, this hasn’t been overly moisturising on my lips at all. In saying that, I have been really loving using this as a bit of an at-home luxury nail treatment, massaged into my cuticles.

the stretch concealer in medium; this is perhaps one of the strongest products of the lot, a product that has lived up to hype and then some. I apply this straight from the tub to my undereyes and areas where I get redness, and it just melts into the skin leaving your skin looking glowy and fresh. I’ve yet to find another concealer which looks this natural, and it’s become the only one I even consider reaching for on a daily basis. I will admit, that I was a little worried that the medium (the second lightest shade) was going to be too dark for me when I opened the tub, but I’ve found it to be the perfect colour match for a natural rather than highlighted look. This isn’t full coverage, but it’s not meant to be, however I’ve found that the creamy consistency makes this incredibly buildable, if you’re going for a more perfected base. I typically like my skin to look like just that, skin, and this really does just enhance the way that it looks. This is hands down one of my favourites of the lot.

the boy brow in brown; I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with my brows, although I think it’s safe to say that I’m not the only one. I try to get through my beauty routine in 10 minutes or less every morning, and most of the time, I don’t want to sit there for 10 minutes with a pencil trying to fill in the perfect brow. Glossier’s boy brow does pretty much all the hard work for you. It fluffs up my brows, and fills in any gaps, and has been the answer to having the appearance of ‘perfectly’ groomed eyebrows, without putting in the effort, and it stands up to Sydney’s humidity which is always a plus in my books. Appearance-wise, the brush looks very similar to Benefit’s Gimme Brow, and a little bit of product will go a long way. Since cracking this open I’ve used it exclusively, and I’ve been starting to think that I may need to place a second Glossier order to get a couple of back ups for when this dries out completely.

the haloscope in quartz; I’ve never really been able to get on board with powder highlight – I find it sits on the skin rather than giving that beautiful glow from within (which I think without question is what we’re all after!). So when I spotted that Glossier were coming out with a cream highlighting stick, it’s safe to say that I was pretty excited. Tom Ford’s Shade & Illuminate is my absolute favourite cream highlight for a dewy, natural looking highlight, but Glossier’s take comes a close second. Quartz is a cool toned pale pink highlight, which leaves a subtle shimmer and a natural sheen on the face when applied. I tend to swipe this across my face and blend out with my fingers; what I really love most about this is how the solid oil core gives such a beautiful soft glow and dewy finish to the complexion.

glossier beauty make up review minimal
glossier beauty make up review minimal

the glossier super pack; I held off placing my order for about a month, just because I wanted to wait for the supers ’trio’ to come back in stock. The pack comes with all three of Glossier’s super-concentrated serums, each which address a different skincare need. Super Glow is perfect for when your skin is feeling dull, and needs a bit of a pick me up – it’s packed full of brightening Vitamin C. Super Bounce is one I see myself using the most this winter; it’s perfect for when your face is in need of some serious hydration – the hyaluronic acid helps to give some of that bounce back to your skin. And finally, Super Pure is perfect for skin that is breaking out or red – the combination of niacinamide and zinc help to soothe stressed out skin and flush out any impurities. I’ve really been loving the addition of these to my daily skincare regime. I use these following toner and just before moisturising, and tend to reach for Super Glow the most, just as I feel like my skin can sometimes use a little re-energising.

It’s pretty safe to say that Glossier has exceeded my expectations and then some. I have a hard time narrowing it down to just one favourite, but I think if you have the chance to try one thing, make it the stretch concealer or the boy brow – you won’t regret it.

What I’m Packing for Dallas

minimal carry on what to pack for dallas travel short trip
what to pack for dallas travel short trip

It’s been a good eight years since my last major solo international trip. I was 21, fresh out of uni, and on a mission to see as much of Europe as possible – with luggage to match. And instead of packing what I wanted to wear, I packed what I thought I should wear; so rather than a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear, I had a suitcase full of clothes I wish I’d left at home.

These days, I’m all about traveling light, even if it’s just to leave a teeny tiny bit of space in my suitcase for the odd souvenir… And with just a few hours until I jet off to Dallas for a whirlwind four-day trip (and the first overseas trip on my own since my early twenties), I though I’d share what I’m planning to take with me, all of which fits neatly into my carry-on suitcase!

Everlane black silk cami
Grana white silk cami
Everlane white cotton tank
Brandy Melville black/white stripe tee (old but similar here)
All About Eve white distressed ‘cherry’ tee
Brandy Melville white ‘it’s lit’ tee
Hansen & Gretel pleated cami
Madewell Courier shirt
Gorman quilted cotton jacket (old but similar here)

Bec & Bridge black pencil dress (also comes in white)
Acne Studios paloma silk dress
Tobi black maxi slip dress

RUBY khaki a-line skirt
Willow a-line leather skirt (old but similar here)
ASOS farleigh mom jeans
Grana denim chambray trousers (also love these)

Lover black crochet swimsuit (old but similar here)
J Crew peach paisley bandana
Charlotte Olympia kitty flats
Vaneli slingback pumps
Maje black strappy sandals (similar here)
Charlotte Olympia blush feline pouch
3.1 by Phillip Lim beige mini pashli
Kate of Arcadia black leather pouch (old but similar here)

I – unsurprisingly – decided to play it safe and keep my colour palette as neutral as possible; even though I’m only away for a few days, if you’re a girl who likes to have options, then this is definitely the way to go.

Aside from the casual trousers from Grana that I’ll be wearing on the plane, I’m taking a couple skirts and a pair of jeans with me, opting rather to mix it up with some tees, camis and a punchy bandana so I can get the biggest bang for my buck.

I’ll be heading to a couple of evening events so I’ve packed three dress options, which range from more relaxed to formal cocktail attire. Realistically, I’ll probably only find myself wearing two of the three dresses, the maxi from Tobi and the Acne Studios Paloma dress both pack down small so I reasoned that it would be silly not to, right?

I typically always struggle with narrowing down my shoe options (I think I took SIX pairs with me to Europe last year), but given the lack of space, I’ve cut it back to three pairs, which I figure will see me through any situation I find myself in. There’s the dressed up kitty flat, for getting lost in central Dallas in, a low heeled two-tone pump which are perfect for dressing up some distressed denim, and a strappy black sandal for evening events and cocktail parties.

See you in Dallas!! x

How to wear pink culottes

off the shoulder pink culottes outfit minimal
off the shoulder pink culottes outfit minimal
off the shoulder pink culottes outfit minimal
off the shoulder pink culottes outfit minimal
off the shoulder pink culottes outfit minimal

Brandy Melville off-the-shoulder top (similar here or I also love this one), ASOS culottes (I also LOVE these), Wilson Trollope X Pedro’s Bluff soiree pochette, Astrid & Miyu gemini, aries & caught in the middle rings, Sophia Webster heels (in black or this pair is really cute)

One of the newest – and most colourful – additions to my wardrobe have been these muted petal pink culottes in a soft washed linen. After becoming absolutely smitten with the same style in the black, I figured it was time to mix things up a notch with an injection of what has become one of my favourite hues over the past year – pink. Ticking off two boxes in my efforts to mix up my wardrobe (a new silhouette and a burst of colour), I thought I’d share how I’m planning to wear these as we head towards autumn.

As these culottes are a statement on their own, I’ll be keeping the colours in the rest of my outfit pretty minimal, in complementing blush, white, cream or soft grey tones. While I’m not *quite* there yet, I feel like these would also look gorgeous with an oversized poppy red knit sweater lazily tucked in at the front.

I adore how these culottes cinch in, which is reinforced with a belted tie at the waist. The a-line shape of the culottes mean that I can mix things up with a fitted roll neck sweater (I love this one) or ribbed off the shoulder top, as well as with an oversized cashmere crew neck loosely tucked in for those colder days.

Unlike my black pair, these are a really lightweight linen – perfect for the warmer months. Given the weather has started to cool down (but obviously not too much), I’ll be making a nod to the change in season with rich textures like cashmere, washed silks, waffle knits and sweaters in a mohair/boucle mix which I think will give my outfits a bit of contrast.

If you’re thinking of picking up a pair of pink culottes, you really can’t beat the ones from ASOS that I’m wearing above (they also come in petite), but if you’re after a different style, you’ll find a few options in the carousel below! x