The Jensen

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acne studios jensen boots grained leather
acne studios jensen boots grained leather

Acne Studios ‘jensen’ grained leather boots

Item number two that I picked up for the 5PFW Challenge? A pair of black leather boots from Acne Studios. Let’s just say that while I’m still dead set on getting the Velocite shearling jacket (one day…), I needed to be a little more realistic – Sydney doesn’t often go below 11 degrees celsius, and I’ve had a pair of black leather ankle boots on my wishlist for going on two years now. A pretty wise compromise on my part, given that about 90% of my shoe collection is comprised of heeled sandals or suede flats!

I’ve had them just going on two weeks now and my first thoughts? They’re more comfortable than Isabel Marant’s dicker boots (if that is even possible), they require absolutely no breaking in, they’re durable, and they look incredibly sleek on.

I’m just a few days shy of the halfway mark on this challenge, so I’m hoping to give you all a bit of an update on how I’ve been tracking in the coming weeks. And for those of you looking to go on a shopping ban, I’ve got a few tips and tricks up my sleeve (although that’s another post for another day) to share with you all.

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MBFWA streetstyle 2015 silver galactic
MBFWA streetstyle 2015 silver galactic

MBFWA 2015

I’ve still got so much to share with you from MBFWA (even though I only managed to stick around for a good two hours or so), but am hoping to get back into regular ‘programming’ this week. But first, I wanted to share these snaps; for me, it really was all about the mix of textures and those eye-poppingly bright heels. Mixing textures can be difficult enough on its own – particularly where galactic inspired dresses are concerned – so this look really stood out, and with that vibrant shock of colour at the toes, was impossible to miss.

All about the bag

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MBFWA fashion week australia street style lips bag

MBFWA 2015

Quickly checking in with another snap from MBFWA. I always always say that it’s allll about the accessories and damn is it all about that bag. It seemed a little fitting (to say the least) to share this one with you tonight just as after re-organizing my make up earlier today, it dawned on me that I might just be a lipstick addict

Project 333 Update

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wardrobe standing

It’s a little over a month and a half ago that I started the Project 333 challenge, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to share how I’ve been tracking the last six weeks with a capsule wardrobe.

There’s that completely overused phrase, ‘less is more’, but I do think that there’s a huge amount of basis to that way of thinking. Less furniture, less crockery, less cookware, less make up, less clothing, less shoes; you get the idea. It simplifies things in absolutely every single way. I wake up each morning knowing what pieces I have in my ‘wardrobe’, and I’ve got a bank (so to speak..) of go-to outfits which I know will work for the office, for drinks out with friends, or for a casual weekend at home.

Getting ready in the morning certainly is a lot easier, and allowing myself free reign for accessories really has allowed me to switch up the look in more subtle ways, rather than being tied down to one handbag or four pairs of shoes.

One thing I do miss though? The rest of my wardrobe. I tend to focus on rotating through my closet quite regularly, so for the meantime, there are a lot of things that aren’t getting much love, which at times I have wished were part of my capsule.

I’ve also refined my capsule just a little bit, swapping out five pieces for four new ones (the fifth I’m leaving spare for a rainy day), as I quickly realised that I may have overcompensated when it came to knitwear and jackets.

If you’re interested in hearing a little bit more about how I’ve been going with Project 333, and would like to see the new pieces I’ve added to my capsule, then take a peek at my latest video; and of course, feel free to ask me any questions you have in the comments below! x


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gemma ward MBFWA 2015 fashion week street style australian model
gemma ward MBFWA 2015 fashion week street style model
gemma ward MBFWA 2015 fashion week street style model
gemma ward MBFWA 2015 fashion week street style model

Gemma Ward, MBFWA Day 1

I thought I’d get the ball rolling with Gemma – undeniably my favourite from day one.