The Camo clutch

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asos camo print clutch
asos camo print clutch

ASOS camo print clutch, Karen Walker purse, Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks, ASOS sunglasses

To follow on from my last post, I thought I’d share a close up of my newest accessory. I’m definitely all for hands free – the crossbody bag is my bread and butter – but I’ve been warming a lot lately to the thought of throwing everything into a fun printed pouch. Not to mention that I’m less likely to lug along with me all of the un-essential ‘essentials’…

It’s large enough to fit an A5 notebook – a beautiful embossed gift from a friend – for scribbling down any ideas on the go, my makeup essentials (I’ve currently got Bitch Perfect on repeat from Charlotte Tilbury), some sunglasses, keys and a wallet, while still leaving space for more. Oh and the best part? It clocked in at under $30, making this one of the more affordable wardrobe updates I’ve made in some time now!


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acne studios mape leather jacket asos midi skirt camo clutch
acne studios mape leather jacket asos midi skirt camo clutch
acne studios mape leather jacket asos midi skirt camo clutch

J Crew polka dot tank, Acne Studios mape leather jacket, ASOS midi skirt, ASOS camo clutch

I’m at the tail end of the 5PFW Challenge, and not far off another seasonal capsule. With another winter almost over, and the weekend bringing with it a glimpse of Spring (then snatching it away as the icy outdoor temps this morning were anything to go by!), I’ve been starting to think about – and look for – ways to add a bit of colour, and print, back into my wardrobe.

The same way a bold lip can lift an outfit, an accessory is the best place to start, and what better way that with the most unlikeliest of candidates. I’ve never been much one for anything green, but for some unexplained reason, this camo clutch from ASOS caught my eye way back when.

While I’m still a firm believer that less is more, I’m definitely ready for a Spring wardrobe update of sorts. And it all starts with this bag. While you won’t be seeing any camel suede skirts around here any time soon (it’s a little too literal for my taste), I’m not promising that a pair of snakeskin lace up ballet flats are completely out of the equation…

My Style in 5 – TAG

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With far fewer pieces coming into my wardrobe this year, I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about my personal style, and wardrobe in general. While that is another story for another day (soon – I promise!), I thought I’d kick off the weekend with this quick video; my style in 5.

1. Who are your style icons?
The absolute classic style icon for me is hands down Audrey Hepburn. There wasn’t a moment that she didn’t look chic, and her outfits truly seemed to have stood the test of time given many of the pieces she regularly wore are now considered ‘wardrobe classics’. I also really admire Harper’s Bazaar Style Director Joanna Hillman, and Moda Operandi Creative Director Taylor Tomasi Hill; there’s a sheer effortless to their outfits, and they introduce colour and print in a way I only wish I was bold enough to do. As a complete slave to neutral shades, I’ll be the first to admit that only Taylor could make this girl want to purchase a neon green sequin skirt (and three years later, I’m still trying to track that Proenza Schouler skirt down!). The other style icons which for me represent that effortless yet minimal approach to dressing would be the French editors Emmanuelle Alt and Carine Roitfeld.

2. What is your best style advice or tip?
Always make an effort; it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed, but make sure you walk out the door feeling comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. A bold lip will always lift an otherwise simple outfit. And never underestimate the power of a good pair of shoes.

3. What was your style like as a teen?
I’m probably not alone in saying that I cringe a little when I look back at old photos of myself (although I definitely think this is more focused around the ages of 11-12… the braids with beads at the ends didn’t help!). For the most part, it was a lot of very fitted tank tops with bootcut jeans and skinny jeans, worn with a fabric belt from Supre. I also was incredibly fond of mini mini skirts worn with a printed t-shirt, always worn bare legged, even in the middle of winter…

4. What type of outfit do you wear the most?
I tend to go for really simple silhouettes; more often than not you’ll find me in a pair of slim fit trousers with a loose fitting top, an a-line skirt with a billowy blouse tucked in, or a fitted skirt worn with an oversized jumper.

5.Who is your favourite designer?
My two absolute favourite designers are Karen Walker and Nic Briand/Susien Chong from Lover. I’ve been purchasing at least a piece a season from both labels since the age of 16 (scary to think it’s been over 10 years!), and I feel like they are both brands which have continued to evolve and grow along with me. Since moving to Australia, I’ve also become completely smitten with Ellery and Maticevski, the latter of which is definitely a designer I would love to add into my wardrobe. At the more unattainable end of the scale, I’m a huge fan of Celine – mostly for the accessories – Chloe, and Proenza Schouler.

The simple things

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kingsway design minimal jewellery geometric
kingsway design minimal jewellery geometric
kingsway design minimal jewellery geometric
kingsway design minimal jewellery geometric

Kingsway Design jewellery, Everlane ryan tank

With the odd exception – like a statement necklace – I like to keep my jewellery minimal like I keep my outfits minimal. Simple and to a point. Obvious, but then so glaringly not obvious; it’s that mentality of sheer subtlety which has stuck with me through the years.

Which is why I felt a connection with Kingsway Design. Without sounding like I’m gushing (which I’m so often apt to do), there’s a beauty to such minimal, geometric designs in their purest, most raw form. And I guess, it’s this innate characteristic which draws me in. So little in life is perfect; so much happens behind the lens which is unseen, and that’s the not-so-hidden charm of a handmade piece like this. Those slight imperfections become a hint at the person behind the earring; a small detail to be cherished and forever loved.

And paired with a white cotton tank, it can’t get more simple than that.

Full length

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full length mirror minimal

image source; pinterest

I seem to have a little bit of a home decor hit list at the moment, and the next item I’m hoping to tick off is a full length, hugely oversized mirror to lean against the wall in our living room. Being all too conscious of the fact that we are still renting – meaning that taking a hammer to the wall is completely out of the question – it’s one of the solutions I’ve found which will allow us to add a bit of character to our living space while also detracting from the fact that our walls have been largely bare up until this point.

I’ve managed to pinpoint the exact style I’m after; a thick baroque frame, almost as wide as it is tall, in a rustic antique gold. While I’m definitely partial to the idea of slicking a few fresh coats of white paint on the frame (like the one above), I think it’s baby steps with this one. Let’s get it in the house first!