January Beauty Favourites

by jamie-lee on January 28, 2015, no comments

january beauty favourites 2015

How is it almost February already? I mean, it feels like this month was over in the blink of an eye. I’m always left feeling a little surprised and a little perplexed when we reach the end of the month; when did the days creep up on me so suddenly? What have I spent the last four weeks doing?

Well, I know in part that I’ve spent the last month loving the above products. I’ve been changing up my beauty and skincare routine, and discovering a few new favourites along the way – some surprising, some not at all, and of course I couldn’t help but throw in a few old faithfuls that I’ve started to gravitate towards again.

I’ve really started to branch out when it comes to skincare; the Shu Uemura cleansing oil – which I never thought I would love – has been incredible for removing all of my makeup so effortlessly, while making my skin feel smooth and moisturized. In the evening, I’ve been generously applying the Grown Alchemist Facial serum to my face, with particular focus around the eyes, and it’s been doing wonders for my skin (and for my eczema/dry patches!). When it comes to the shower, I generally pick up a bottle of something sweet smelling from the supermarket, but back in November I decided to splurge on a body wash from Philosophy. It’s coconut scented, so as you can imagine, it is ridiculously delicious smelling, and judging by how little is left in the bottle, I’m going to have to pick up a new one p-r-e-t-t-y soon.

Towards the end of 2014, I decided to invest in some new brushes for applying my makeup, mostly because I was pretty brush-poor to begin with. I opted for Sigma, and Sigma’s flat top kabuki brush has become my go-to for applying foundation in the morning. It makes the entire process so quick and easy, and I can’t stress just how natural it makes your skin look. The word I’d probably use? ‘Airbushed’.

My makeup collection has really grown in the last few months and I’ve been discovering some new favourites – although no surprises there. The it. Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores HD powder has been a lifesaver on a hot day. It truly helps to mattify my skin and eliminate much of the ‘greasiness’ that you get at the end of a long, sun-soaked day. I’ve absolutely been loving the E.L.F eyeshadow duo, and I have this in the shade ‘butter pecan’. It’s such a natural combination, it is very pigmented, and I know it is going to be great for travel. I know I’ve talked about this before, but for my lashes I have been reaching for the Full Fat Lashes mascara from Charlotte Tilbury. I’d almost go so far as to say it is my Holy Grail mascara – when I wear it, it almost looks like I have falsies on, that is how incredible the effect is. For lips, it’s a new brand (to me at least), the Bite Beauty crème matte lip balm in the shade ‘fraise’. It’s a pinky-raspberry hue and it smells just like a field of strawberries. Not to mention the fact that it is SO incredibly creamy and easy to wear.

I tried to keep it pretty short and sweet this month, although it’s hard not to go on and on when you find so many products you love, all at the same time. I’d love to know what your favourites have been this month, so let me know in the comments below! x

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The Panda flat

by jamie-lee on January 26, 2015, 6 comments

charlotte olympia panda flats velvet

Charlotte Olympia panda flats

January has been pretty quiet on the shopping front. No notable purchases; and actually, there’s really only one to speak of, these quirky velvet panda flats from Charlotte Olympia (I just couldn’t resist). With less than one week left until my birthday, I sorta figured, why not #treatyoself?

Cheap & Cheerful

by jamie-lee on January 24, 2015, 2 comments

budget beauty haul maybelline nyx jordana rimmel

I’ve gone on a little bit of a budget beauty spree as of late – I’ve hit the virtual shopping shelves of BeautyJoint and iHerb, as well as dropping into my local Priceline ‘on the regular’. While I am quick to splash out on some Charlotte Tilbury, or pick up a few designer lipsticks, there’s no beating the thrill of finding something which is just as good on the cheaper end of the scale.

You’ll probably notice a bit of a theme – I do love a good neutral-toned eyeshadow or an almost nude pink lipstick. I picked up a little bit of everything from E.L.F, Physician’s Formula, Jordana, Milani, Rimmel and NYX.

I haven’t had time to fully test everything yet, but I have been loving the E.L.F eyeshadow duo in Butter Pecan, the Jordana 12 hour liquid eye pencil in Espresso Last, and the Maybelline Colour Drama lip pencils (which are all too incredible to really narrow it down to one).

I’ve put together a bit of a “haul” video over on YouTube, so if you’re interested in hearing a little bit more about each of the products that I picked up (a mini-review of sorts) and are wanting to see a few swatches, you can check it out here.

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In spirits

by jamie-lee on January 22, 2015, 4 comments

acne studios copy tee karen walker benah bag josh goot skirt
acne studios copy tee karen walker benah bag josh goot skirt
valentino rockstud kitten heels

Acne Studios ‘copy’ linen t-shirt (in white or cheaper alternative), Josh Goot skirt, Valentino rockstud kitten heels, Karen Walker x Benah ‘sloane’ satchel, MBMJ katie bracelet

This week has just been one of those weeks; you know, the ones which are so mentally and emotionally draining that you cannot wait for the weekend to finally roll around – and a long weekend at that (because, ‘Straya day’).

While it probably would have served as the perfect opportunity for a weekend getaway (especially now that we have a car – !!), I for one am glad that we’ll be keeping it pretty low-key. And if the weather manages to hold up (rising up to 37 deg C this Sunday), I think I’ll be sweatin’ it out in nothing but this Acne linen tee and a pair of vintage denim shorts. Only thing missing is a pair of jandals (sorry, “thongs”), an esky stocked up with a dozen ice cold beers, and a cool bevvy (stubby holder and all) in hand.

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Everlane ryan tanks – a review

by jamie-lee on January 20, 2015, 7 comments

everlane ryan slouchy tank muscle tank review

Word on the street is that the barometer hit 44 degrees (Celsius, that is) in Perth just the other week. And we’ve still got another two months of summer to enjoy (or endure – depending on how you look at it).

As a bit of a precursor to the hot summer days, I picked up a few of Everlane’s ‘Ryan’ tanks after coming up short on my hunt in Sydney. I wasn’t asking for much; a modest neckline, lightweight fabric, loose fit through the body and armholes which weren’t oversized – basically a tank which was relatively office friendly. The Ryan tank seemed to fit the bill, and so I did what any girl with a wardrobe lacking in summer basics would do; I ordered multiple in varying colours.

I ended up with the muscle tank in white, and the slouchy ryan tank in marle grey and charcoal; the latter two of which have been in regular rotation since they arrived in my PO Box. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

> The slouchy ryan tank
The fit: I’ve gotta warn you guys, these tanks are incredibly oversized – much more than I’d anticipated. I’m generally an AU 8 so opted for the size S and regretted not downsizing to an XS once they arrived. It’s quite a bit looser than what I was after however at $20 USD I’m not complaining – and given how much I’ve worn these tanks since receiving them, it’s not the be-all-end-all. The S measures 50cm underarm to underarm, and bear in mind that the fabric is light and has a bit of stretch to it. Moral of the story? Size down if you’re planning on picking up one of these tanks for a loose, streamlined fit.

The cut: One of the things I love most about these tanks is the cut. They’re modest, but not overly so, with a rounded neckline which is not too low (you won’t have much – if any – cleavage showing), the armholes are comfortably loose yet conceal any bra straps underneath, and it is cut straight down through the body, ending at the hips.

The quality: The quality was everything I expected, and then some. Incredibly soft, and they wash so well. The fabric is thick enough that it is opaque yet lightweight enough that you can comfortably withstand the Sydney heat. I’ll definitely be buying back-ups.

> The muscle tank
The fit: Again, just like with the slouchy tank, this is an oversized fit. If you’re looking for something loose, but not overly so, then you are going to want to size down.

The cut: This fits just like a muscle tank; it has a high neck, and is a boxy cut across the shoulders. I personally like this particular style however if you have quite broad shoulders this might not be the most flattering tank for you.

The quality: Honestly? I was most disappointed with this tank out of the three I ordered. The fabric is incredibly sheer (a nude bra is glaringly obvious when you have this tank on) which has made it very difficult to wear. It’s certainly more of a weekend top and I get the feeling it would look quite good with a black lace bralette worn underneath (because, why not?). In saying that, the fabric is incredibly soft and feels lovely against the skin. I haven’t washed this one yet so I’m hoping that when I do, that it fares well in the wash as I didn’t have much luck when I used the steamer on it (so cold water only with this one I think!).

For those of you thinking of placing an Everlane order, I’ve done a much more detailed review which you can view here. I’ve given it a bit of an update to include measurements for those not too sure about sizing.

I’m already thinking about what to order next (the box cut poplin shirt is pretty tempting!) what with the release of their Breton stripe tops scheduled for the very near future. What’s on your Everlane wishlist?

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