Pounding the Pavement

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asos bejewelled flats

The humble flat has been the unsung hero of my wardrobe this year, as I’ve made the conscious choice to shift towards comfort and sensibility over height – which at 5’8″, I probably don’t need too much of!

My favorites by far are my well-worn kitty flats (which have definitely seen better days), or really anything by Charlotte Olympia, who seems to have struck the perfect balance between something that is not only comfortable to wear, but that looks cute too. For those of us (myself included!) with champagne taste on a beer budget, I’ve been doing the hard yards scouring the Internet to find some cute – and quirky – flats which won’t break the bank. The latest addition to my wardrobe clocked in at just under $80, which I think proves the point that you don’t have to spend upwards of $500 for a new pair of pavement beaters.

So click through the arrows in the carousel below to see my flats of choice for the Spring season…


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dion lee corrugated pleat cress cameo right on cardigan asos camo clutch
dion lee corrugated pleat cress cameo right on cardigan asos camo clutch
dion lee corrugated pleat cress cameo right on cardigan asos camo clutch
dion lee corrugated pleat cress cameo right on cardigan asos camo clutch
dion lee corrugated pleat cress cameo right on cardigan asos camo clutch
dion lee corrugated pleat cress cameo right on cardigan asos camo clutch

Dion Lee [II] corrugated pleated strapless dress, C/meo right on cardigan (similar), Givenchy sequin heels (also love this style), ASOS camo clutch

With all the miserable weather forecast for the few days we had in Wellington, I couldn’t have predicted that we would have a more beautiful day for our engagement party. The sun was shining and the windy city a little less… windy.

I nabbed this pleated confection from Dion Lee a few weeks before we left, as it seemed like the perfect excuse to wear something white (other than at the wedding, of course!). My dear friend Nina and I shot these photos just as the light was fading over the inner lagoon by the Wellington Rowing Club, and I don’t think she could have captured the moment (or my sentiments of the evening) more perfectly. Filled to the brim with happiness, both at being in my home town (if ever so briefly) and for the chance to celebrate such a special moment with all of my friends and family. There are very few times in my short life that I’ve felt absolutely overwhelmed and overcome with emotion, and this night was definitely one of them.

For those of you curious enough to want to get a glimpse into my trip home, I vlogged our time there which you can check out here. And, for those of you wanting to get a peek of my dress above in motion, Nina also very kindly shot – and edited (!!) – the video below. Enjoy! x

Scholl Velvet Smooth nail tool review

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scholl velvet smooth nail tool review

I have these memories of being 15, sitting on the school bus with my girlfriends and buffing and polishing our nails to p-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n. At school, nail polish was not allowed, so as blossoming young women (trying to express ourselves), this was the next best thing.

That was more than ten years ago and boy does it show – ridges have popped up with a vengeance and that all too satisfying shine is just well… a far-flung memory. So, when I had the opportunity to try Scholl’s new Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System* ($59.99), I jumped at the chance. Who doesn’t want to feel 15 again?

Basically, the idea is that it takes all the legwork out of filing, buffing, and shining your nails – which to someone like me who is often too lazy to removed her chipped nail polish, couldn’t have sounded better. The nail tool comes with three heads, which are all numbered for convenience; 1 for filing, 2 for buffing, and 3 for polishing. And if you’re really wanting to give your nails a treat, there’s a nourishing oil you can use as a fourth step to soften your cuticles (and get rid of hang nails I’d assume!). The way this works is that once turned on, the nail head will move (very quickly) in a back and forward motion – so all you need to do is move this around your nail as desired.

Truthfully, I’ve got to say I have mixed feelings about this. The vibrating motion when filing your nails can become quite uncomfortable, although the process can be quite quick, and I’ve found that it’s been more suitable to fixing up any small snags that I’ve gotten on my nails from time to time.

But really, it’s the second step I have the most reservations about. Perhaps the ridges on my nails are too heavily pronounced, but even after buffing one nail for five minutes, I found that the ridges had not been evened out (just mildly buffed down). It might be better for someone who doesn’t have the same ridge problem I appear to have, as it’s such an easy step. Step three is by far my favorite. The satisfaction you get from looking down at a set of shiny looking nails makes it all worth it. My nails looked healthier than they have in years, and it doesn’t take long to build up a decent amount of shine. The final step, the nail care oil, really does make the whole process seem so luxurious – to the point that I’ve been tempted to ask Luke to massage the oil into my cuticles so it feels like a salon treatment!

It’s definitely a pretty penny to drop on a nail tool so it’s not one for those on a budget! However, one thing I do love about the glossy result is that my nail polish applies a lot more smoothly and appears much more even now than before I started using the tool.

As for any final thoughts… Like with anything, there’s definitely some pros and cons, and ultimately it’s up to what you’re looking for in a nail tool that will determine whether this is right for you. I’m convinced that had my ridges not been so prominent, I would have enjoyed using this more, but for now, I’m still firmly seated on the fence. The one thing that does have me hooked? The ultra glossy shine; there’s nothing like a good throwback to your teens!

Packing for a five day trip away

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packing for a five day trip holiday getaway capsule minimal travel

Packing for any kind of holiday is downright difficult; be it an overnighter, a week, or a month away, there’s always that underlying question… ‘did I pack too much, too little, or just enough?’.

Last Wednesday, Luke and I flew to Wellington for a five-night stay to celebrate our engagement with friends and family, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a whirlwind trip – they’re always over too soon!

I’m the type that tries to fly with just a carry-on (and a very large shopper tote), so I try to narrow down my travel-drobe as much as possible. I managed to keep it to just the essentials (even if my make up bag was overflowing a little…), keeping in mind that what little I packed would need to be effortlessly paired together. I find that the most fail safe combination is a neutral palette of black, white, grey and navy, so I focused my suitcase heavily on those four colours.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the weather was *mostly* miserable – Saturday was the exception – so I tried to pack with this in mind. Which honestly, was a little tough given my Spring capsule is so heavily geared toward warmer weather. I ended up swapping out a couple of my shoes for two pairs which were a little more appropriate (my Acne jensens and Charlotte Olympia kitty flats), and packed a couple of pairs of stockings just in case.

The most useful things I packed? A HUGE blanket like scarf and a heavy leather jacket, which were truly a lifesaver against the bitterly cold wind you often get in Wellington. And what I could have done without? The Everlane silk tank I hastily packed and one fewer skirt – outfit repeating (or remixing) is 100% okay, especially when on holiday.

Do you have a formula when you pack for a trip away? Or do you throw the kitchen sink and them some into a bag and hope for the best? x

Words can only…

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asos pleated skirt givenchy sequin heels

Acne Studios leather jacket, Karen Walker belt, ASOS pleated skirt, Givenchy sequin heels, Benah x Karen Walker satchel

I don’t think I’ve ever been more overwhelmed by the kindness, thoughtfulness, love, and support of all of the people I hold dearest to me than I’ve felt these past few days. It hasn’t been the easiest of years for me, and to have everyone come together and celebrate our engagement last night was one of the most special gifts that we could have ever received.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Luke and I are feeling a little worse for wear this morning, but it’s nothing a big bottle Lewis Road Creamery chocolate milk can’t fix!