Everyday beauty

every day beauty routine makeup

With most days seeing the barometer hit the low thirties (which is nothing to scoff at – trust me!) I’ve taken to stripping my daily beauty routine back a notch.

Tropical weather and humidity aren’t exactly kind, and aside from wondering what a good hair day actually looks like, I’ve been dialing down the number of cream and liquid-based products I use. Any kind of base has gone out the window – I opt for a more fresh-faced look, as my foundations are unlikely to last past morning tea. Instead, I’ve been starting with a small amount of bronzer brushed around the frame of my face, focusing on the temples just to give me a bit of glow. I’m yet to find a new matte bronzer that I like so I mainly switch it up between the Essence Matte Bronzing Powder (in brunette) and the contour shade from Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze and Glow. Occasionally, I’ll tap a little of the highlight shade on the tops of my cheekbones to add a bit of glow and dimension – too many mattifying products on the skin can make you look a little bit flat!

For the cheeks, I’m loving a subtle pink flush, and have been reaching for Clinique’s Cheek Pop in ‘Pink Pop’ most days. It’s a sheer formula that needs to be built up, making it perfect for beginners, or those who are trying to avoid going overboard.

My go to eyeshadow palette has been the Tarte Tartelette palette. Twelve matte shadows ranging from peach to beige to plum to chocolate, it’s an all-rounder that can take you from day to night. The shadows are quite pigmented, and build up really nicely on the skin – my favourite way to wear it is with Supermom dusted all over the lid, and Natural Beauty and Best Friend in the outer corner to create a bit of shadow and definition to the socket.

I’ve been switching between liquid and pencil liner, although my favourite is still hands down the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner. This stuff does not budge, and is a cinch to apply. For lashes, I’ve been trying out a deluxe sample from Chantecaille, and have been loving it so much that I’m probably going to nab the full size once it runs out. It’s the Faux Cils mascara; it really lengthens and separates your lashes (no clumping, at all!) and dries down incredibly quickly. I’m usually a one coat kind of girl but I put on a second coat of the Faux Cils, to add a little bit of extra length.

I am still yet to pick up a new Brow Wiz from Anastasia Beverley Hills, so I’ve been making do with either my Eye Pencil from MAC in ‘Coffee’ to fill them in lightly, or Rimmel’s Brow This Way in ‘Medium Brown’ for a more subtle take.

Lipstick hasn’t been one of my top priorities, to tell the truth, instead I’ve been opting for a swipe of Nuxe Reve De Miel before I head out the door. On the days where I’ve decided to make a little bit of extra effort, I’ll throw Charlotte Tilbury in ‘Penelope Pink’ or Stoned Rose in my bag to apply on the go.

In session

max mara heels shoes black court

Max Mara heels

While I’m planning to talk in more detail about why I think a classic black court shoe is such an essential piece to have in your wardrobe, I thought I’d share one of my more recent additions with you. Low, silver block heel, pointed toe, and a slick glossy leather, these are everything I’ve been searching for, and then some.

As much as I love a good four inch heel, they don’t make for the best of companions when you’re walking a good six kilometres (or more) every day. These low heeled beauties from Max Mara on the other hand tick all the boxes, and don’t come attached with a set of dreaded blisters come 5.00pm.

If you’re in the camp of, the higher the better (or are just in the market for a new pair of shoes…), I’ve rounded up some of my current favourites below x

Art for Art’s Sake

minted gallery wall home decor

Constellation print in indigo*, Point Lobos Flash print*

Perhaps a little disheartened by Nigel destroying my beloved Beni Ourain, I’ve been slow to decorate – especially when you take into account that we’ve been living in our little slice of suburbia for almost a year now. Instead of pining over the rug that was, I’ve taken to the walls, quite literally.

I’ve been wanting to start building a gallery wall for years now, but the monumental task of carefully curating a selection of mismatched prints always stopped me.

So instead of trying to pull it together all at once, I’m doing it bit by bit. And these two gorgeous prints are just the beginning…

All tied up

everlane u neck t shirt lover denim skirt
everlane u neck t shirt lover denim skirt
everlane u neck t shirt lover denim skirt

Everlane u-neck t-shirt, Lover white denim skirt (similar), ASOS bandana, Cuyana tote bag (also love this Madewell one), KW x Pointer suede loafers (similar)

This is one for the weekend (or a casual Friday in the office, if you can get away with it, like me).My new favourite accessory to wear with anything that is just slightly too low cut for me is a bandana, tied loosely around the neck. I picked mine up from ASOS, although have a bunch of mum’s vintage silk scarves tucked away in my drawer, which I’ll be pulling up this winter to jazz up a few of my more minimally styled outfits.

My weekend has been pretty quiet so far; a quick (and fruitful) trip to the Sydney Flower Markets at the crack of dawn on Saturday, the usual 4km run with Nigel (any longer and he’ll throw himself on the ground in protest!), and a little bit of lazing out in the sunshine. Can Sunday just go on forever please?

5PFW – The French Wardrobe Challenge

five piece french wardrobe challenge

2016 seems to be the year of challenges; the 30 day minimalism challenge, the project 333 wardrobe challenge, and now, the five piece French wardrobe challenge. With a lot of fulfilling experiences and memories to look forward to in the next eight months, it felt only natural to try and make our home life (or should I say.. my wardrobe) a little bit lighter.

For those of you who weren’t around this time last year, the 5PFW Challenge has three rules:

– Only 5 key pieces per season
– Basics don’t count
– Shoes and accessories do count

There are a couple of minor caveats, of course.

Basics do count if you’re spending more than you normally would. If your t-shirt budget generally sits around the $50 mark, then a $75 t-shirt would have to be included as one of your five pieces for the season. If it’s $50 or less, then it doesn’t count.

Deciding which pieces are basics (and which aren’t) is up to your discretion, but for reference, I consider the following to be wardrobe essentials: t-shirts, tanks, cotton/silk blouses, mariniere, plain merino knit sweaters, simple shift dresses, plain pencil or a-line skirts, jeans, slim fit trousers, leggings, blazers, wool coats, ballet flats, loafers, and flat boots.

These basic pieces form the foundation of my wardrobe – for the most part – and play a large role in the majority of my day to day outfits. I prefer to keep the shades of these fairly neutral if I’m considering them a basic; think white/cream, blush, all shades of grey, navy and black, but you could definitely switch this up if you’re more of a colour chameleon than I am.

The same goes for replacements – if something wears out and needs replacing, it’s only to be included in your five pieces if it costs above and beyond what you’d normally spend.

Simple, right?

For those wondering how long a season runs for, typically it’s a ‘fashion’ season; Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter, however I think that you can interpret this however you like. Opting for six months right off the bat can be a little like diving into the deep end, particularly if you’re trying to starve off a shopping addiction.

Last year, I found myself staring at a defined list of what I was after for the season ahead, but in the end, I came away with more surprises than anything I’d tried to set in concrete. This time, I’ve decided to take a more relaxed approach; I’ve love some new knitwear, possibly a new coat (I get the feeling anything pink will be taking my fancy), some low heeled boots… pretty self-explanatory really.

I’ve put together a very quick video on the French wardrobe challenge over on YouTube that you can watch here if you’re so inclined, and for those of you that are thinking of trying this for yourselves, I’d love to know: are you in favour of the planning approach, or do you prefer to take it as it comes?

PS. For those of you who have fancied my Celine trio, I’ve decided to let mine go. You can take a peek (or buy it) here x