Daisy chain

Lover daisy chain dress (similar), Karen Walker cardigan, Chloe susanna boots, Proenza Schouler PS11 bag, KW bunny bracelet, Gorjana stacking rings

With every day feeling like just another excuse to be lazy and throw on a breezy sun dress or tee and skirt combo, I can’t help but take that laziness one step further and elect to reach for the same select few. This dress being one of them. It’s one of those things that I missed out on the first time around, not quite realising its full potential, only to happen across it at a later stage. A little bit of alteration to bring down the hem line bringing the wearability to an all time high. And of course, it’s Lover, so that by default seems to earn it a place in my wardrobe.

Seems strange to think that January is already over, and yet one month in, I already feel like I have learnt a lot. Such things as, don’t attempt to run 14km outside when you haven’t done so in two years, the next new big thing is always around the corner whether you know it or not, and New Zealand has a lot more to offer than I ever imagined – to the point that I’m already mentally thinking of places to go that are road-trip worthy.

I’m not sure how much luck I’m truly having with my New Year’s resolution, after spending time identifying the missing gaps it almost feels like starting from scratch would be so much simpler. It probably doesn’t help that my impatience for certain things has reached new levels. But, on the positive side, I have somehow miraculously managed to cut down on my chocolate/sugar consumption, which is never an easy feat for the girl who brought home a dedicated suitcase of chocolate, candies, and peanut butter when I was last in the United States. How have you all been going with your resolutions? Hopefully more successful than I’ve been!

A whirlwind trip to Queenstown

Lover solar denim dress (similar), Pointer x KW loafers, Karen Walker sunglasses & botanicals ring, Proenza Schouler PS11 bag

I was never one of those children who spent their holidays travelling around New Zealand. For the most part, I’d spend my days at my grandparents place playing out in the sun, and when I got a bit older, I’d often end up in Canberra visiting my dad. Suffice to say, I was looking forward to finally getting to visit Queenstown (for a wedding – which is exciting in itself), a part of the country I had heard so many good things about.

Never have I been somewhere in New Zealand that is just so picturesque. Lakes upon lakes upon rugged mountains, with lush green trees crowding the landscape, it almost feels like a part of the world which has gone untouched. It wasn’t long into my trip before I suddenly found myself wishing that I had more time to experience and enjoy the city, and all it has to offer – as riding the gondola up to the lookout as well as a bit of “racing” around on the luge only seemed to be the tip of the iceberg of things to do there. Queenstown, I hope to see you again soon.

Style reflections: Best 12 of 2012

I’ve been meaning to do this post for so long, and with life getting in the way, I’ve only just found myself with the time to reflect on what have been the best 12 additions to my wardrobe in 2012. So, in no particular order…

1. Charlotte Olympia kitty flats
2. Celine taupe leather wallet
3. Mimco starlight embellished necklace
4. Givenchy gold sequinned heels
5. Lover white magick lace dress
6. Glassons peplum top
7. Alexander Wang emile tote bag
8. Chloe new susan biker quilted boots/Chloe susanna studded boots
9. Zara crochet knit jacket
10. Equipment white sleeveless blouse
11. Karen Walker iris print boat pants
12. Girl. by Band of Outsiders white woven skirt

From one of my first purchases of the year, to one of my very last, these have already proven to be the 12 best wardrobe investments I’ve made in the last year. Some, were lucky sale purchases or eBay finds, some were impulse purchases, and some were planned and well thought out, all of which seems to reflect the fact that you never know how much you will wear or use something until you take it home. Additionally, the price points differed drastically, which proves the point that you don’t always need to spend a lot of money to find something well-made, that will last, although in my case when I have splurged and spent a little more on an item, the materials have been of considerably higher quality.

For 2013, I’m expecting or hoping some of my best additions will include things like a new pair of leather sandals, sweet and simple silk blouses, a new trench coat, and a handful of statement necklaces, but only time, and my shopping impulses, will tell.

Ode to the 90s

Enza Costa stripe top, Lover “deetz” skirt (similar), Alexander Wang kori oxfords, Proenza Schouler PS11 bag, H&M necklace, Karen Walker rings

Been feeling a little monochromatic lately, as I reach for anything and everything black, with the occasional splash of white here or there. Definitely not a reflection of my mood, which is still decidedly bubbly, rather than moody or sombre like my recent choices would otherwise suggest. I still can’t help but feel a little like I’m channelling Cher from Clueless everytime I wear this Lover skirt, which as far as I’m concerned, is certainly not a bad thing.

I’m looking forward to yet another three day weekend, as I head down to Queenstown tomorrow for Luke’s brother’s wedding, to which I promise I won’t commit the sin of wearing black (or white for that matter)! It’s my first time venturing any further south than Nelson so I must admit that I am pretty excited, not only for Luke’s brother and his fiance, but for the opportunity to get a small taste of the beautiful Queenstown, which I have heard so much about. On that note, I’m off to pack my bag, as it’s an early wake up call tomorrow morning!

On personal style: Style reflections of 2012

2012 has been a year of many purchases, and just as many culls, a fact which I truly am loathe to acknowledge or wish to admit. I’ve found irony in the number of times that I vowed I would attempt to shop smarter, or cut down on my number of purchases. Neither of which I seem to have achieved in any respect, instead choosing to play up the number of frivolities I indulged in over the year.

I’ve found myself becoming increasingly drawn to the same kinds of images, perhaps a reflection of my style inclinations maturing, although who could say. Unsurprisingly the looks espoused in these images are comprised of stripes, skinny jeans or tapered trousers, silky blouses, streamlined skirts, and a simple colour palette devoid of excessive or bold prints.

This slight change in tastes has led to changes that are aligned or somewhat parallel in my wardrobe. Well, as aligned as possible, and in accordance with my lifestyle. As you can imagine, over time this meant parting with a number of items in my wardrobe that in reality, just didn’t fit, and was not limited to things such as incredibly high heels, frothy sugar-laced skirts and most prints that were loud in nature.

What has resulted is a wardrobe that is much more balanced, cohesive, with a much smaller focus on “impact” or “statement” pieces – an effect that can be much more simply acquired through accessories. Essentially, taking off on Nina’s idea of modest dressing, with statement shoes. Rather than feeling like I have nothing to wear, I can get dressed within a matter of minutes (or less!), yet I don’t feel like I am without options.

It probably helps that I have finally come to the realisation that just because something looks stunning on someone else, does not mean that the same will ring true for me (unfortunately). In a similar vein, I’ve started to consider how versatile a new purchase would be in my wardrobe – something I hope allows for a more thoughtful approach to shopping, although I”m pretty sure I’ve said something along those lines before.

While I don’t find myself defeated in my apparent wish to be a smarter shopper in 2012, I can always, and do, hope to do better in 2013. I’m not particularly fond of resolutions, as I feel that quite often it involves setting yourself up for disappointment, my own shopping resolution for 2013 is for my purchases to total less than half what I bought in 2012. Have you made any shopping resolutions for 2013?