Fashion Week….

kate sylvester MBFWA 2013 the last sitting

Kate Sylvester, ‘The Last Sitting’, MBFWA 2013

It’s two hours before midnight, Fashion Week is looming, and I am completely and utterly unprepared. Facing the prospect of completing a marketing test at 10pm this evening, my lack of concern seems somewhat warranted, as my entire focus today has revolved around reading and re-reading my many elaborate notes. Unlike last year, I’ll be working straight through the week, popping down to the Carriageworks for the few shows I’m adamant I can’t miss. While I doubt I can take too many liberties with what I’m wearing throughout the week – a relief considering the first thought was, what do I even wear? – at least I can get a little creative in the one area that counts, accessories. Which by accessories I really just mean shoes. Watch this space…

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