On finding the perfect t-shirt

t-shirt streetstyle fashion blog
t-shirt streetstyle fashion blog
t-shirt streetstyle fashion blog

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The most elusive of all wardrobe essentials, is the perfect t-shirt. A quick trawl through the copious amounts of streetstyle images, in which women are so nonchalantly flicking their hair with the perfectly slouchy yet structured just ‘so’ t-shirt would have you thinking differently.

For years, I chose to forgo owning any t-shirts at all, so frustrated was I with a search that had time and time again, proven to be wholly unsuccessful. But, my tendencies toward a more minimal or simplistic wardrobe rekindled my desire to continue my search, in the hopes that it would have fruitful returns.

My own search finally ended a couple of months back, after deciding to take a gamble on a couple of linen/silk t-shirts from T by Alexander Wang, sight unseen of course. Thankfully, it’s one which paid off, with the style, the cut, the fabric and the length ticking all the boxes.

//fabric: I’m yet to find a simple cotton tee that is flattering, drapes in just the right places, which is ever so slightly sheer. Until I find that perfect cotton tee, I’ve developed a soft spot for linen, which wears well, and has that subtle transparency which is borderline sexy.

//fit: My preference is for a shape that is slightly loose in the body, with relatively closely cut sleeves; slightly boxy even, although I’ll avoid anything too oversized.

//style: I’ve learnt from my past mistakes that scoop necklines only serve to make me feel slightly overexposed, and these particular t-shirts often go unworn. Instead, I prefer the neckline to graze or just cover the collarbone, and sleeves which skin the shoulders and fall to halfway down my bicep.

//length: Nothing too short, I prefer those which just hit the hip. For my height and shape these seem to be the most flattering.

If, like me, your search is mostly relegated to that which you find online, it makes an impossible task seem even more so. While for the moment, I’ve found my perfect t-shirt, I’ve scouted out a few alternatives which you can see below, for those of you who are still looking.


  1. Courtney November 29, 2013 / 11:07 pm

    I agree with the above criteria but I am interested in what your thoughts are on the care instructions… The dry cleaning bill will be enormous hah !

    • jamie-lee November 30, 2013 / 11:05 am

      I’m pretty sure the T by Alexander Wang tees are hand washable, as I’ve hand washed mine and they’ve turned out okay! Most things that say dry clean only tend to be fine if you hand wash them but its always good to do a spot check (like a pocket on a dress) to be sure

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