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salasai home liberte et damour homewares
salasai home liberte et damour homewares
salasai home liberte et damour homewares
salasai home liberte et damour homewares

As someone who spent the better part of the weekend scouring furniture and homeware stores for side tables, lamps, kitchen knives and almost everything in between (I’m not even kidding), the launch of Salasai’s homewares range could not have been better timed. Drawing inspiration from their AW14 collection, ‘Liberte et D’amour’, the extension into homewares is far from a fleeting thought, the carefully curated range of duvets, pillow cases and cushions invoking striking elements from RTW.

I had a brief chat with one half of the Salasai design team, Kelly Watson, on the design process, the tremendous growth of the label, and where to from here.

How did you get your start in the fashion industry?
Retail… where I met Kirsha, Head Designer of Salasai. We have been pretty much been inseparable since then (apart from that time, she moved to Perth). From there, I’ve tried my hand in a lot of different aspects of fashion which is the nature of being involved in a boutique brand where a small team work really hard to make everything happen.

It’s been great following the natural progression of the Salasai label; how natural was the progression from RTW clothing to homewares?
The idea that we would one day venture into home ware was planted long ago, our decision on its beginning was about timing for us. The design process and planning is very similar to the way we work on the RTW, so in that sense the development of each range is very natural.

I love that the homewares range incorporates elements of the AW14 collection; is this a trend that we will see continuing in the future?
Absolutely. We put a lot of consideration into each season’s story and the print that represents it. To be able to use it in another form is great and we won’t be deviating from that. No way!

Can you describe the design process, and how you reached a decision on the final product?
Largely the print is the reference point for home ware. After our RTW is designed, we have the colours, textures and silhouettes to incorporate into the home ware, making sure the two talk together cohesively. Together, Kirsh and I brainstorm the basis of the range, then fight over the details until we are both happy.

Homewares are such an integral part to interior decor – describe your ideal home! One level, wide open space with high stud and great lighting. My ideal home would have unique and rare fixtures as well as all the mod-cons.

What’s next for Salasai?
Growing our International market is a focus for us right now.

Minimalism, opulence, or somewhere in-between?
Hahaha, both!

What has been your biggest fashion disaster?
So many to remember! Maybe after my first child, I made a few wardrobe decisions based on my old figure and didn’t want to realise things had changed and would take time and hard work to go back. I’m talking about jeans that are two sizes too small!

If you were stranded on a desert island, and could only take five things with you, what would they be?
If I was stranded on a desert Island, I would be sooooo happy to relax with nothing but my iPod & my Petalhead lip balm. I would need my iPhone so I can be eventually saved and a razor so I’m tidy when I get saved.

What is the most common fashion mistake you see girls making?
I hate seeing a girl look uncomfortable. Whether it’s wearing something that is ill-fitting or wearing something you know is killing them.

What is the one piece every girl should have in her wardrobe?
Our ‘Trench’ from AW14 is an absolute must. Other than that, I think there is about 50 absolute musts for any girls wardrobe.

To see the rest of the collection (as well as take a peek at their Autumn/Winter RTW collection) head on over to the Salasai website – they ship internationally too!


  1. Nina July 1, 2014 / 3:59 pm

    I fully agree with her answer to the second to last question! Especially when it comes to self inflicted shoe pain…

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