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The Big Apple

by jamie-lee on November 8, 2015, no comments

If you had to ask me which city was my favourite – out of all those that I’ve travelled to, so far – it would be a bit of a toss up between Paris and New York. Both vibrant cities, entrenched in their own very rich histories, with a combination of grimy, gritty back streets, […]

Packing for a five day trip away

by jamie-lee on October 6, 2015, no comments

Packing for any kind of holiday is downright difficult; be it an overnighter, a week, or a month away, there’s always that underlying question… ‘did I pack too much, too little, or just enough?’. Last Wednesday, Luke and I flew to Wellington for a five-night stay to celebrate our engagement with friends and family, and […]

The one thing

by jamie-lee on February 26, 2015, 3 comments

Celine cabas tote w/ gusset, Acne Studios Canada scarf There’s no arguing the fact that I flew to Wellington completely unprepared. No scarf, no jacket, no coat; just a suitcase full of lightweight skirts, sleeveless tops and oh… a single jumper and a lone pair of jeans. So, as I type this, I’m sitting snuggled […]

Packing for a long weekend away

by jamie-lee on January 29, 2015, 2 comments

It was a *little* last minute, but I’m currently en route to Wellington to spend a long weekend (and my birthday weekend at that) with my family. It’s a short and sweet trip; five days and four nights away from home, though I’m hoping that I’ve finally managed to nail the whole process of packing […]

Wellington in 24 hours

by jamie-lee on October 12, 2014, 8 comments

Home to excellent coffee, a thriving cafe culture and art scene, and of course that wind, there seemed like no better time to play tourist in my home town that on my recent trip back to Wellington. For those wanting to get a taste of the capital or rediscover it like I have, you’ll find […]