Checking in from Wellington

wellington worser bay seatoun wharf

So I’ve landed in Wellington, which as to be expected, was all smooth sailing until the moments before landing; never a city to land in for the faint at heart on a truly windy day, that’s for sure. I’ve spent the day re-acquainting myself with the neighbourhood, and returned home well-fed from an afternoon spent at my Yiayia’s – and a morning spent snacking on Whittaker’s hundreds & thousands chocolate – both *almost* reason enough to warrant a trip home (notwithstanding the real purpose – to visit family, of course!).

With my week already filling up with long coffee catch ups with friends, and a long list of cafes and intimate cocktail bars on my ‘must-do’ list, I’m not lost on things to do. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of visiting the windy capital, I’ll be putting together a guide of some of my favourite things to do (and see!) over the coming week.

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