NZFW: Twenty-Seven Names ‘I’m Lost’ AW 14

twenty seven names NZFW im lost
twenty seven names NZFW im lost
twenty seven names NZFW im lost
twenty seven names NZFW im lost

Twenty-Seven Names kicked off Fashion Week and boy did it deliver. Mariah Carey’s sweet melodies blasted out of speakers, setting the scene for their Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, ‘I’m Lost’. Inspired by the surrealist artworks of Rene Magritte, Rachel and Anjali took cues from Magritte’s famed symbols – the bowler hat and hearts a prominent feature in the collection. The collection strongly captures the Twenty-Seven Names aesthetic, the girl at a crossroads between dressing in floaty feminine dresses and all silk ensembles versus the tomboy in cuffed trousers, matching page boy blazer and bowler hat.

Rachel and Anjali unabashedly design for themselves, girl’s whose height is the antithesis of the gazelle-like models you usually see on the runway. Ankle-grazing duster coats were positively dreamy, in navy, camel and red tones, paired with the quintessentially gamine classics like skinny cropped trousers and cosy looking cable knit sweaters, the latter two already finding their way to the top of my winter wishlist for 2014. Next year, I see myself wanting to get lost, in Twenty-Seven Names that is.

ph. by me and Matthew Beveridge


  1. Chelsea Ruby September 3, 2013 / 5:52 pm

    I absolutely loved the show and I can’t agree more, I definitely have my eye on the matching blazer/ drawstring pant combo that was on the runway! 🙂

    p.s. I think I saw you walk past me once! I loved your outfit! And hallelujah for the good weather, I haven’t seen this much sun in Auckland in so long!

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