what bloggers wear

sketch chloe studded susanna boot
sketch kenzo tiger sweater
sketch anine bing studded booties
sketch celine luggage tote bag
sketch isabel marant dicker boot
sketch chanel vernis nail polish
sketch celine leopard espadrilles

Taking a quick break from writing two assignments as I wade ankle deep in academic articles and university text books. Always good for a quick fix before filling my head with concepts of management communication of the intricacies of consumer behaviour is something a little light-hearted. I stumbled across ‘Shit Bloggers Wear‘ fairly recently and love the unique approach to the world of fashion blogging. Perhaps the irony for me lies in the fact that I have either coveted or own some of the illustrated items, as certain pieces garner popularity, albeit occasionally only briefly. Oh, and if you haven’t seen this video yet, I suggest you do. Aside from the incredibly unique marketing campaign and buzz this has surely created, I can’t help but focus on the behaviours of the participants, and the clever way in which this was shot.


  1. Adela August 5, 2013 / 12:35 am

    It’s an interesting subject. Blogs changed the way I look at things. Even though I wanted THAT Celine bag for a brief moment, soon I was put off by seeing it on every other blog and lost interest. Most of the other items leave me cold.. They say to be a successful blogger you need to be unique, yet there are so many things/items they have in common. As shown here.. Bloggers have even put me off Zara a bit and it used to be my favourite shop. But seeing an item on every other blogger is boring.. So I rather shop elsewhere these days.
    Adela x


    • jamie-lee August 6, 2013 / 8:50 pm

      I have to agree with you – and that’s how I’ve felt about a lot of things. It’s like that Zara skort – I wasn’t even tempted as the first I saw of it wasn’t just a little, it was a LOT. Although I suppose that does seem to entice people to buy more often than not. I’ve definitely been a bit more strategic about where I shop these days, it’s nice to have something that’s unique.

  2. findmeamuse August 5, 2013 / 9:42 pm

    I hadn’t seen that blog before but I’ve just taken a look and it’s brilliant! What an interesting and unique was of blogging as you say. I’ve got some of the items but it was interesting to read the ‘about’ page. I cringed too thinking oh no… I’ve got some of the blogger popular items but at the end of the day, I like them and most I had before blogging so I don’t feel like they are such a ‘blogger’s sin item’ ha ha… I do agree with Adela though. Seeing some things everywhere you look does have an off putting effect. I think there is just so much on blogs these days that we just have more access to it and it gets overwhelming some times. Thanks for sharing. Great great blog!

    – Mandi

    • jamie-lee August 7, 2013 / 6:15 pm

      I hear you – I have been a little the same, although can’t deny I’ve been influenced at times, mostly because it has made me aware of something. I think I’ve become more immune though, or at least I hope! I’ve notice that I’ve been a bit more strategic about where I shop these days, it’s nice to have something that’s unique.

  3. Stephanie / FAIIINT August 6, 2013 / 3:49 am

    I came across that blog a few weeks ago too, I think another blogger linked to it, such a fun & interesting way of looking at fashion blogging. I spent ages scrolling through the pages & laughing! I don’t own that many things on the list, but there were a couple of items! Also, that Wang video scares me a little bit… Haha!

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