On finding the perfect pair of leather brogues

karen walker beau coops domino brogues

Finding the perfect anything is a little like finding your one true love. It is only uncovered in those moments where the thought of such a thing is long forgotten, and nigh on impossible to come across until that point. To measure perfection would be akin to attempting to measure success; based solely on personal expectations rather than a cookie cutter mold of one size fits all.

Over the last two or so years, I’ve found myself in a perpetual game of cat and mouse as I search in vain, for the perfect pair of jeans, the perfect white blazer, and the perfect pair of ballet flats, to name just a few. While my search has elicited more failures than I care to acknowledge, I have had a number of successes which have met my rather particular specifications. During the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on finding those seemingly perfect foundation pieces, which every wardrobe should have, starting with the masculine leather brogue.
For me, the masculine leather brogue embodies much of that effortless gamine look, worn ‘just so’ with a well cut pair of trousers and a sleek silk blouse; a look that the Parisians manage to pull off with an air of nonchalance that I’ve yet been able to replicate.

Like the search for many wardrobe staples, a string of failed purchases have come as a result of much trial and error. The above Karen Walker x Beau Coops brogues serve as a more recent reminder of this; as an overwhelming desire to locate these elusive shoes trumped their suitability as a new addition to my wardrobe.

//style: The pointier the toe, the better, although I am partial to a slight almond-toed shape, which seem to be among the more flattering styles available. I prefer three eyelets although at a pinch will go for four, which are cut low around the ankle. My ideal will include a low stacked heel, not too dissimilar to the ones pictured above. And lastly, nothing that is too masculine looking.

//leather, always: The composition of the shoe is the one area where I’m unwilling to compromise. They must be leather, albeit I will make acceptances for synthetic soles, as they tend to be longer lasting, and in the winter, more adept at retaining heat. I find that not only do leather shoes mold to the shape of your foot, willfully stretching to a point beyond comfort, they also wear better than their synthetic counterparts, and minor scuffs are much more easily disguised.

//colour” Colour is where I’m most flexible; with my preferences in mahogany shades, a dark, almost midnight navy, or your classic black.

And so my search continues, yet in anticipation of warm weather, a search I’m likely to abandon until next year. Until then, I’m relatively open to suggestion, and for those of you who may have taken a fancy to the pair above, and just so happen to be an EU39 or EU40, can find them here, or you can shop my favourite picks below.


  1. Maria November 20, 2013 / 1:58 am

    I love these brogues! Whenever I find something I love I try and buy it in as many colours as possible as I know I will never get bored of them!

    Maria xxx

  2. Alisha November 20, 2013 / 10:49 am


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