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Every season I find myself flicking through the contents of my wardrobe, pulling out the old and unworn to make room for the new. Sometimes, it may even be a little more often than that. It’s a cathartic exercise which is cleansing in its own way, streamlining the contents of my wardrobe.

While some tend to do their wardrobe cleanse before a season begins, I find myself committing to these efforts once I’ve added a few of these new season purchases to my wardrobe, so I can evaluate what still belongs, and what is no longer my style. It could explain why I’ve found less and less reason to cull what I own as of late, with fewer and fewer items making their way into my shopping cart – although we all do slip up every now and then. My most recent slip was just this week. I suppose I have the Shopbop Friends and Family sale (25% off with code INTHEFAMILY25) to blame, which through a flurry of clicking through multiple pages, I found a confirmation email in my inbox congratulating me on my purchase of a pair of J Brand leather pants. Well, we can’t all be perfect can we?

But the slip certainly invigorated my desire to re-evaluate my wardrobe, the results of which can be found in my Tictail store. It’s usually about the same time that I begin to identify the gaps, and realise what does and doesn’t work. Yet still, I can’t seem to part with the large handful of delicate lace dresses which have a prime spot in the centre of my wardrobe. Perhaps I’m getting a little sentimental?

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