Style inspiration 03.06.17

current style inspiration

Today I thought I’d share a little bit of style inspiration in lieu of an outfit post; a simple look with a colour palette that has been right up my street lately, and some minimal details with classic sensibilities.

I’ve got some really great ideas for subjects that I want to tackle in the coming weeks, months, and year, though trying to upload fresh original blog content every two days, and filming two videos a week while working a full time job can be pretty exhausting (as you can imagine!). I mean, what is work-life balance, right? So if you notice me scaling things back a little bit – whether that’s one less post every second week, or dropping back to just one video per week on my YouTube channel, that’s why.

While I have you, I wanted to give a shout out to a pair of shoes which have really exceeded my expectations, since I purchased them a few months back. I’m talking about these low heeled pumps from Vaneli. They’re 100% inspired by Chanel (without the Chanel price tag), required zero breaking in, and I’m yet to find an outfit that I haven’t wanted to pair these with. It’s a little too cold to wear them now, though that hasn’t stopped me from trying to find any opportunity to throw them on – this past weekend included. Because when you’re on to a good thing… you wear it every chance you get! x

image source; pinterest

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