Lust list: Aquazzura Amazon Sandals

aquazurra amazon sandals
aquazurra amazon sandals

Currently on my ‘lust list’? A pair of Aquazzura Amazon sandals. I tend to focus on the basics when it comes to pulling together an outfit, so I’ll often rely on a pair of shoes to step things up a notch – and these do exactly that. I’ve had my eye on these strappy (and incredibly sexy) beauties for a couple of years now, but given I tend to spent about 99% of my days wearing a mid block heel, they’ve never quite seemed to fit my lifestyle in an overly huge way. And then of course there’s that eye-watering price tag… So, while I save my pennies, I’ll be keeping my eye on The Real Real for a pre-loved pair that won’t necessarily break the bank.

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  1. Steph
    October 17, 2017 / 1:11 pm

    Wow these shoes are crazy! I love them but can’t imagine walking in them… definitely a statement/outfit-making shoe.

    Steph x

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